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Lindsay Lohan

I Want Out of Betty Ford

... Ain't Gonna Happen

5/13/2013 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is determined to leave The Betty Ford Center for greener pastures ... but TMZ has learned prosecutors are having none of it.

TMZ broke the story ... Betty Ford doctors have cut Lindsay off from her Adderall, which she has always said was a deal breaker.  Sources connected to Lindsay tell us she's going "crazy" and is desperate to move to another facility.

We're told Lindsay has researched other facilities and found one on the west coast which she believes is suitable to complete her 90 days.  She wants to move ASAP.

Lindsay is saying she believes Betty Ford is "old school" and is not sensitive to the problems of young people.

But law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors are "unbending" -- they will NOT approve any move. As one source put it, "She had 45 days to find a suitable place.  She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now."  The source adds, "Not gonna happen."



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Over on ROL-Michael thinks Brooke and Lindsay can learn from each other and thinks they should both go to his rehab in Florida.

465 days ago


Finally the biotch doesn't get what she wants. Let's hope prosecutors don't bend

465 days ago


Lindsay will get her own way, she always does. The judge will probably pick her up, take her out for drinks, then drive her where ever she wants to go.

465 days ago

rose hargrove    

enough is enough she needs to go the jail for a 1 year or 2 she got away with murder famous or not

465 days ago


What I see is a drug addicted messed up girl,,a human being who is sick and not thinking or behaving rationally,,what scares me more is the stone throwing haters here,,licking their chops at someone else's struggles,,some one you don't know and who's shoes you haven't walked,, it saddens me to see grown adults so ignorant and without empathy,,,what's wrong with this country today. Addiction is a disease like cancer period,, I don't see you condemning the doctors who prescribe her adderall ,,, disgusting people on here

465 days ago


I WANT to see this mangy bitch run cuz she isn't getting her way. Spoiled brat.

465 days ago


Don't worry about her being crazy (she's there already), she just in withdrawal .... and BTW, when you are an addict, you have to learn that the rules DO apply to you, you don't get to rewrite them to suit yourself. Her best thinking has landed her in jail or rehab what, a half-a dozen times? Betty Ford has a proven track record of helping folks get clean and sober, but Lilo hasn't been able to do that for herself, of course, it's "pointless" to keep sending her to rehab because she "doesn't have a problem" - is it time to throw dirt on her face yet, because most reasonable people would have given up on her by now.

465 days ago


She's a big time addict alright. She can't get her fix from responsible people. So her 1st instinct is to set sail in order to find a crooked doc (or drug pusher) to give her what she wants

465 days ago


Has Brooke been giving the BF rehab as much trouble? Haven't really seen any thing about her throwing tantrums like this one?

465 days ago


Well its about time someone is finally going to make her follow through on this! And if the courts let her slide on this and move to another place they need to lose their jobs. And Lindsay should be sued along with the judges because of the WASTE of taxpayer money!!!!!!

465 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Mueller Can ‘Learn’ From Each Other In Rehab

Brooke Mueller‘s 20th visit to a treatment facility is happening at the same place where oft-troubeld starlet Lindsay Lohan is serving 90-days of court ordered rehab — the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

That pairing is a good thing, according to Michael Lohan.

“Maybe they will learn something from each other,” Lohan’s dad told about his daughter and Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife spending time together.

PHOTOS: Denise Richards & Brooke Mueller Shop Together With Their Kids

But when it comes to the facility, MiLo doesn’t think the famed alcohol treatment center and drug rehabilitation clinic is the best choice for serial offenders like Lindsay or Brooke, 35.

“Hopefully what they learn is that going to the same old rehab program doesn’t work,” Papa Lohan preached.

“It’s repetitious, pointless and senseless and doesn’t accomplish anything.

“I’ve said it a hundred times Lindsay, let alone anybody, doesn’t need to go through a 30 day program 23 or even 4 times. It’s too redundant”

PHOTOS: Stars Who OD’d

As we previously earlier, Lindsay is threatening to quit the facility and move to another rehab after doctors refused to supply her with the drug Adderall.

Michael has been pushing for Lindsay, 26, to switch to the Lukens Institute, a luxury center based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

“I think Brooke and Lindsay should both go to Lukens because they’ve been through the process of other rehabs too many times,” Michael told

“They were all the same and Lukens is different. The testimonials of the people who have been to the Lukens program speak for themselves.”

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Been In Rehab

“They were all the same and Lukens is different. The testimonials of the people who have been to the Lukens program speak for themselves.”

Brooke checked into Betty Ford for a 30-day rehab stint last week, after her four-year-old twins with Chalrie Sheen were removed from her home on May 2.

465 days ago


This bitch needs to go to jail damn its so unfair how many chances shes gotten let this be any other person whose done the things shes done

465 days ago


@ Etqftlaud

I guess you missed I don't know how many posts from me calling out the doctors who prescribed this bitch Adderall. No ethical doctor would prescribe Adderall to an adult-not even to a 15 year old as many here have pointed out as the cut off age. It is not so much an age when Adderall is discontinued but tolerance and puberty factor in also and as for enjoying her downfall-I find it amusing because the bitch and her family put celebrity above all else. If Lindsay and her family don't give a rats ass about her why should anyone else? The bitch slinks around like she was Meryl Streep. Lindsay is a caricature of a fallen, washed up star. Addiction is hell but being in TOTAL denial and flaunting that denial as though everyone is stupid entitles us to mock and be thrilled every time this bitch gets her what coming to her.

465 days ago


Fantastic! I hope Coachella and club hopping were worth it. Her entitlement and stupidity are nauseating.

465 days ago


Please please stand your ground! Tired of her getting special treatment

465 days ago
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