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Boston Bombing Suspect

Supporter UNLOADS

Pressure Cooker 'Is Way Too Heavy to Carry'

5/14/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ardent supporter of the "Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" movement fervently believes the Boston bombing suspect is innocent -- and among her points of defense ... a pressure cooker bomb is "way too heavy" to carry around in a backpack.

Sarah Cook called in to "TMZ Live" yesterday to explain why Dzhokhar is innocent, claiming the mainstream media is unfairly turning the public opinion against the 19-year-old without reporting all the facts.

But Sarah's defense is holier than Swiss cheese -- and her worst argument ... Dzhokhar couldn't have carried a pressure cooker bomb in his backpack because they're "way too heavy."


FYI, a pressure cooker bomb weighs roughly 30 pounds ... certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a 19-year-old male.

The interview's pretty great ... so we gotta ask ...


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clit ripper    

Want me to set her straight ?

529 days ago

Wah wah    

Please everyone post this girls picture Everywhr so everyone knows Never to reproduce any life With this girl!!! Stupid biyaaatch!!!

529 days ago


Harvey this is a bit hypocritical of you as you rang her back after your show saying that she did wonderful and that you are really sorry about this

529 days ago


Don't give this idiot a platform to speak from. She's just some random bitch looking for her 15 minutes.

529 days ago


This girl is PATHETIC! She is probably a terrorist, d*uche bag!!!

529 days ago


Bitches be stupid if they think they are going to date that murdering dikchead.

529 days ago


This tw@t is so stupid! If you make it to your 20's you will look back to see what a douche bag you are. Please Harvey leave this POS child's picture up for the whole world to see what stupid looks like, LOL!!!

529 days ago


Sorry but if he and his brother were innocent why not turn yourself in and hire a lawyer. Only makes you look guilty when you run and gun at cops. Sure the family of Sean Collier would beg to differ.

529 days ago


Turd 1, the one that was run over and killed by his own brother, Turd 2. Let's see, now I see that we have someone who is Turd 3, this POS. READ A BOOK STUPID, OR SHOULD I SAY TURD 3!

529 days ago

BB not bb    

I said the same thing about the pressure cookers. Are they 30 lbs. empty? Then imagine them filled with ball bearings, nails and gunpowder plus a detonater. That must have weighed 60 lbs. then. Backpacks with a frame don't hold much more than 35 pounds or so.

These brothers were just carrying cloth knapsack type back packs. You can see the top of Tammerlans pack slouching in and on strain on the straps. If there was a big heavy pressure cooker bomb in there, the pack would have been leaning back and maybe even ripped through.

It looks like they had clothes in their packs. But not only that, could they really have carreied an arsenal of these heavy things all over Boston and been able to lob them out of moving cars and out of the boat and out of the house? They sound like super hero villains.

Lifting 30 lbs is hard enough. Tossing it around with aim is harder. Tossing it full of metal hardware, maybe one if you are strong.

I don't care if they think he is cute or what. If they are getting at the truth, let it roll.

529 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Sarah Cook, dumbest person on TMZ today. Impressive when you consider Kim and Kanye are here as well.

529 days ago


He should be free to enjoy his 72 virgins in heaven. EXECUTE HIM NOW.

529 days ago


What about the guy they held hostage who they bragged to that they were the Boston bombers?? What about the fact that they gave away all their things to their friends before the bombings. What about the fact that their families all moved away from them, ie. parents back to Russia and the wife of Tamerlan moving into her parents, before the bombings? What about the photos of them carrying large backpacks around the site? What about the kid who's legs were blown off saw Tamerlan right before the bombing drop a back pack on the ground then walk away?? Hmmmmm...

529 days ago


Maybe she should have an interview with Sean Collier's family.

529 days ago

BB not bb    

Dzhokar does look like Jim Morrison in that one picture of him in the white tee shirt with the beard.

529 days ago
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