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Charlie Sheen

Brooke Wants Cash for Kids

... That's It

5/15/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514-denise-richards-charlie-sheen-brooke-muellerCharlie Sheen's legal team is headed for court this morning ... and he wants to expose what he believes is a crass ploy by ex-wife Brooke Mueller to make her brother the guardian of their kids so she can still get her hands on Charlie's gigantic child support checks.

As we previously reported ... Brooke is gunning to wrestle temporary custody away from Denise Richards, who has been caring for 4-year-old Bob and Max while Brooke tries to get it together at The Betty Ford Center.  Brooke wants her brother to get temporary custody until she's sober again. 

Charlie believes the almighty dollar is at the root of Brooke's ploy.  He claims Brooke will still have access to Charlie's $55,000 monthly child support check if her bro gets the kids, and that's why she wants Denise out of the picture.

What's more ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... Denise has written proof -- in the form of text messages -- in which Brooke makes it clear -- she wants and needs those monthly checks.

Sources say Brooke -- through her lawyer -- will counter that Denise is the one who is in it for the money, although our sources say Denise has not asked Charlie for a dime for taking Bob and Max.

We're told Charlie wants Denise to keep the twins until Brooke is sober and able to prove she'll stay that way.  Charlie realizes that could mean Denise could have the kids for a year ... and maybe longer.  Charlie will tell the judge he would gladly pay Denise support money for her efforts.



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God Denise Richards is looking awfully frail these days. Someone needs to give that woman a hug and a cheesburger.

525 days ago


Denise is just as beautiful inside as she is out, and she's gorgeous. Brooke piss's me off, how could she do crank while she's pregnant. They need to take the boy's away from her permanently.

525 days ago


I think it's obvious to everyone that money is at the core of this for Brooke. Without the child support, she can't have her lavish lifestyle and more importantly, can't buy her drugs. She needs the child support for that--the irony. And the children lose. Brooke has been given a lot of support, and this is her 20th rehab visit. I don't think she can beat it, and I don't think she really wants to. Brooke and her lawyers need to do what's right--put the children first. She's put those children through enough.

525 days ago


Why doesn't Charlie watch his own damn kids??

525 days ago


I applaud Charlie Sheen for recognizing his own limitations. He would probably not be successful as the sole custodial parent. Plus his sons are quite young so it is great that they have a mother figure in Denise Richards as well as loving sisters in the home. I doubt the court will torment these kids by moving them once again just to satisfy their junkie mother.

525 days ago


He realizes Denise might have to keep the kids for years REALLY? Why would she care, love two little boys for years and then give them back that would be very hard for her I'm sure she seems to be a loving caring mother. I hope Brooke never gets her boys back. As for Charlie at least he is thinking about the boys and wants them raised in a loving home with his sisters, this is the best thing for them.

525 days ago

U suk    

Brook makes my skin crawl. I have no pity for anyone that gets $55K a month, yet keeps losing her kids and going to rehab only to walk out of rehab on a regular basis. Let her join her kind and live behind a dumpster. Thats where she belongs.

525 days ago


she will NEVER be sober...what a joke.....charlie should take the kids.....she deserves nothing...denise is doing a great job...but SHE has her OWN kids also...not fair...time for charlie to GROW UP !!!!

525 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Why is Denise the "best choice". Maybe Brooke's brother is a responsible human being. Denise is not related to those kids, but Brooke's brother is. As for the ca$h, I notice Denise has no problem cashing Charlie's $55,000 per MONTH check..and no way in hellz do it take 55 grand per month to take care of two little girls. Some family's of four live on less than that per YEAR.

525 days ago


this is what a disease like substance abuse can do , it brings the ugly out for all to see and by all I mean the children, in due time they will find out that mom thought drugs were more important than they were.I just hope these kids get into Al anon as soon as they are old enough to understand they had nothing to do with why 'mom' is the way she is. God Bless Denise

525 days ago


Most of us already knew it was mostly about the money. But I will give Brooke the benefit of the doubt that she could have some other issues with Denise keeping the kids. Maybe jealousy. But since she can't get clean, she is in no position to be difficult. And 55k a month? More than many people make in a year. Wow...just wow.

525 days ago


Brooke has serious issues and needs involuntary year-long rehab, followed by supervised visitation. As long as her use of substances makes it impossible, or unimportant for her to be a good Mom, she should not have even partial custody. It's for her own good, as well as they boys' best interests. So glad Charlie and Denise are working together to protect the kids, give them some stability until Brooke truly overcomes her problems.

525 days ago


Charlie is mostly concerned about money. Not about his kids. What a dick. Why don't u have your kids *******?

525 days ago

Hell If I Know    

I doubt Denise turned down Charlie's money. It's great that she took the boys, but Brooke's brother wants them and he is a family member. I'm tired of the "Saint Denise" garbage. Just a few short years ago peeps were ragging her out for dating Richie Sambora after her "BFF" Heather Locklear divorced him. Denise has NO problem running to the bank to ca$h Charlie's $55,000 per month "child support" checks. NO way in hellz does it take that kind of money to take care of two little girls, yet it's "Oh Denise, she 's great taking the boys".
What's the difference between the money Denise rapes Charlie for and the money her pays his whoores? Either way, Charlie pays for sex.
No. 1: She married Charlie Sheen. Who in their right mind would marry that clown in the first place?
No. 2: She rapes him for "child support" to the tune of $660..., 000 per year.
Seems like a good gig...marry Charlie, pop out two kids and collect over half a million dollars a year...while sitting on your butt at home.

525 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Brooke is a druggie and Denise has an eating disorder. Where's Brooke's brother?

525 days ago
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