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Charlie Sheen

Brooke Wants Cash for Kids

... That's It

5/15/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514-denise-richards-charlie-sheen-brooke-muellerCharlie Sheen's legal team is headed for court this morning ... and he wants to expose what he believes is a crass ploy by ex-wife Brooke Mueller to make her brother the guardian of their kids so she can still get her hands on Charlie's gigantic child support checks.

As we previously reported ... Brooke is gunning to wrestle temporary custody away from Denise Richards, who has been caring for 4-year-old Bob and Max while Brooke tries to get it together at The Betty Ford Center.  Brooke wants her brother to get temporary custody until she's sober again. 

Charlie believes the almighty dollar is at the root of Brooke's ploy.  He claims Brooke will still have access to Charlie's $55,000 monthly child support check if her bro gets the kids, and that's why she wants Denise out of the picture.

What's more ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... Denise has written proof -- in the form of text messages -- in which Brooke makes it clear -- she wants and needs those monthly checks.

Sources say Brooke -- through her lawyer -- will counter that Denise is the one who is in it for the money, although our sources say Denise has not asked Charlie for a dime for taking Bob and Max.

We're told Charlie wants Denise to keep the twins until Brooke is sober and able to prove she'll stay that way.  Charlie realizes that could mean Denise could have the kids for a year ... and maybe longer.  Charlie will tell the judge he would gladly pay Denise support money for her efforts.



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denise in it for the money? i dont think so! i think shes doing fine on her own. if anything, she is the saving grace in this situation. keep those kids away from Brooke and let em stay w Denise.

491 days ago


Who cares

491 days ago


I love the way the father's just painting himself like an interested third party when it comes to his own kids.

491 days ago


what a douche Why does Denise have to care for his kids with another woman..what about him, the wizard...taking care of his own children he's too busy working on creating more what a jerk

491 days ago


Its all about money

491 days ago


Brooke should have lost custody a long time ago. I think placing them with Denise is the best solution. Denise gets along well with Brooke and Charlie, and the boys probably consider her their second mom already. She offers a normal, stable home with the added bonus of their step-sisters.

491 days ago


Charlie isn't no hero father. He is a loser. These kids are not denises problem. Charlie what the hell why aren't you taking responsibility???

491 days ago


Maybe it's an unselfish act of Charlie putting the kids with Denise. He must recognize his lifestyle is not the best environment for a child and Denise can offer stability and consistency. In addition he can see them often. I think her worrying over Charlie being around them is a bunch of BS. If there was an issue with his behavior I don't feel Denise would expose her kids to that. Also the courts have gone the route of giving the kids with her family and they always enable her. I really hope they are getting counseling too. I worry the exposure they have had might have a long term affect on their path as they are at that formative age of development.

491 days ago

Good riddance!    

So...doing meth while pregnant. Well that pretty much nails down the whole danger to the kids since before they were even born and beyond issue nicely. Maybe she won't be so gacked out on drugs that she can actually recognize the pictures of her own kids sent to her as they grow up in their lives very far away from her. And then she can enjoy the pics for the 5 seconds she'll have them before she sells them for the price of a couple of hits to the tabloids.

But this is California, so there's still a good chance the kids will end up crying themselves to sleep to the sounds of torches hitting glass pipes and people making snorting noises.

491 days ago

Thomas M    

Money at the root of a problem in Hollywood??? Never! Realistically if I had to choose between those two train wrecks, Denise is clearly Lionel sized and Brooke is Amtrack carrying nukes, nuns and school children.

491 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Here's a thought.... why doesn't Charlie take custody of his own children????

491 days ago


It is sad when a mom uses their child(ren) for money, never thinking about what is best for them. We have a bio-mom who is that SD is basically forced to sleep on the couch (though there is an available room, but the step-father wants that as his office), and ends up coming to us for anything she needs because mom refuses to buy her anything...even school supplies...regardless of the hefty child support my husband pays. Child wants to move in with us, but mom will not let her because it means she loses her check...we know this for a fact, as mom did let the child move in with us for about 4 months, but when she realized she wasn't going to continue to get the money, she threw a fit and used muscle to yank the child back into her house. Sad.

491 days ago


WHEN is the state of California going to take those poor kids away from Brooke permanently????? She is obviously a serious drug addict and it sure dosent look like that is going to change any time soon. God knows what those little boys go through at her home when shes doing drugs and they are there with her and her stupid antics.
Shes playing Charlie for money because she wants to buy more drugs. She is incompetitent as a mother and can not nurture and love those kids the way they deserve to be loved so they grow up normally. Just another example of how the famous get special treatment even though there is a serious problem with this woman as a mother. I hope the state steps up to the plate for those kids before its too late. This girl does NOT deserve to have kids.

491 days ago


Clearly Brooke is not capable of making sound decisions, and any judge that has sense should see that. Her addiction leads her to become proficient at lying and finding ways to support her habit. If Charlie has offered Denise support for her two boys and she declined then that's a straight-up decent person. Take that money Charlie and donate it to an organization that funds children's activities in a neighborhood that needs it. I don't think Brooke should be around her boy's for their best interest.

491 days ago


55k buys a krapload of meth...

491 days ago
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