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Boston Bombing Suspect

Supporter UNLOADS

Pressure Cooker 'Is Way Too Heavy to Carry'

5/14/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ardent supporter of the "Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" movement fervently believes the Boston bombing suspect is innocent -- and among her points of defense ... a pressure cooker bomb is "way too heavy" to carry around in a backpack.

Sarah Cook called in to "TMZ Live" yesterday to explain why Dzhokhar is innocent, claiming the mainstream media is unfairly turning the public opinion against the 19-year-old without reporting all the facts.

But Sarah's defense is holier than Swiss cheese -- and her worst argument ... Dzhokhar couldn't have carried a pressure cooker bomb in his backpack because they're "way too heavy."


FYI, a pressure cooker bomb weighs roughly 30 pounds ... certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a 19-year-old male.

The interview's pretty great ... so we gotta ask ...


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Who are the 6% (morons) voting this guy is innocent?

526 days ago

Stupid finder    

Clearly this chick is one of those idiots who want to marry and procreate with death row inmates, it happened with Ted Bundy, Scott Peterson and now this guy. She claims there is no evidence there was no weapons... Bitch was you there? No shut up, your campaign is not getting you anything but attention for being a moron.

526 days ago


So we are letting out government tell us the "truth".. if these guys were pictured dropping the bombs, where are the pics at? they will show us all the "evidence" they have, when they have it! they don't have any evidence against these two kids, just their word and contrary to popular belief their word is ****!

526 days ago


I really think you should just take down this clip! This is awful and its an insult to the victims! I get the "free speech" thing and I believe in that....But this girl is too stupid to live!!! Its too bad that kid didn't blow her up in that blast! And would she still feel this way if she herself or someone she loved was injured in that bombing?

526 days ago


She just wanted to see herself on TMZ. Silly twit.

526 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

Seriously, if she's this stupid, let her sit on his lap when they fry him.

526 days ago


I wish she was standing in that little boys spot who was killed that day. Dumb bitch probably a drop out with no speaking skills. She will be working at the nearest dive strip club soon.

526 days ago


Why would she even come on tmz, 98% of the readers here are gossip readers and are the shallowest people on the planet.

526 days ago


There's been proof that the Boston Bombing was a cover up.

526 days ago


people are so easy to fool....

526 days ago


Young and mixed up. Hormones must be doing the thinking. Murderers always have groupies. This nut isn't the first. Sad. I never thought I'd say this, but why not Bribery or someone not a murdering wacko.??

526 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Holier? So 'holy' now means full of holes? Always good to see the special needs kids get paying jobs.

526 days ago

Boston Strong    

Poor Sarah is just so out of the reality of this situation. I watch Boston news nightly and see the people whose lives are changed for ever because of these two 'suspected' bombers. Get real Sarah and pay attention to the real evidence that has been gathered thus far. They both were holding the 'smoking gun'. And the fact that you are defending them, is an insult to those who were killed and wounded and to their families.

526 days ago

anung rama    

instead of freeing him, lets jail her ass

526 days ago


OMG!! Is that chick for real?!!!!!! What about the MIT officer they killed in cold blood? What about the confession of both suspects to the guy they carjacked?.......Come on!!!!

526 days ago
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