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Lindsay Lohan

Cut Off from Adderall

I'm Quitting Betty Ford!!!

5/11/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_lindsayIt's Lindsay Lohan's worst fear ... doctors at The Betty Ford Center have cut off her precious supply of Adderall -- and now, she's hell-bent on making her escape.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... doctors at the rehab center evaluated Lindsay this week and decided she does NOT need her Addy pills, despite Lindsay's claims she suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).​

We're told Betty Ford's doctors almost NEVER give anyone over the age of 15 the powerful drug, because the docs believe there are plenty of substitute meds for ADHD that do the trick without the addictive qualities inherent in the drug.  And, we're told, the doctors are well aware many people -- especially Hollywood types -- misuse Adderall as a weight-control drug.

Here's the immediate problem ... Lindsay is telling her friends she CANNOT stay at Betty Ford and wants to be moved to another facility that is not hard-nosed about Adderall.

And this sets up yet another crisis, because it seems inconceivable Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors would ignore the Betty Ford doctors and trump their diagnosis by letting Lindsay make a move.


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I'm tired of this skank's BS already. Just bury the biatch already and get it over with.

492 days ago


@serpent...I think so. Thanks for the backup.

Nobody notices or pays attention to Lohan. That pisses her off. So Lohan keeps doing stupid shyt to get herself noticed and attention paid to her. Never in a good way and still not.

It's never been so much as Lohan getting caught (attention in itself) It's been what she's been able to get away with that most people who do much less goes to jail. That's still her game. Getting away with it.

If it wasn't for Lohan getting away with the legal shyt she does for attention it would be Lindsay who? She knows it. So has and does Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan.

As disgusting as the Kardashians are, Lohans can't keep up, never could.

492 days ago


Moo Moo............ Happy Mothers day............( a silent but deadly fart) poof

492 days ago


What dif does it make one way or the other? She will still do whatever she wants because penal system is not willing to risk liability if she is ever tossed into can for more than a few minutes.

492 days ago


It's an unconventional opinion, but my theory is that most extreme weight loss in Hollywood is not from "anorexia nervosa" or "industry pressure to be thin" but rather from stimulant drug abuse (although I can well believe someone may acquire the habit in the first place from industry pressure to lose weight). One could enjoy being percieved as skinny about as much as David Miscaviage enjoys being percieved as a 4 foot midget, and still lose a ton of weight on meth/coke or even adderall in off-label amounts. They work by 1) Making eating about as appealing as scrubbing out a sewer with a toothbrush. 2) Even if you have the discipline to eat as usual you will still lose weight because it speeds up the metabolism.
It makes sense to me, after all, being slightly too skinny gets FAR more criticised that carrying slightly too much weight, since it's something most people cannot relate to. And isn't being a celeb all about trying to appeal to the masses? To me, whenever a celeb just isn't naturally a rail, and suddenly loses a ton, and just has that certain look that's hard to put into words (waxy, greasy, stiff, harsh faced is the best I can do), however squeaky clean and WASPY their image is, I suspect either coke or speed.

492 days ago


So one of the side effects of adderall is hair loss.Maybe now she can grow some real hair?
Many of these side effects enhance her already haggish demeanor.

492 days ago


welcome to the Down Side of your "uppers"
withdrawal is a bitch. maybe the pain of
this withdrawal...will prevent you from going back
to your Rx "speed". yu wanted the blessings?
then you gotta deal with the pain. every recovering addict will tell you the same....
No pain
No Gain.
nothing worthwhile has ever bean easy

492 days ago


tryin tosign in

492 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

please please walk you bitch.... and I hope that they grab your skanky ass when you do and throw you in the slammer.......

492 days ago


what gives with this tmz web site?
i sign with all my information..
but i'm locked out of using my
like/dislike check marks. somebody....
please explain this to me?

492 days ago


Does being "locked out" of like/dislike opinions..
mean something here? i have been posting here
for over a year..yet this happens?

492 days ago


is she dead yet?

492 days ago


now i know why commenters are leaving
here in Radar Online..this
kind of stuff doesn" happen on..
Radar Online rol..
check it out fellow tmzer's.

492 days ago


Aw, I feel bad for Lindsay. I understand some people dislike her, however getting cut off adderall is very hard to deal with. Especially after you're dependent on it for so long. At least she's in a proper facility where she'll be able to deal with it.

492 days ago


hi there tmz. u really ought to take a deep breath
and deliver the "goods" to your readers.....
like the right to comment on our views...

freedom of speech. and all those liberties.?
get a focus..and quit lying and playing games.

492 days ago
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