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Wade Robson

Big Love For Michael

Months Before Breakdown

5/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051013_wade_robson_mj_launchWade Robson was singing Michael Jackson’s praises as recently as July 30, 2011 … talking about preserving MJ’s legacy and “representing his essence” … just 8 months before he claims a nervous breakdown sent memories of sexual abuse flooding back.

Robson rhapsodizes about MJ and the influence he had on his life ... telling the reporter from Rhythm Addict TV that he felt a lot of pressure choreographing the MJ Cirque du Soleil show.

But here's the rub.  A spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Estate -- which produced the Cirque du Soleil show -- tells TMZ ... Robson was "on the list of choreographers but his son got sick and he wasn't used."  The spokesperson said there was never a contract between Wade and the show.


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I really HOPE the family sues this guy for SLENDER!!!! enough is enough.. MJ can't even rest in peace How SAD..

496 days ago


22 years of glowing remarks and the only kind of claim you can make agains the estate for money, because it is too late to file a normal claim,... is a repressed memory sexual one , and he happens to have one in his back pocket ..gimme a break

496 days ago


There's another video that he did an interview in August 2012 - this fool is a lost cause. He has been relegated to 2nd level status doing Demi Levito's tours. No more Brittany and other top stars. They know his game. Don't forget that he was the cause of Brittany and Justin breakup... it will all come out.

496 days ago


Its really hard to tell. We all can speculate that he's lying but we don't actually know that he is. Just because it doesn't make sense to is that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Michael had a gift but a secret as well. I don't know if he molested little boys but his sexuality wasn't normal and it was more than being just gay. People can deal with and except gay. What Michael liked was extremely taboo. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. It usually is. Wade could of seen something or been in a situation that let him know Michael was capable of that kind of thing and now that he's in need of some kind of money, he decided to use this. If he is lying about the sexual abuse he must feel that Michael is monster anyway so who cares. In that video when he was speaking about Michael he definitely looked uncomfortable.

496 days ago

The Truth    

@Damsel In This Dress

At last some sense. Having a funfair and few games and items round the house can be reliving his missed youth.

But numerous pictures of young children and statutes of young children all over Neverland is not about recapturing his youth.

If sharing a bed was such a great thing to do, why with just young children and not mature men & women?

Harvey reported the 1993 molestation and I'd say he was closer to the action than many contributing to this forum. Why did Michael Jackson have Anthony Pellicano what the police raid on Neverland was about? Why did say they were dealing with extortion and the police knew all about it, when the LA Times pointed out a few days later no complaint had been made to the police? Why is the edit version of the phone recording different to the original transcript, who tampered with the tapes?

496 days ago


If you watch TMZ live, you can see Harvey is like a dog in heat trying to light a fire under this thing.
Here is an interesting piece regarding someone who called in with information to TMZ live and was told they would given an opportunity to speak and TMZ conveniently didnt put them on because it doesnt fit Harveys agenda

496 days ago

Sue Adams    

Use your sense guys! Wade Robson is a sad loser who's after $$$$ after Jamie King "stole" his "thunder" over the Cirque du Soleil ONE Tour show! Jamie King respects and honors MJ therefore he was chosen by MJ's Estate because they honor Michael's wishes! Therefore Robson and his equally DELUDED lawyer are after sueing THE ESTATE, notice, NOT Michael's selfish, greedy "family"!!! Many of the "family" are against the Estate too; interesting that!!! Wade might be working for AEG but is he also WHORING himself out to the "family"!!

496 days ago


It's sad that everyone can really believe themselves to know the truth. You people obviously are not educated on the topic, and normal behaviorisms regarding abuse victims. If you knew what people TRULY educated on the subject know, then you wouldn't dare to label someone a liar on any sexual abuse claim. No one knows so STFU. For the record, too, if you knew everythung exposed in the cases against Michael--specifically detailed behaviors and stuff found-- you wouldn't feel comfortable leaving a boy with him ... Especialky in the manner he consistently requested. Yes Michael had a distorted childhood and wanted to relive it as an adult, so it could've made him appear a little crazy to people who were close minded in that sense, but he also was a grown man. And grown men have strong sexual urges. And again-- the behaviorisms and objects found were stuff that would not be ok to most people who have children sleeping over. This is Something that sooo doesn't deserve criticism on any accuser's behalf... Just mind your own business on it would be the best thing to do, and hope justice prevails where ever it should.

496 days ago


Before Michael died, I thought there was a chance he was, at the very least, inappropriate once or twice.

However, this man is just as disgusting as I ever though MJ was. The man is dead, but his children are not. To openly lie and money grub from them, because essentially that's what is going on, is unforgivable.

496 days ago

You Sickos    

He's already suffered from a nervous breakdown. What if he can't take all this hate spewed at him and ends up taking his own life? If he did, MJ fans would cheer, and reporters like Harvey Levine would move onto the next life to ruin.

Years before Wade even came forward, three witnesses admitted to seeing Wade sexually abused by Michael Jackson. The witnesses were Charlie Michaels, Blanca Francia, and Mariano Quindoy. You can read about it in official legal do***ents.

496 days ago


I bet there were a lot of altar boys who praised their priests until they finally found the courage and strength to tell someone that those same priests were molesting them. And they sued the Catholic Church...for money. Keep your head up, Wade. There are plenty of people who weren't fooled by Michael Jackson's shy, innocent "manchild" act. We believe you. MJ spent a lot of time and money creating a totally false image. Just like most criminals. John Wayne Gacy had dead bodies buried under his house and his community was naming him "Businessman Of The Year".

496 days ago


Oh so that's why Robson is pissed and want money from MJ estate. Damn bastard! You could have found other means instead of using something you knew would get the media, tabloids, the public and especially fans of MJ attention. Greed is a mutha...!
Guess it's true, money is the root of all evil.

496 days ago


He has NO signs of being molested! Even IF the "repressed" memory hasnt emerged yet... THERE would be signs and this money hungery fool is a liar and makes fools out of ACTUAL victims!

496 days ago


If MJ molested you, why would you want to give him a tribute?

496 days ago


This is a shame. The Guy is dead and NOW you're making claims?! Clearly an opertunist just like the Guy Taj claiming to be Michael Jordan's son, exploiting his name in his Twitter name YouTube and E-mail. They ought to be sued.

496 days ago
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