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Farrah Abraham

Worried She Could Get Pregnant


5/12/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510-farrah-abraham-pregnantNewly minted porn star Farrah Abraham is so worried James Deen knocked her up while filming their infamous sex tape ... she peed on a stick.

Sources close to Farrah tell TMZ ... the former "Teen Mom" star hadn't had sex in more than a year before James got her ... and the duo didn't wear condoms while filming ... and Farrah wasn't on birth control. Basically all the makings for an after school special.

We're told Farrah recently missed her period and started freaking out, thinking she was growing a little porn spawn.  So she went shopping for a pregnancy test at her local pharmacy.

We're going to go to out on a limb that she's NOT pregnant ... for 2 reasons.

1.  We've seen the tape, and you don't get pregnant THAT way.

2. It's not that James' parting gift went IN her as much as ON her.


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She is just nasty through & through!!!!

527 days ago


The video had anal, vaginal, and oral sex. While it's unlikely she got pregnant given where the bulk of his load landed, it's certainly not impossible for her to get pregnant from unprotected sex like this.

527 days ago


really she can not be pregnant if she means that caze with James Deen, lol i think if you saw you know why

527 days ago


Farrah i'm happy for you imma let you finish... but KIM had the best sex tape of ALL TIME!!!! (Kanye voice)

527 days ago


527 days ago


How? He came on her face.

527 days ago

Melissa Mitchell    

I doubt she's doing anything other than trying to get publicity. But boy are you guys dumb.
You must not have taken basic high school science. I've no intention of watching a stupid video. But if he was not wearing a condom, and for even a moment was in the right...area, then that's enough to get her pregnant.

526 days ago


Sad that she had a child to become famous. Then she lost her fame so started porn. Where is her child while all this is going on. I never see her with that child anymore.

526 days ago


How can James get a horse pregnant if two species cant mate like that jk.. This is just for publicity she makes sure she is completely noticed, the pics are so up close and clear, and she is holding the pregnancy logo in direct view of camera.

525 days ago


"We're going to go to out on a limb that she's NOT pregnant ... for 2 reasons.

1. We've seen the tape, and you don't get pregnant THAT way.

2. It's not that James' parting gift went IN her as much as ON her."

Best end ever.

524 days ago


How staged is this picture? Why does the box remain tilted to the camera the entire time? Why would she go to the grocery store for this one item? Aren't pharmacy's better suited for this kind of single purchase? And a "true celebrity" would have hidden this from the public until they were at least 3 months pregnant... I'm calling BS.

522 days ago

Mike M    

Clearly you guys haven't seen the tape...there is a good chunk of vaginal penetration in there. He tries to stick it in her butt but when it doesn't go in, he eats her out for a bit and then they have regular sex. He sticks a thumb into her butt while doing it from behind vaginally, and THEN they have anal sex. How have all these "news" outlets failed to report that? He doesn't manage to squeeze it into her butt until 18 minutes into the video....

512 days ago


The whole thing is here...

492 days ago


I know it's rare, but you CAN get pregnant from pre ***. It's def possible. But I'd bet that she knew she wasn't pregnant, she prob got her period and just wanted the attention. She's a camera whore.

491 days ago


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468 days ago
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