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'Dance Crew' Judge Shane Sparks

I Believe

Wade Robson

5/12/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510-shane-sparks-michael-jackson-wade-robsonFormer "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks -- a convicted statutory rapist -- has Wade Robson's back ... telling TMZ, he believes Michael Jackson molested the choreographer.

TMZ broke the story ... Wade has filed a claim with the MJ Estate, alleging the King of Pop molested him for 7 years, from the time he was 7 until he turned 14.

Shane tells TMZ, "I've been knowing Wade forever. Because of the man he is, I do believe him. I don't think he would lie about this because this could hurt him ... He don’t need the publicity or the money. I think this is something that has been on his mind and he had to get it off."

Shane tells us, a big clue emerged soon after he met Wade, who was not much older than 7 at the time.

According to Shane, Wade's tiny apartment was filled with ridiculously expensive electronics -- mixing boards, beat machines, video games, and other "rich kid" toys ... all of which were gifts from Michael.

Shane says Wade was so tight with MJ, he was allowed to host birthday parties at Neverland Ranch without Michael present -- and the only room that was off limits was Michael's bedroom.

Background on Shane, a self-professed MJ fan ... back in 2011, he was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor under 16.


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I'm wondering like in five years? Wade's gonna show back up and say "maybe." Guess it depends on the market in 2018. If there's any money in maybe/possibly.

527 days ago

Cry Baby    

TWO more alleged child abuse victims of Michael Jackson are preparing to file lawsuits against the late singer’s estate, it was revealed yesterday.

A legal source close to the singer’s family confirmed:“One is in the public eye, the other not. But they are both telling the same story of regular and repeated molestations.”

The claims come 10 days after top Hollywood choreographer Wade Robson launched his own legal battle for compensation from Jackson’s estate.

Australian Robson, 30, alleges he was “systematically” molested for seven years during his childhood at the Neverland Ranch, where he was a regular guest of the star.

The other two claim they too were subjected to “years of abuse”, according to the legal source, who added:“They are waiting to see what happens in the first action.

“Neither of them have made claims publicly before and neither were involved in Michael’s 2005 molestation trial.

“Personally, I believe they are simply trying to cash-in on the enormous wealth that has accrued since Michael’s death.”

Robson was a key defence witness in Jackson’s trial, at which the star was acquitted by a jury of seven counts of child molestation and two of administering “intoxicating agents” to a 13-year-old boy, in 2005.

He was also accused of molesting Jordie Chandler in 1993, whom he allegedly paid off.

Robson’s U-turn was attacked by Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the Jackson estate who described his lawsuit as “outrageous and pathetic”, adding:“This is a young man who has testified twice under oath and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him.”

Robson’s lawyer Henry Gradstein countered:“My client has lived with the brainwashing of a sexual predator until the stress and burden of it finally crushed him.”

The fresh allegations have caused consternation among members of the Jackson family who are suing entertainment giant AEG over the singer’s death.

Don't know if it's true. It'll be interesting if it is.
por que
Kansas City, MO
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Probably more of that Sodium Amytal, huh?

Len is Disgusted
“at another year of f'loonspin”

Since: Aug 11
I live far away from f'loons
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por que wrote:
Don't know if it's true. It'll be interesting if it is.
Very interesting. I wonder who they are. Jimmy Safechuck? Jonathan Spence? Emmanuel Lewis? Corey Feldman? This is getting more and more interesting. F'loons and the Jackson family must be losing a lot of sleep, over this.
Bristol, UK
Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#410 hrs ago

One is in the public eye? Emanuel Lewis? Sean Lennon? It could be anyone. What is certain is that none of this is surprising. The greed of the Jacksons cause them to overplay their hand and now it has backfired spectacularly.
This just the start of more to come.
por que
Kansas City, MO
Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#56 hrs ago

My guess is that the non-public eye victim is Johnnie or James, but who knows? It could be someone we never heard of before.

Macaulay Culkin was the first name I thought of for the public eye one, but the article says it's not someone involved in the 2005 trial...



What's next????

We want dirt!!!! We want dirt!!!!

527 days ago

Cry Baby    

Worth repeating:
One factor that works against the pedophile is that eventually the children will grow up and recall the events that occurred. Often pedophiles are not brought to justice until such time occurs and victims are angered by being victimized and want to protect other children from the same consequences.


Yo Yo, yes!!!

Justice for MJ!!!!

LMAO!!!! Not that it was funny for Wade, but the wacko has been recalled by God!!!!

527 days ago


my question to all the mj supporters is why did he pay off the first accusser and how did the kid know what his privates look like and now this being the third accussation wold you let your kids hang out with a three time accussed child molestar no you wouldnt but its mj so its gotta be ok he did it so accept it he was still a great musician

527 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

I hope the kid on the train would come out too!!!

527 days ago


The man was a child molester......stop pretending he was not.....he slept with young boys....he got away with it for years..... his bedroom .....whats with the light flashing when busy......come-on......he crossed the line alot !!!!

527 days ago


Who is still defending Michael Jackson? Are you kidding me?!?!

