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Lindsay Lohan

I Want Out of Betty Ford

... Ain't Gonna Happen

5/13/2013 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is determined to leave The Betty Ford Center for greener pastures ... but TMZ has learned prosecutors are having none of it.

TMZ broke the story ... Betty Ford doctors have cut Lindsay off from her Adderall, which she has always said was a deal breaker.  Sources connected to Lindsay tell us she's going "crazy" and is desperate to move to another facility.

We're told Lindsay has researched other facilities and found one on the west coast which she believes is suitable to complete her 90 days.  She wants to move ASAP.

Lindsay is saying she believes Betty Ford is "old school" and is not sensitive to the problems of young people.

But law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors are "unbending" -- they will NOT approve any move. As one source put it, "She had 45 days to find a suitable place.  She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now."  The source adds, "Not gonna happen."



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What's this?? Someone actually said "No" to our beloved princess? It can't be!!

530 days ago


Yes Lindsay, what a SHOCKER! A drug rehab that doesn't allow drugs... they have SOME NERVE!!!!

530 days ago

Rio Endo    

No shes not close to 30 shell be 27 in a short while,
I dont really understand why she isnt considered young by some people on here shes just 26 a youngster for **** sakes shes a young adult ive hear people of that age being reffered to as kids,fun fact in your 30s your a young adult as well. Just over a while ago a young mother was killed she was 31 or 33,or is anything past 15 ancient nowadays? However she just uses it as a excuse and i think shell never get clean as long as she lives,you know what you should do lindsay,start a whole new life somewhere else and surround yourself your so young dont let your life end this way you had so much..and you werent fat in herbie its ok to be a healthy size 6 or 8

530 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I think it's FUNNY!

530 days ago


Throw her ass in Jail

530 days ago


Why leave she is with the God Mother

530 days ago


HA! HA! Stay there and take your medicine biotch! OR shall I say go without medicine. I love it! She finally is getting to know what it is like to piss and moan and not get her way. CLASSIC. Keep up the good work prosecutors and Betty Ford Docs and staff. She is going to drive everyone there bat $hit crazy in the mean time. Oh well, life goes on. lol

530 days ago


Save her life, Send her to jail already! She's an addict, no matter what her drug of choice, an addict. All this BS about the adderall, and how she needs it, is pure BS. It's a stimulant, and amphetamine. She needs it to feel good, and so she doesn't get sick from withdrawals. I can't believe a judge hasn't just sentenced her to jail time yet. Unbelievable how she keeps managing to get around it! Jail will do this woman way better than rehab. Let her spend at least 3 mos, to dry out, get her head clean, and reflect on her life. Drugs are way easier to obtain in any rehab facility than the county jail. Rehab only works for those who truly want to get clean and change their lives, clearly she doesn't. In the "denial" phase, an addict doesn't think they have a problem, and really they're trying desperately to have their drugs to feel good and live a normal life, and trying to fool everyone, themselves included. Drugs altar the brain, and it won't be until she's been clean long enough to start thinking straight again, that she will admit it herself. She will not voluntarily attempt to get clean, at this point, so she needs to forced to get clean, like a good 3~6 months minimum in jail, and even then it's up to her to wanna stay clean. But it absolutely won't happen with the way they're handleling it now.

530 days ago


this girl probably has more tricks up her sleeve.

she wants her drugs1

530 days ago


well..would she be able to take adderal in jail..
since she claims its been prescribed by her

530 days ago


Only in Lohanland would it make sense to have a fit over being denied drugs in rehab. Doesn't she see how ****ing ridiculous this is? Telling anyone and everyone that she has no problems with addiction and now wants out because she can't have her drug of choice. It is like playing a never ending game of who's on first.

530 days ago


My bet is she gets to do exactly what she wants. It's just a matter of time before the LA Judge and Prosecutor bend to her every wish. I say she moves to a new Center by the weekend.

530 days ago


the thing about withdrawal from speed isn't just for a few takes about a year before the cravings
go away and you stop thinking about every second of every minute..etc etc.

530 days ago


Her way doesn't work so why not listen to the professionals and do the treatment their way. She is spoiled by "yes" people in her life and she thinks she has to call the short every time, well that hasn't worked so far, so shut up and deal with it. She's like a scared rabbit.

530 days ago


Over on ROL-Michael thinks Brooke and Lindsay can learn from each other and thinks they should both go to his rehab in Florida.

530 days ago
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