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Angie Everhart

Cancer Support from

Gena Lee Nolin

5/14/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angie Everhart says she's been learning a lot about who her "real friends" are in the wake of her thyroid cancer diagnosis ... and one of those friends is Gena Lee Nolin

"Anytime you have the big C put in front of you, you do a lot of reflecting on your life," Everhart tells TMZ ... "You learn who your real friends are."

Everhart says one of the first people who reached out was Nolin ... a longtime friend who knows a little something about thyroid issues (she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2009).

"Sometimes in this town, you don’t know how people will react. My family and those friends who knew about it before it became public, have been wonderful. I am very grateful," Everhart says.

Doctors say Everhart's cancer is only at Stage 1 ... and they're optimistic she'll be OK.


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Cancer is BS! Daft Punk s bad!!!

526 days ago


Angie Everhart is quite possibly the best looking Red Headed woman who has ever walked the Earth, I wish her the best

526 days ago


Get well Angie,she is a beautiful lady!,I've heard the type of cancer she has can be related to having 'dental' X rays!..beware!.

526 days ago

Lawrence Nye    

Dear Angie.. I know what a shock it is to get cancer. But there a few things that help. 1. You have stage 1.. very curable. 2. The chemo and radiation is tough to go through but it will save your life. 3 The only way you will really survive and not get worse is rest and nourishment. Good luck. I have stage 4 breast cancer and am in remission thanks to awesome doctors, who planned my treatment carefully and have watched me closely since tratment. The best place to get treatment - Leo Jenkins Cancer Center, Greenville NC. The best doctors - Dr R Raab, Dr Arustu, and Dr Ashe... You wil get better with the right doctors and the right care.

526 days ago


Me Like Both...

526 days ago


Getting a cancer diagnosis is always devastating. I'm assuming Angie has Papillary Thyroid Cancer, which is the most common type in women, and the most easily cured. She will likely have a total thyroidectomy, followed by an iodine free diet for a few months, and finally, take a radioactive iodine pill to kill any remaining thyroid tissue.

She will have a small scar on her neck and have to take a synthetic thyroid hormone pill called synthroid for life. That is pretty much it, besides check-ups, blood tests and the occasional MRI and/or ultrasound. I believe the cure rate is over 95%, but even if it does come back, it is still curable (with more surgery). It is very slow growing, which is why it has one of the best long-term outcomes. I wish her the best, and I KNOW she will be just fine.

526 days ago


I have always thought that Gena Lee Nolin is only ok looking compared to the other Baywatch babes

526 days ago


Thyroid cancer is so common-- more so with women. I have nodules on both sides of my thyroid gland that are being watched carefully by my doctor because if these growths every become cancerous, she wants to catch and treat early. I believe Brooke Burke Charvet just had her cancerous thryroid remove several months ago. Fortunately, this is one of the more slow growing and highly treatable cancers.

526 days ago


Who are these people?

526 days ago


I will be 10 yrs thryoid cancer FREE in july .. I wish here the best of luck and hope she will be celebrating 10 yr in 2023! Be strong and know thryoid cancer is curable!

525 days ago

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