527 days ago


Who are you fooling! I know Shane and Wade weren't even good friends back than. Don't act like you know wade, like you were buddies.

527 days ago


Tony Elke Hassell • 2 days ago
Google Frederick Mark Schaffel....the gay pornographer that was Michaels "personal" photographer at Neverland Ranch...Michael fired him to save face, yet hired him back a couple years later...and before you shout it down, he was part of the trial. Michael paid him large amounts of money, in the millions....but I know you sheep only believe your hero and even if you saw him blowing a kid, you wouldn't believe it.
9 2 •Reply•Share ›

Jamie_Smart Tony • 2 days ago
Oh, you mean the guy that filed a 3m lawsuit?
1 5 •Reply•Share ›

Tony Jamie_Smart • 2 days ago
They shared a bank account Jamie....Michael promised him money and backed out...yes he sued....but he cashed several large checks and Michael was aware....and he was known for gay porn involving young looking actors.
6 •Reply•Share ›

Jamie_Smart Tony • 2 days ago
Wheres the proof to the child molestation? Or child films? nvmd. There is none.
4 4 •Reply•Share ›

DS Jamie_Smart • 2 days ago
Why do you think MJ wrote him such big checks, you cowardly fool?

It must be normal to have gay pornographers hanging around the house for you, isn't it? Figures.
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bobmoo79 DS • a day ago
As soon as Jackson found out the guy's background he disassociated himself from him. That is a fact
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DS bobmoo79 • a day ago −
Reading is good, conjecture is bad. Try reading, you might learn something.

The first thing I discovered was a story reported by journalists Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner in their New York Times bestseller, Hollywood Interrupted, an investigative exposé of the entertainment community in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Jackson had a mysterious relationship with Frederick Mark Schaffel, a controversial gay pornographer who had a history of making films with young adult males over in Europe. When Schaffel wasn’t producing gay porn movies however, he had another job here in America – he was Michael Jackson’s personal videographer at Neverland.

When Jackson allegedly first ‘learned’ about Schaffel’s background, he immediately fired the pornographer and issued a public apology that pledged Schaffel would no longer be associating with him. However, a couple of years later Schaffel was allowed to return, and in 2005 he was named by prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in Jackson’s sexual molestation case.

Despite this stunning, contradictory display of hypocrisy, the media never probed into why Michael Jackson hired a gay pornographer – fired him – and then rehired him to film children who were visiting his ranch or why the celebrity superstar was paying such absurd amounts of money to him.

During the 2005 trial it was revealed that Schaffel had apparently signed two checks in the amounts of $500,000 and $1 million to an account that he and Jackson were the only signatories. Schaffel also alleged that Jackson owed him another $3 million for “producing fees.”

No one knows what that money was actually for, but Breitbart and Ebner obtained a source in the Los Angeles pornography world who said that Schaffel, as the authors put it “had a predilection for young-looking performers, preferably straight, who he would recruit in Eastern European countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic for both his personal and professional pleasure.”
Later, I located a source of my own in Hollywood’s gay community who knew Schaffel, and he confirmed that Schaffel had a very suspicious reputation in connection with the films he produced."
see more


At least Shane admitted his guilt, MJ covered himself up with his truck load of money. When he became broke and could not pay anymore, that was when **** hit the " fan", actually **** hits the rabbid fans!!!

527 days ago

Danger Baby    

Asked and answered a million times, research the net, like everyone else or ask one of your other nics as your TMZ PROFILE is only 17 minuted old...about as old as 'Danger Babys'



like I have to make up a profile talking about MJ on Tpoix????

527 days ago


Thank God, they have stopped playing MJ's music on the radio!!!

527 days ago


Bogus YES ABSOLUTE MJ will live on while you spread lies and hắte !!!!

527 days ago

The Truth    

Why do people persist with this nonsense Michael's unamed insursers made him settle, how?

It's his signature on do***ents released, no mention of any insurers.

When was the last time an insurance company insisted not questioning a claim for $20m ?

How come Michael Jackson was the only one who said an insurance company paid over his head, that has to be a first?

Why was the lawyer who knew the details of the crucial second set of court sealed do***ents happy for them public BUT fought tooth and nail to stop them being opened?

The same as when Michael's meat & veg were slapped infront of the LA Police he knew the game would be up.

527 days ago


I laugh at the hypocrisy of someone who "doesn't need the money" yet is suing to get it. This estate deal does nothing to change anything in the past or "right" any wrong, not saying I even believe there is one, considering that this guy has been under oath more than once defending Jackson and was bragging about their friendship even after death.

527 days ago

Gsharon 710    

What kind of Mother does not realize something is wrong with her child after he has been molested for seven years? There might be a ring of truth to his repression if he was constantly praising the good deed of Michael Jackson, but this is not the case. The times he did brag on MJJ was (IMO), not excessive and to the point. MJJ could not hurt him after his death in "09, so what was the hold up?
Young man if you are lying, you can kiss your future earnings from the public good-bye. Think about this and make sure you have proof or you will be used to clean the floor.

527 days ago
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