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Jeff Ross

Lindsay Lohan REFUSES

To Be Roasted

5/15/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We should have known by Lindsay Lohan's SNL performance that she has no sense of humor ... but this really takes the cake -- celebrity roastmaster Jeff Ross says Lindsay REFUSES to participate in this year's Comedy Central Roast.

It would've been a great idea to let comics poke fun at her fresh out of rehab ... because if there's anything we can learn from Alec Baldwin, it's that comedy can defuse almost any kind of negative publicity.

Alas, Jeff Ross says Lindsay turned down his offer ... but there are plenty of other people to choose from. Watch the clip.


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Where is the Bunny????

492 days ago


I always thought when it came to comedy she was cool with no holds barred, Guess not anymore!

492 days ago


This Site along with the Enablers Sucks.

492 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Linds has extremely thin skin and bruises from casual contact with objects. She couldn't handle being roasted, she thinks anybody who speaks truth to her is "mean".

492 days ago

Thomas M    

Kudos to your man of the street for differentiating Jeff Ross from a wandering homeless man, and Frankly a good roast needs someone we actually like and care about that has earned it with a life of achievements and accolades that has a cadre of colleagues ready to expose years of amusing tidbits. ****ner, Bob Saget, Betty White. Who is going to show from Lindsey's life? Her dealer, the guy she blows to get into coachella, and people she gave hepatitis to?

492 days ago


I think Lindsay is smart to turn this down. For Gods Sake, she's still trying to get her sh*t together. How about waiting a few years and hopefully she will get a driver and quit driving herself. Hopefully she will not have to go to jail or rehab or have an ankle bracelet to wear or do any more community service. Hopefully she will stop drinking and getting into fights or squabbles. She has a long way to go before her life is in order and she has control of her demons. After that - then roast her. Shes still in the midst of all her personal problems right now and it would be stupid to call even more attention to her situation at this time.

492 days ago


OK, this should surprise no one.

Without meaning to, Lilo's reduced herself to a non-stop target for well-deserved ridicule anyway..

WE may realize that a roast would offer an opportunity to rehabilitate her reputation at least somewhat, and get another chance from the public. But she's obviously neither savvy enough nor mature enough to take advantage of this chance. Eventually she'll be remembered ONLY as a series of deteriorating mugshots leading to a pathetic funeral . Whatever.

492 days ago


Lindsay Lohan gets roasted a thousand times a day on the internet is today any different

492 days ago


Doesn't want to look FAT on television once off her candy

492 days ago


lock lindsay in a room with massive amounts of adderall and let her looose.

492 days ago

Meme Jones    


492 days ago


She said no - which is a huge reason so many people 'dislike' her. I'm not sure if it's because of her delusions of grandeur or tight-ass-edness. If you're going to be a massive train wreck, at least admit it and have a sense of humor about it.

492 days ago


I love the roasts. Shame Lilo's problems seem so bad she can't have a sense of humor about them. That's the sign of a very unhappy person. She's bound to know on some level there is a problem. I get growing up with parents who bicker or end up having kids while still in their marriage , can cause huge problems for a kid, but she's old enough to face those problems. Having a sense of humor could help. Not to mention will all the bad press she gets, she may not realize many (maybe even most) in the public, root for her not against her. As bad as Robert Downey Jr. was, he came through & earned everyone in Hollywoods respect in the process.

492 days ago


Good morning. There is nothing humorous about Ms Lohan. She is a hard working actor that is all about her career and her wonderful family. What would there be to make fun of? Lindsay does not have time to crawl out of the gutter and attend an event that is beneath her. Lindsay is so dedicated to her craft she is now undercover at a famous rehab facility getting information on how to play an addicted, washed up untalented actress. If fact she has been researching this role since Mean Girls-Lindsay has thrown herself into this sordid world of drugs, sex for hire, career on the skids all for her craft. Her wonderful family is also helping by behaving dysfunctional and delusional and taking all of her money and drugs so that Lindsay can feel the full effects of this unstable, weird world which she is learning about.Lindsay takes method acting very seriously. An actress of this caliber has no business attending silly roasts where unprofessional out of work actors have nothing better to do with their time. The Lohans are fabulous.

492 days ago


Thinking about it, her prospects are dead. But this roast opens at least a possibility of relevance. Her "team" should jump on this like Anthony Weiner's new bid for NYC Mayor! Lol

492 days ago
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