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Wade Robson

Big Love For Michael

Months Before Breakdown

5/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051013_wade_robson_mj_launchWade Robson was singing Michael Jackson’s praises as recently as July 30, 2011 … talking about preserving MJ’s legacy and “representing his essence” … just 8 months before he claims a nervous breakdown sent memories of sexual abuse flooding back.

Robson rhapsodizes about MJ and the influence he had on his life ... telling the reporter from Rhythm Addict TV that he felt a lot of pressure choreographing the MJ Cirque du Soleil show.

But here's the rub.  A spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Estate -- which produced the Cirque du Soleil show -- tells TMZ ... Robson was "on the list of choreographers but his son got sick and he wasn't used."  The spokesperson said there was never a contract between Wade and the show.


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497 days ago


Robson is a disgusting lier

497 days ago


The timing is very suspicious. I think this is all crap, a scheme to distract the public and the jury from the truth in the ongoing Jackson Estae - AEG wrongful death trial. How easy it is to trash Jackson’s name and make the public believe that Michael is a monster while AEG is on trial! This is part of the dirty laundry scheme to distract the public's and the jury's attention.

I think AEG is doing an all-out war against the Jacksons to win the case.

497 days ago


Typical LA douchebag. User user to the max

497 days ago

Brigha from UK    

The majority of psychologists are very skeptical about the existence of Repressed Memory Syndrome. In fact, the exact opposite seems to apply.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder shows it is far more likely that a traumatic memory is CONSTANTLY remembered in ‘flashback’ form, rather than repressed.

Even if we accept that repressed memories do exist, they are only supposed to occur when the trauma is experienced by a child under the age of 7 to 8.

So the Wade Robson claim is VERY FLIMSY indeed, and, unless it can be supported with some tangible corroborative evidence, it is almost certainly doomed to fail.

However, as always, MJ headlines such as this create a storm. Harveys comments during the TMZ live segment were an absolute disgrace to his profession.
Harvey is supposed to be a lawyer: a man who deals in FACTS and EVIDENCE. Yet he is giving credence to this ridiculous pseudo-neurological disorder which is grounded more in Hollywood dramatics rather than concrete science.

So why on earth is Harvey promoting this nonsense?
This week has seen some pretty damning testimony in the MJ wrongful death trial. There have been some really shocking revelations regarding AEGs exploitation of MJ.
Yet NONE of these have been mentioned by TMZ. Why???

We have to question Harveys priorities. We know that he has close ties to the MJ estate, to Sony and to AEG. We know that Wade Robson has associations with AEG.
So, how very convenient for them all that this ridiculous Robson story hits the news now. We know that adverse publicity can irreparably damage a company like AEG.
So any story which diverts attention from the trial is a godsend to AEG.

Before the Robson story broke there were, on average, eight media vans outside the courtroom every day. The day after the Robson story broke there were TWO!
That’s only two media outlets covering the wrongful death trial of the most famous man in the world.

Wake up people! The media (specifically TMZ) are trying to manipulate us.

497 days ago

What I Think    

Write a book about your experiences, Wade. It is bound to be a bestseller and I am anxious to buy a copy to add to my home library.

496 days ago

Master Po    

I hate to rain on your parades here of attacking victims and name calling but heres something you will surely ignore.

If all you morons are right how come as soon the boy could ID MJ penis they wanted to settle before that got out? Hey don't take my word for it here is PROOF read the website than watch the video with one of the few people (Detective) who have seen the naked pics of MJ and the PICTURE drawn by the child (No not the remade one online drawn by a MJ supporter with a book who MAY have seen it) I am talking 100% legit court do***ents we cant access.

496 days ago

Master Po    

Defending Jackson thus becomes a blame game - everybody but Jackson is responsible for the bad stuff. Jackson never broke a needle off in his leg while injecting drugs[3], he was the "victim" of a spider bite; Jackson didn't molest any boys, he was the "victim" of "extortionists"; Jackson didn't pay millions of dollars to boys to silence them, he was the "victim" of bad advice. There is always a ready excuse at the fingers of his defenders, everything is OK because nothing was ever Jackson's fault. This is the nub of staunch defenders of Jackson's thinking - that they are usually victims themselves and identify with a victim mentality is beyond doubt. Puzzlement ensues as to why they don't feel the same empathy towards the victims of Jackson's attentions, and remember that no matter what you think of the molestation allegations, his "special friends" were victims. Witness the harassment, innuendos and schoolyard taunts of Jackson's "special friends" when their peers discovered they had shared a bed with Jackson[4]. Jackson should have just said no.

496 days ago


this man is a f*cking liar, man i CANT STAND HIM; he's SO FAKE

496 days ago


I am confused about this ? I understand if a repressed memory could occur if a child has been molested by a parent or another family member, and the only way to survive is "forgetting" about it - and then years after the memory is triggered and the person remembers it all. But Wade returned to MJ again and again, so if he was molested he must have thought that nothing was wrong about it. On the other hand look at his bodylanguage while he says that he had been friends with MJ since he was 7 yrs. He covers his mouth while saying this and this often means a person is lying. So I don't know what to think ? Maybe he just wasn't a close friend to MJ for 20 yrs or maybe he is ashamed of his "friendship" because of what happened between them... I don't know what to think... but he is not telling the truth somehow in this video...

496 days ago


Well before Wade Robson came forward, THREE witnesses saw him molested by Michael Jackson. They are Charlie Michaels, Blanca Francia, and Mariano Quindoy.

It's listed in legal do***ents here on pages 20, 22, and 33:

Not to mention Wade is the FOURTH person to publicly accuse Michael Jackson of molesting him (the others were Jordan Chandler, Gavin Arvizo, and Jason Francia).

Let's also not mention that police found a nude photo of Michael's young little friend Johnnie Spence in his bedroom.

Oh and we should mention how Michael himself admitted to sleeping with boys.

And we definitely shouldn't mention how police found books of nude boys locked in Michael's file cabinet. Books that were edited and photographed by convicted child sex offenders. Books that contained graphic photos of little nude boys spread eagle.

Because if we mention these facts, people might get the impression that MJ was into little boys or something.

496 days ago


robson is nothing but a liar in need for money... bastard.

496 days ago

Brigha from UK    

You make a very good point.
Repressed memory applies to ONE very traumatic event which occurs in early childhood.
The full details have not yet been publicised, but, according to Robsons lawyer, MJ was a 'monster' who repeatedly abused Wade between the age of 7-14.


That is far too many memories to repress.
Sorry, but the whole story stinks.

You know, ANYONE can make an allegation, especially an allegation based on repressed memory.

OMG! I've just remembered that Harvey abused me when I was a kid.
Harvey therefore is a monster and should pay me money.
Don't bother denying it Harvey, because we all know that there is no smoke without fire!

496 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Sorry, my second post was meant to be a reply to WHY?s post above.

496 days ago


Sounds like his career is in the toilet and he is angry with the estate lawyers for not using him.
He filed this just as the wrongful death suit started and the same day as the new estate run MJ show was beginning in Vegas,
, Im sorry Wades child was that sick, but that sounds like the reason he had a breakdown, unless he is going to blame mj for that too

BTW Harvey thinks his audience is stupid.
He keeps mentioning the Chandler BS and trying to give that credibility
The reason is , Wade is taking a page out of the Chandlers playbook, so when he repeats things that Chandler said, Harvey will use that to say it must have happened, same as the Arvizos did.
All the stuff is all over the internet.
Harvey can be such a likable slimeball, but he still remains A Slimeball .

496 days ago
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