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Kobe Bryant's Parents

Our Son's

A Liar!!!

5/13/2013 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant
's parents have turned their backs on their son -- claiming Kobe was LYING when he accused his mother of stealing more than a million dollars worth of his basketball memorabilia ... and putting it up for auction, TMZ has learned.

Kobe's mom and dad -- Pamela and Joe -- both filed sworn declarations in the legal dispute between Kobe and Goldin Auctions, the auction house planning to sell off the valuable stuff ... insisting Kobe willingly gave his mother the items in question ... and it's her right to sell them.

According to Kobe's dad, Kobe gave his mother the memorabilia over the years, telling her, "Here mom, these are for you." Kobe's mom insists she never took anything from him without permission.

Even Kobe's grandma has filed a declaration in support of Pamela.

Kobe's sister Sharia Washington, on the other hand, filed a declaration claiming their mother has been conspiring to sell Kobe's stuff for years ... telling her the family could profit greatly from Kobe's stardom.

As we reported, Kobe has countersued, claiming his mother stole the memorabilia from his house.

He wants to stop Goldin from selling the items and to have them returned to him. A judge has blocked the auction, but only for now.

So we gotta ask ...


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(I know the answer to this, but..) what kind of parents would SELL items that were that important---most DECENT parents would want to give them to their grandchildren--most DECENT parent would do that.

529 days ago


Greedy a$$holes. He's given you enough.

529 days ago


Regardless of what you think of Kobe why would his mother sell the stuff he gave her!! He is not dead. I think he probably said she stole it because when he gave it to her it meant something to him. Then his mom is trying to sell the stuff on him!! I would be pissed too!!

529 days ago


He didn't and doesn't care about that stuff. He told his mother to get it all out of his garage and storage, NOW! And didn't care where she put it as long as it was out of his way, and gave her no money to put his stuff in another storage. I know, I had to pay for the storage because she had no money and didn't want to ask him for it. He is only 34, still selfish, and doesn't know better. And probably will never know better when you are born with that selfish gene. He doesn't care about the stuff, just doesn't like anybody to make a buck off him. He couldn't tell you what it is if you paid him. His problem is that he will always be known for being selfish more than a great athlete. Sad really.

529 days ago



529 days ago


Even if Kobe did give the memorabilia to his mother, what kind of mother goes and sells those items, the only situation where you would sell your sons gifts and presents is if youre on the brink of bankruptcy and about to be forced out of your home, not because you want a few extra million on hand

529 days ago


If Kobe's people were smart, they would tell him to anonymously purchase the items at auction. WIN WIN. No ugly press like this, no lawsuits. When Grandma's affidavit against you just looks like a low point for a public figure. What are they gonna say about Grandma to attack her character? Blech.

It's never gonna happen though...because he doesn't want his family to get the little money - under half a mil. And that means this is more about a power struggle than it is about the "stuff". It's about Kobe saying "enough" to finances, "you give and you give" was his quote. Yeah, so. Who wouldn't, dude, you are worth 400mil. You are a man who can give. Shut up and handle your business without throwing family under the bus. Wonder if they know something about the criminal case or affairs that will get leaked. Don't go down the nuclear option. It will only get worse. Actually, karma: come and get him. Injuries are usually indicative of a problem. Achilles heal is your weak spot from mythology where they dipped him in protective liquid and held him from the ankles to do so. You go to war with Mom and Dad over stuff and blow your Achilles. Fix the issue if you want your career and health back.

529 days ago


what a family of loosers.And why does the blk community support rapist and killers and the *** in the white house.Blks are dumb as hell.You never hear of these a--h---- giving back anything to the blk community.They get rich and surround themselves with whites.You dumb n------ job is to support them if they get into trouble and worship them.

529 days ago


We just need Kobe to focus on his rehab! I don’t know why his mom is acting out of control. Just pathetic . Read more at: http://www.rantsports.com/nba/2013/05/03/kobe-bryants-legal-battle-with-mother/

529 days ago

Mel harrison    

Money is the root of all evil.

528 days ago

Catherine Turley    

if he were taking care of his parents, like he should, they wouldn't be selling anything.

528 days ago

Umm... Say What!?!    

How in the WORLD is a Mom and a Dad going to go off and sell those prized hard-earned trophies to anyone else?? Those two are missing a few screws and have NO SHAME to publicly confirm that they're trying to sell thier SON'S championship rings - given, stolen or not!! I'm sure that not only are most NBA players but also NFL players too are thanking God they don't have 2 greedy, good for nothing, poor excuses for parents like Kobe. I can't stand Kobe but finding out what is parenrs are doing - and there iabsolutely NO EXCUSE OR JUSTIFICATION FOR THEIR

528 days ago

Umm... Say What!?!    

2/2 BEHAVIOR WHATSOEVER - I actually feel SORRY for the man. For the rest of you demented people, probably family members creating different accounts to support his parents, are probably robbing their families, too!! Don't come on here and confirm your just like his Dad and Mom trying to justify their outrageous idea to sell such precious trophies for money!! The rest of us ought to thank God we didn't get them for our parents. Just no excuse whatsoever! Love your son unconditionally Dad and Mom!!! This is just SHAMEFUL!!!

528 days ago


And this is what happens when u get a weak man letting a woman come between family.

528 days ago


A mom selling her kid trophies to get money she doesn't need nor deserves: what a disgrace.

527 days ago
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