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'Dark Knight' Shooter

I'm Not Guilty ...

Because I'm Insane

5/13/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

James Holmes
-- the monster behind the gruesome "Dark Knight" massacre last year -- has just entered a not guilty plea ... by reason of insanity.

A plea of not guilty had previously been entered on Holmes' behalf back in March by the judge because Holmes' lawyers weren't prepared to plead for him at the time.

The judge will decide whether to accept Holmes' new plea by May 28th.

Holmes killed 12 people and injured an additional 58 during the Aurora, Colorado shooting last July. He is charged with 142 crimes, including 24 1st degree murder counts, and 116 counts of attempted murder.

Prosecutors announced last month they would be seeking the death penalty.


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Chun LI    

Somebody give him a grenade sandwich for lunch.

494 days ago

Rail Runner    

The NRA & Republicans want blanket acceptance of the 2nd amendment for all without serious back-round checks, well this is the result America, get used to having Insane Nut-Jobs with easy access to continue the Massacres unfettered by those pesky back-round checks, Idiots !

494 days ago


According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental illness may explain the behavior but it seldom excuses it. He knew what he was doing. He should pay the price.

494 days ago


There is no better reason to kill some one... Hang him high!

494 days ago


Insane or not, he should be put to death. Why should an insane status be a free ticket to killing other people. He has done wrong to this society, and we should not condone this type of behavior, regardless of mental status.

494 days ago


Put him in a locked cell with Nicki Minaj and have her torture him with that terrible voice of hers, and he'll wish he were dead. Great punishment for killing all those people!!!

494 days ago


Rubbish... Doesn't change the fact that he's guilty of wounding / killing / terrorizing a group of people.

btw anytime a human being shoots/kills another human being isn't right in the head...unless it's self defense. Dude planned this out, fry his ass

494 days ago


The Murderer is Insanely Guilty. Lets tie him to a chair and let the familys he destroyed have 10 minutes with him. Well set it up as a pay per view, all money goes to people in need/charity. We should do this with all murderers.

494 days ago


Not insane enought to shoot himself, only others.

494 days ago


How would he know if he's insane, if he's insane, most mentally ill people don't think they have a problems. I think it is time to face the music and take it like a man if that is what he is, is he sure of that too.

494 days ago


He didn't do it alone I think they should make him confess who's the accomplices and show the tapes to the public cause their was more than one but they don't say nothing

494 days ago


nappy face hair

494 days ago


I don't believe in the death penalty Period.
Given that said, buddy here thinks he can drop out of neuroscience and cop a plea with his fake ass faraway look and get away with his fatal temper tantrum. Don't kill him. Don't let him out. Let him rot in that damn cell and maybe mail him a bible in his final years so he can repent his evil ass off....

494 days ago

Right back at ya    

He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, planned it from beginning to end. Evil, Soulless being, who deserves nothing but the worst. Hopefully, Evil will be waiting to catapult him to the never-ending depths, of his own private HELL!.

494 days ago


Insane...? How do he understand how to use the guns?

494 days ago
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