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Lindsay Lohan

I Want Out of Betty Ford

... Ain't Gonna Happen

5/13/2013 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is determined to leave The Betty Ford Center for greener pastures ... but TMZ has learned prosecutors are having none of it.

TMZ broke the story ... Betty Ford doctors have cut Lindsay off from her Adderall, which she has always said was a deal breaker.  Sources connected to Lindsay tell us she's going "crazy" and is desperate to move to another facility.

We're told Lindsay has researched other facilities and found one on the west coast which she believes is suitable to complete her 90 days.  She wants to move ASAP.

Lindsay is saying she believes Betty Ford is "old school" and is not sensitive to the problems of young people.

But law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors are "unbending" -- they will NOT approve any move. As one source put it, "She had 45 days to find a suitable place.  She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now."  The source adds, "Not gonna happen."



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Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

LEAVE LINDSAY ALO-HO-HO-HONE...(wah and a sniffle)

507 days ago


Lindsay will be back on Adderall before she leaves Betty Ford her doctor will already have the Prescription sent to the Pharmacy.

507 days ago


YES! It's about time everyone stopped bowing to her demands and giving her everything she wants!
IMO, she only 'needs' the adderall because she uses it as speed! Now I am more certain that ever that she'll try to sneak out at some point - and wind up in JAIL where she should have been all along!

507 days ago


One: They are probably just blowing smoke, someone will give into her eventually, they always do.

Two: She researched other facilities? Yeah I don't think so. Does she even know what that word means? And I'm pretty sure they don't allow you internet access in lock down rehab.

Three: Betty ford isn't sensitive to the problems of young people. You mean the problems of Lindsey Lohan.

507 days ago


Adderall is an amphetamine, of course they are going to take it away from her. A safer and better alternative is a legal Adderall supplement. This supplement Addrena that I have taken actually contains natural amphetamines and is a good nootropic stack that would help her with her ADHD if she was smart enough to take it.

507 days ago


BS, she's a junkie. Let her go through withdrawals. Better yet throw her ugly ass in jail and let her go through withdrawals there. Somebody please slap the **** out of her already.

507 days ago

all about the money    

Funny she thinks rehab is a joke (her Peirs Morgan interview) and that she has no problems in which a substance abuse facility would help her. Abusing prescription drugs is just as bad as abusing illegal drugs. Heck why Betty Ford even allows smoking (another adictive substance) at their facilitys is open for debate. did not enter rehab of your own choice, you were COURT ordered which means YOU have no say over how luxious or how many servernts they have per patient or even the quality of their cavar. You don't get to choice a club med vaction spot. You are in rehab to get you over the hump of withdraw for any substance you abuse and get on a clean road that some seem to think you would stay on. Guess those people have forgotten how many times you have been in rehab and how much good they did...after all as Lilo has said...she could write the book on rehab. Again...Lilo you can leave anytime you want. Instead of Betty Ford you can leave and spend a few weeks in LA County Jail (they wont let you have your adderall either btw).

507 days ago


If she is used to functioning with Adderall I can see why it would be scary to give it up. The truth is the only way to figure out if she really needs the Adderall is to take her off it and all the rest of the crap she abuses and monitor her behavior. If she truly has ADHD they will find her a medicine that works. If she is an addictive type person Adderall is probably not the best choice for her. I really hope they keep her there for the 90 days. That will be enough time to get her off the crap and onto a program that works. She needs to see the end result for herself before being released or she will just go back to old ways. I also hope her parents show up for counseling and that her therapists use what they learn to open Lindsay's eyes. Her parents are users and enablers and she will never get better until she separates herself from them.

507 days ago


Tie her arms and legs to the bed.Shove something in her whiney gob.trn the light off .Shut the door . See ya !! JOB DONE!!!

507 days ago

Rio Endo    

And lindsay im sure your a great girl bit i think youll never ever be clean and unfortunatly will probably endup like judy garland,

507 days ago

Rio Endo    

I really dont understand how everyones like linds your far from being young! Shes 26 for **** sakes are you all retarted or are all these comments from bitter old really old 40 something ladies jealous of her age?

507 days ago


Fatty fat firecrotch McFatty is gonna get fat with no Adderall. ha ha.

507 days ago


New Thread on ROL and I was first!!

507 days ago


Offer her her Adderall but in jail and for the full 90 days.

Let's see what she says.

507 days ago


Awww... poor little blowhan. Can't shove everyone around & tell everyone what to do anymore. Actually has to be accountable for her actions, and get clean, for the first time in her pathetic stupid life. Oh, the horror!

507 days ago
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