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Lindsay Lohan

Cut Off from Adderall

I'm Quitting Betty Ford!!!

5/11/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_lindsayIt's Lindsay Lohan's worst fear ... doctors at The Betty Ford Center have cut off her precious supply of Adderall -- and now, she's hell-bent on making her escape.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... doctors at the rehab center evaluated Lindsay this week and decided she does NOT need her Addy pills, despite Lindsay's claims she suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).​

We're told Betty Ford's doctors almost NEVER give anyone over the age of 15 the powerful drug, because the docs believe there are plenty of substitute meds for ADHD that do the trick without the addictive qualities inherent in the drug.  And, we're told, the doctors are well aware many people -- especially Hollywood types -- misuse Adderall as a weight-control drug.

Here's the immediate problem ... Lindsay is telling her friends she CANNOT stay at Betty Ford and wants to be moved to another facility that is not hard-nosed about Adderall.

And this sets up yet another crisis, because it seems inconceivable Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors would ignore the Betty Ford doctors and trump their diagnosis by letting Lindsay make a move.


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What's the sense of going to rehab if you can't do drugs?

466 days ago


My vote for Post of the Year!!!! LMFAO!!!!
(farts loudly) there's that hate fart. Lean Pockets, half the taste, and all the diarrhea. Works everytime.

466 days ago


I think I will turn my nap into an early bedtime. Goodnight everyone and to all of the Mothers-HAVE A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

466 days ago


Yep, that's what happens at rehab and jail. You can't take your drugs. She's just a junkie doing what junkie's in rehab do. She's not comfy right now and wants to feel better/needs that adderal....confirms she's an addict and in the right location.

466 days ago


Hopefully this time she doesn't punch anyone on her way out

466 days ago


LiLO needs to stop with all the meds, I would like to see her drop all her prescriptions especially Ambian, and any anti- depresents ( zanax, prozac valium ect) and No ADERALL...........she doesn't even have ADD and UCLA said so. Maybe some exercise would be a good idea......

466 days ago


Here's a little history to put things in perspective (from psychcentralcom. Caveat: I'm not familiar with the site):

Excerpt from July/August 2010:

"Last week, reported that doctors at the UCLA rehab facility where Lindsay Lohan is currently undergoing court-ordered treatment believe Lohan isn’t suffering from any kind of mental illness, least of all the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for which the actress had been taking Adderall.

TMZ also spoke with a handful of doctors who’ve confirmed that taking Adderall when one doesn’t actually need Adderall could lead to the kinds of behavior we’ve seen from Lohan in the past – specifically, “manic symptoms,” “smoking heavily,” insomnia,” “alcohol abuse,” and “similar effects as people who use cocaine or methamphetamine.”

E! Online quickly jumped on the story and also spoke with a doctor, Dr. John Sharp, a neuropsychiatrist on the faculty at UCLA and Harvard, who explained “that the effects of improper Adderall use could drive one off the rails.”
So... um... yeah. Haven't found an actual article yet, but I believe BF was her next stop because they agreed to administer Adderall, but I could be wrong.

It stands to reason that there is no way she would havehe ====== wouldn't have gone to BF (or any rehab, then or now) if they didn't give her Adderall.

Feeding an addict's addiction (sorry) in rehab sorely defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

466 days ago


I'm sure she will get what she wants. This entire thing is a joke.

466 days ago


Lindsay has claimed all her previous rehabs were a "waste of time." That's likely because they allowed her to dictate the course of her "treatment." Hopefully, this treatment will be as difficult as it should be-- she's got to go through the pain to get the gain. If she's allowed to skip out on this one, she's headed for a very unpleasant ending...

466 days ago


Hopefully she will commit I can read her obituary here.

466 days ago


I have a bad feeling...Brooke and Liho hangin' out together!?! Can you just see them carjackin' the BF van and makin a break for it?....Brooke driving all bug-eyed looking for a dealer and Liho on the phone trying to find someone to film their Adventure/ Comeback homage to Thema & Louise! LOL!!

466 days ago


Attention deficit? Lately Lindsey has gotten more attention than most of us will in a lifetime. I think it is high time she is weaned off.

466 days ago


You can not evaluate whether a person needs Adderall in a week. They will probably get her clean of drugs and then monitor her for a while and see how she does. Then she will need to be monitored when she gets out into the real world. Staying on routine in rehab is easy. Managing outside will be different. She might need Adderall, she might need something else. She might not need anything at all. it's been so long since she was drug free doctors probably have no clue what her actual problems are.

466 days ago


She truly, is the drama queen of drama queens.
Not a day goes by without something with this girl.

466 days ago


Why isn't she in Jail or Prison?

466 days ago
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