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To Be Disabled

5/15/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disneyland's incredibly long lines can easily be cut -- if you're willing to rent pay a disabled person! And if you are ... you're the worst person in the world. Or the smartest. Depends.

Those lines are pretty long.

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Six Million Dollar Man    

Who the Hell wants to go to Disney land anyways? Let them cut in line in front of me all you want, go ahead, see if I care, go knock yourself out.

526 days ago


Actually, you don't get to cut in line if you are disabled. Disneyland offers special areas/lines for the handicapped to wait so that they are able to enter the boarding stations. You are told when you get a Disabled Pass from City Hall that the wait for the handicapped can be just as long as the regular line wait.
Each ride may only have one seat or one ride car that is available for the handicapped. This means that the disabled have to wait until that seat or ride car is available.
My father has arthritis and is medically recognized as being handicapped. We have gotten the handicapped pass a couple of times so I have experienced the "perks" first hand.
At the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the handicapped do not wait in the regular line. They wait to the side of exit where there are benches for the handicapped to sit if they need to. Once you wait there, you are escorted to the exit station of the boats where you then wait again until you are able to ride. The wait is usually still just as long as the regular ride.
On Star Tours, people in wheelchairs are still required to wait in the outside line until you reach the entrance to the building. Once there, a Cast Member will show to an elevator that will take you up to the second floor where you can wait again to get on the ride.
This is true for shows as well. At the Aladdin show in California Adventure, the wait is usually long. If you tell a Cast Member that you have a disabled person in your party, only the person who is disabled gets to wait in a small section with benches. The rest of the people in the party have to wait in line just like every one else.
While Disneyland helps to make things easier for the handicapped, there is no clear advantage as people claim there is.
I have a season pass to Disneyland and I visit the park often. I have seen Disneyland employees cater to both the handicapped and the non-handicapped. Trying to gain some sort of advantage and trying to use shortcuts doesn't really help you in the end.

526 days ago


Pathetic and disgusting. The disabled have a tough enough time without people doing crap like this. Exploiting a "loophole" isn't smart - it's shameful.

526 days ago

jennifer moon    

Not going to lie. Some other moms and I have done this. We all have season passes and we know that you can get a disability pass at City Hall for just about any reason without any proof. We felt guilty doing that so we decided on the lesser of two a disabled person. Not saying it's right but that new Cars Land is insane. 2-3 hour wait for Radiator Springs. Figured 200 bucks was worth only having to wait 15-20 minutes.

526 days ago


You can just rent a wheelchair for a lot less money

526 days ago


If the disabled person is okay with it & they are getting paid, then I don't see what's wrong with it. Oh yeah, the KARMA!

526 days ago


This type of abuse REALLY ticks me off! What type of a jack-ass does this? My son is disabled - autism...and Disneyworld is his favorite thing in the whole world - and quite honestly having the ability to wait in a quiet area off to the side has made all teh diference in the world to him. When douche bags like this abuse an amazing and thoughtful program by Disney - its people like my son that end up paying the ultimate price (because a program like this may be eliminated)

526 days ago


I think they should wait in line with everyone else. They all want to be considered equals except when it comes to special treatment. If there in a wheelchair they are already sitting down. Why can't they wait with everyone else?

526 days ago


Cartman did it.

525 days ago


Where's the outrage over other issues??? AB's have no idea just how privileged they are. Getting ahead in line is nothing. I'll gladly let anyone skip ahead of me in line. What I'd love to see is people outraged over the bias people with disabilities face everywhere we go. Friends, neighbors, family employers--everyone treats us as though we're " less than". No one bats an eyelash when we're discriminated against. Disney lines aren't even the tip of the iceberg.

525 days ago
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