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To Be Disabled

5/15/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disneyland's incredibly long lines can easily be cut -- if you're willing to rent pay a disabled person! And if you are ... you're the worst person in the world. Or the smartest. Depends.

Those lines are pretty long.

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Timmy Boy    

Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact the Disney land/world sucks! Why waste valuble time standing in stupid lines ON EACH RIDE!!!

425 days ago

Harold Brown    

Anna just doesn't have a clue sometimes ,,,, well, most of the time.

425 days ago


My friends husband is diabetic b/c he eats an entire pie daily w/his bare hands & in California this makes him disabled. Handicapped parking sticker plus FAST PASS access at Disneyland. It's a ****ing joke and a slap in the face to people w/actual disabilities.

425 days ago


It took TMZ a while to "report" on this. Too bad you didn't tell the rest of the story: How one of the "mothers" stated that this is how the 1% does things.

425 days ago


That place is overrated. Been there!

425 days ago


ill just stick to getting a fast pass.

425 days ago

my 2 cents    

Blame Disney on this one. They allow up to six people to accompany the disabled person on the ride. The amusement parks will be a zoo this summer, now that everyone knows how to do the scam.

425 days ago

Double Bubble    

I see nothing wrong with this. If a disabled person can make some money on the side from some lazy a-hole that doesnt want to wait in line, then I think its a win win for both..

425 days ago


This summer EVERYONE at Disneyland will be "disabled", so EVERYONE will have to wait in long lines again.

425 days ago


Octomom had a handicapped placard. I recall seeing it in the early videos. She claimed it was for her autistic son. No wonder she does to Disneyland every week!!!

425 days ago


I think it's fing hilarious. It's genius. I've thought of acting disabled just so my kids could get to the front. Hiring someone would be so easy. Do people really think its just been happening recently!?!? I'm sure some rich Mom tried this years ago...

425 days ago


That is the worst written headline or lead into a story. Just saying TMZ, just say someone used a disabled person to get on rides faster, is that too hard. Not every story needs cryptic phrases, or sentence fragments.

425 days ago


It sucks to be disable , you sit all day , my all day is 4 hours after that I have to be in bed so paying the $100 for Disneyland is a waste of time and money. And what dumb ass pays a person . You can buy a wheelchair and bring it with you . Some place even lets you barrow there wheelchair. I swear if i could walk again i would wait in any line ,walk up any stairs and ride a bike to work . No one wants to join the disability club , but people join every single minute of every single day and there's no leaving this club.

425 days ago


I find it funny that people will pay tons of money for a disabled guide to get them on rides faster, when you can rent a wheelchair/scooter for less than $100. However, I'm legally disabled, and if someone wanted to pay my way in Disney, go right ahead! My disability check BARELY covers basic living expenses.

425 days ago


Did you know if you claim you are diabetic then you can take food in the park? Thats another "secret" they dont tell you. :)

425 days ago
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