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Farrah Abraham

Worried She Could Get Pregnant


5/12/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510-farrah-abraham-pregnantNewly minted porn star Farrah Abraham is so worried James Deen knocked her up while filming their infamous sex tape ... she peed on a stick.

Sources close to Farrah tell TMZ ... the former "Teen Mom" star hadn't had sex in more than a year before James got her ... and the duo didn't wear condoms while filming ... and Farrah wasn't on birth control. Basically all the makings for an after school special.

We're told Farrah recently missed her period and started freaking out, thinking she was growing a little porn spawn.  So she went shopping for a pregnancy test at her local pharmacy.

We're going to go to out on a limb that she's NOT pregnant ... for 2 reasons.

1.  We've seen the tape, and you don't get pregnant THAT way.

2. It's not that James' parting gift went IN her as much as ON her.


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didnt farrah used to go to college in FL to be a chef wtf happen she assumed being a hoe was more profitable. she not dumb she following in kim's footsteps but what will she tel lher daughter on parent work day... umm mommy's a hoe?! what happen to work hard in america not F*#C hard

531 days ago


Hey, if this moron does get pregnant then at least she can collect child support on this one, lol

531 days ago


She's hoping that she is pregnant so he can pay child support for 18+ years. That will subsidize that pig's income as a waitress.

531 days ago


Is this what it's come to? TMZ just feeding readers news stories about teenage pros and hoes? Is it when you've run out of news about actual celebrities that you manufacturer new ones, who are basically famous for nothing more than getting fu*ked in the a$s for money?

531 days ago


She has been able to manipulate and convince her brain dead parents into thinking she is a victim through all of this. The mother is soooo needy and the father has his brains up his ass. This proves that even though her parents are educated, they have no common sense.

531 days ago


She's either going out to be a whore right after taking a preggo test, or she's dressed as a whore to buy a preggo test. Which either way is looking like this horse is just NEIGHING for attention.

531 days ago


Just a heads up, a woman can actually get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, as there are sperm cells in it. Always use protection, or you might end up in the same situation as this dumb bitch.

531 days ago


You people care much about this girl

531 days ago


lol tmz people show how uneducated their are...1 he did stick it in her vagina..2 one doesnt have to actually ejaculate inside of a female to get her pregnant hence why they tell you the pull out method really doesnt amount to anything.pre *** can get a girl pregnant

531 days ago


this is RIDICULOUS !!

531 days ago


Not the sharpest crayon in the box. Actually she's just putting on an act for more PR, we're reading about her in TMZ aren't we?

531 days ago


Farrah's grossly inappropriate behavior is just another example that proves ...
the human brain does not mature until the age of 25 - no matter how small it is.

531 days ago


Let's hope she got AIDS THAT WAY

531 days ago


She is holding the box at an strategic angel because she wants to be photographed for publicity. She filmed the porn weeks ago, why the prego kit now?

531 days ago


Deen said in one of his talks with the TMZ camera person he was satisfied with the proof of her birth control before agreeing to film. So this just seems like another stunt to try to sell the porn. No way Vivid paid her close to a million or she would have at least taken mothers day off.

And before someone claims they got pregnant on birth control, maybe you did but do you think that is really the case here?

531 days ago
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