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Kim Kardashian

I'm Glad Kanye

Went After that Photog

5/14/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian is turning into a real bad ass ... she's telling friends she thinks Kanye West was spot on when he lunged and swore at a paparazzo in Bev Hills.

Kim -- who is always impervious to the gaggle of photogs who chronicle her every move -- thinks Kanye was justified when he bolted out of a restaurant and went all Incredible Hulk on an unsuspecting camera guy.

As you know ... Kanye had a close encounter with a metal sign as he walked to 9021PHO, slamming his forehead UFC style with a souvenir that will probably last for a week. 

Kim is telling friends ... the paparazzi have become increasingly aggressive with both of them since she became pregnant.  She's especially upset because on Monday a photog chased her down while she was driving and she had to swerve into another lane to avoid him and almost got into a bad accident.

Bottom line ... Kim is encouraging Kanye to take care of business when a photog crosses the line.  The problem with her theory -- in the case of the sign, the photogs held their distance and Kanye just didn't look where he was going.

The truth hurts.



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So the dumb ass runs into a sign because he has his head down...and he blames it on someone else??? Is he going to blame it on someone else when that cow has one ****ing ugly baby!

436 days ago


her vag will consume him, period.

436 days ago


Um, Kim, stop being a media whore and wearing hideous clothes to draw attention to yourself. Then maybe the paps won't be all over you .Also, quit calling them and telling them where you are going to be. I hope your 15 minutes are up soon. You're a worthless piece of trash.

436 days ago

Norma Desomd    

hahahahahhahaha. She is so stupid.

436 days ago


Oh shut up Kim.

436 days ago


Oh this stupid b*tch is glad he went after a pap? You mean the same paparazzi that made her dumb@ss famous and who she is obsessed with to get any form of press??? Yeah, she can sit down and shut her big hypocritical, @ss up. She is no "bad @ss", just morons at tmz with heir same Kardashian loving bullsh*t because they are sellouts. She is a pathetic, two-faced idiot and it's also his fault for being with her fame-hungry, untalented, greedy @ss. F*ck them both and tmz.

436 days ago


I'm so SICK of this piece of trash. WHo does she think she's fooling? She let's photog's know of her every move in order to remain in the tabloids- DAILY..Even across the pond! (In England) If she doesn't like the pap's following her. I suggest she close her leg's, and shut her big ass down. She's the only one in charge of what happens! She begged for this non-stop following of her every move and now it's not OK? Because it's not OK with Kanye? No, Kanye is a media whore but nothing like Kim and those other Kartrashian's. Yeah, I spelled that wrong for a reason! Kim needs to take her big ass inside and shut her party down. Then maybe she can keep a man and have some PEACE of mind! She begged for this..I mean begged for it. Now it's not OK? I say suffer biotch! You deserve it. I'm SO sick of the Kardashian family!

436 days ago


I love all you commenters on TMZ..All but (1) who has no clue. We could all be family. We all know what time it is, time for, Kim Kardashian to STFU! Power to the TMZ commenters!! WOO HOO you ROCK!!

436 days ago


Even fuggly Kanye got to hit it and as proven many many many times over... it wasn't that good... What's left is a well used preggo whore.

436 days ago


Mr Kim.....I would like to see what happens when you show some rage to Momma Bear Kris! She will hand your cajones to you on a platter. I know you don't like white women. It's just a matter of time before all of them turn on you. See if that will make you smile.

436 days ago


@2cray4, on here ,insulting all the commentators, today. Kris & Khloe must be on another drunken bender. They have numerous pseudonyms, on all the tabloid sites, trying to defend their soiled reputations.

436 days ago


imagine one of you embarrassing moments being captured on camera. he is only mad at the paps for catching an embarrassing moment on camera and he knew the video would be everywhere as soon as it happened. hahahaha

436 days ago


Kim should be thankful for all the paps who keep her big fat ass in the limelight ! Kanye on day your stupid big mouth will get you in trouble with someone who don't give a **** about you !

436 days ago


Since TMZ has a direct phone line to Kim.K, how come there are no recent photos of HER on here??
Dailymail always has "quality" photos.

436 days ago


Latest update on Kanye's head bump:

436 days ago
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