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Morgan Freeman


at Zach Braff

5/10/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Morgan Freeman ain't happy with Zach Braff -- and last night, the Hollywood legend told TMZ ... the "Scrubs" actor SCREWED UP BIG TIME when he went to the Internet and said M.F. was a fraud.

The back story is a little complicated -- but we'll boil it down for you ...

Braff has been under fire recently for launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new movie he wants to make. Critics say Braff is abusing Kickstarter -- a crowdfunding website -- because it's intended to help struggling entrepreneurs who generally don't have access to people with deep pockets ... not huge, rich stars like Zach.

So ... Braff hosted an online Q&A session to address the controversy -- and, while trying to explain the importance of being honest with his fans, dragged Freeman into the controversy.

"People can smell bulls**t a mile away ... look at what happened when Morgan Freeman did that AMA on reddit," Braff said.

FYI -- an AMA (or Ask Me Anything) is an online chat session where the person agrees to personally and honestly answer ANYTHING from fans. After Freeman's lackluster AMA session recently, people suspected Freeman's rep was actually answering the questions for him.

"There was huge backlash because it was so clearly a film publicist answering for [Freeman]," Braff said.

Last night, Freeman finally responded to Braff's allegations -- and it's clear, Freeman no likey.



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The morons are the people who gave Braff money to make a movie

534 days ago


Never liked Zach Braff he seems like a backstabbing phony.

534 days ago


Morgan Freeman will be 76 Years Old next month, He probably doesn't even know how to use the Internet Well.................Zach Braff Pick on SomeBody Your Own Age Bitch...

534 days ago


Freeman is a racist a-hole.

534 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

… struggling entrepreneurs’? I applaud Kickstarter for its endeavor however by their own rigid guidelines they eliminate many artists by simply quantifying what is politically correct for an artist. I cannot enlist help from their service because I write about Sodom, Gomorrah and Lilith. This content is simply classified as pornographic; albeit homosexuality, bestiality or three girls held captive in a basement, all will be automatically labeled and rejected regardless of how tasteful the attempt is in the storytelling. Art emulates life people.

Now that I have shown you a good example of finger pointing Zach, it usually gets you nowhere (haha). Good luck.

534 days ago


I was on Reddit during the "interview." It was pretty pathetic.

534 days ago


Morgan cannot give one less **** than no ****s at all...

534 days ago


Screw Braff. He should fund his own damn movie. It is called bumming or begging $$$ when he has enough of his own to pay for his own dream. It is WRONG to utilize a resource meant for those w/o millions!! They have dreams too!! Screw him and his movie!!!

534 days ago


Nobody who has been in a movie with Jim Carey should be taken seriously.

534 days ago

Thomas M    

I doubt Zach is rolling in dough to the point of being able to finance a movie. Kickstarter in the video game industry is funding plenty of already established people that wish to fund projects without answering to others (or don't like the way business is done.) That being said ZB should leave MF out of it and let him go back to great voice over work and banging his grand daughter.

534 days ago


They're both idiots. Braff shouldn't have used Kickstarter, use your own money a$$hat. And Morgan Freeman, while a great actor, is an arrogant piece of crap. He wasn't acting in Evan Almighty, he really acts like he's God.

534 days ago


Zack Br ASS

534 days ago


Braff is a little b@tch with no Hollywood muscle. Trying to use the public funds from fans to back one of his projects that he couldn't even get a meeting with a studio for is just weak. Talk a walk you friggin moron, And the old man pervert needs to stay off line and go do a master card comercial. He should also do something with that Charles Ramsey mess of a hair-do. Jeez, the both need to shut up.

534 days ago


Morgan Freeman going to make hell for Braff. You dont step on someones toes in that business if they are on his level.

534 days ago


For someone who was in the least funny sitcom in TV history, Zach Braff sure does take himself seriously.

534 days ago
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