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Kobe Bryant's Parents

Our Son's

A Liar!!!

5/13/2013 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant
's parents have turned their backs on their son -- claiming Kobe was LYING when he accused his mother of stealing more than a million dollars worth of his basketball memorabilia ... and putting it up for auction, TMZ has learned.

Kobe's mom and dad -- Pamela and Joe -- both filed sworn declarations in the legal dispute between Kobe and Goldin Auctions, the auction house planning to sell off the valuable stuff ... insisting Kobe willingly gave his mother the items in question ... and it's her right to sell them.

According to Kobe's dad, Kobe gave his mother the memorabilia over the years, telling her, "Here mom, these are for you." Kobe's mom insists she never took anything from him without permission.

Even Kobe's grandma has filed a declaration in support of Pamela.

Kobe's sister Sharia Washington, on the other hand, filed a declaration claiming their mother has been conspiring to sell Kobe's stuff for years ... telling her the family could profit greatly from Kobe's stardom.

As we reported, Kobe has countersued, claiming his mother stole the memorabilia from his house.

He wants to stop Goldin from selling the items and to have them returned to him. A judge has blocked the auction, but only for now.

So we gotta ask ...


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No Avatar


So sad that a mother would sell items so personal just so she can buy a nicer house than the one Kobe was going to buy her. Some people are just so greedy. You don't have children,so you can get luxury homes and millions of dollars out of them. What happened to being grateful for being given a gift? Kobe is not required to give her ANYTHING!!!

491 days ago


what a douche ! what kind of son does this to his parents? and why in the world would his parents ever need to auction anything off. his parents should be taken care of for life !! no wonder his career sucks. karma.

491 days ago


How is this argument even going on?! Kobe these are your parents!!! Why does your mom even have to resort to selling stuff regardless if you gave it to her or not! You would not even be here if it wasn't for your mom delivering you!!!!

491 days ago


Why should they have to resort to selling memorabilia to receive some token of generosity from their son? Can't he afford to help them out?

Seems to me like he wouldn't even miss a million or two, unless he's very bad at handling his money. Shame on him for fussing with his own parents over a bunch of stupid shirts and balls.

Why would all this junk be in their possession if he didn't give it to them? Because he doesn't have room in his three or so houses to store it himself?

I wonder if Kobe's wife is behind this - she sounds like a nasty piece of work, even if he is unfaithful to her.

491 days ago


Money is the root of all evil.

491 days ago


Its too bad, my kids are no Kobe but I would have to be close to loosing my home before I would sell any of their football or basketball or baseball trophy's. I am sure Kobe has helped them out, just the money monster has come out in them, they do not look like they are hurting in the least. Anything he has earned after the age of 18 they are not entitled to. They get what they get and don't throw a fit.

491 days ago


I just don't get why now he is a rapist, do some research on the facts, cheater yes but the girl had 3 dna samples in her underwear on the night in question and really some are comparing him to O.J. that is just nutts

491 days ago


I wish Pamela would get a new weave. She looks like a contestant on the Flavor Of Love

491 days ago


What...so he wants the crusty panties back from the rape case. That's his souvenir. His tube socks are just to big!

491 days ago


the fact is, if you are good parents and your kid is saying, please don't sell my childhood stuff, then don't friggin sell it.

491 days ago


Seems to me all his parents care about is $$

491 days ago


i dont like kobe but his parents are trying to cash out ....sad

491 days ago


And a rapist.

491 days ago


Never trust a lying rapist. Eh, Kobe? meh

491 days ago


Money, the root of so much evil. This is a family issue they should resolve it.

491 days ago
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