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O.J. Simpson

Takes the Stand --

My Ex-Lawyer Screwed Me

5/15/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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O.J. Simpson took the stand today in his bid for a new trial, begging the judge to give him a second shot in the 2007 armed robbery case that landed him in prison ... because he believes his old lawyer Yale Galanter screwed him over.

O.J. is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence after being convicted of armed robbery and a bunch of other charges stemming from the September 13th, 2007 incident ... when he stormed into a Vegas hotel room, flanked by several men, and robbed a bunch of sports memorabilia from two collectors. He believes the items in question had been stolen from him.

O.J. has claimed Galanter knew about his plan to retrieve the memorabilia from the 2 memorabilia collectors ... and advised O.J. not to take the stand in his defense so he wouldn't name Galanter as a witness.

During his testimony today, a relaxed-looking O.J. explained that Galanter also failed to keep him informed about a plea deal that would have gotten him out of prison in a few years ... rather than 33.

Had he known he stood a chance of being convicted, O.J. said he would have insisted on testifying ... and definitely would have taken the plea deal if he knew about it. But O.J. said Galanter repeatedly assured him he would never be convicted.

As for the incident itself -- O.J. admitted he'd been drinking beforehand ... but he wasn't "fall-down" drunk. He also said he had no knowledge that a gun was used in any way during the incident.

O.J. said he believed he was legally entitled to do what he did at the time because he didn't do anything his lawyer told him not to do -- i.e. breaking in, or using force.

To prove Galanter was aware of the plan to retrieve the items from the hotel room, O.J. said Galanter had specifically requested one of the items for himself ... an old suit.

And there's this ... O.J. said Galanter only showed him a portion of the audio recorded during the hotel incident, the same audio TMZ posted back in 2007.

Simpson was famously grilled on the stand in the 1996 civil trial when he was found liable for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman -- but he's never spoken under oath in a criminal case. This was a first.


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If O.J. manages to worm his way out of this kidnapping/robbery/assault conviction there is something SERIOUSLY corrupt about our criminal justice system.

O.J. belongs in prison for the rest of his life and he KNOWS IT. For both the kidnapping/robbery AND brutally murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

492 days ago


Amusing to watch a killer squirm and try to blame his lawyer for everything. Says he didn't use any force??? Maybe he needs to listen to the tape again. There is no way any savvy attorney would tell him it's just fine to commit any of these felonies. Of course it might be cool if they have another trial and give him an even LONGER sentence! We sure don't need Juice on the Loose!

492 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I know- everybody hates OJ for what he did. But if crucial testimony wasn't presented to the jury, then he deserves a new trial.

492 days ago


He doesn't need a lunch break.

492 days ago

Buck Boy    

I would still eff him and he would still love it.

HOWEVER, I would force him to shower and douche first. I wouldn't allow him any poppers and I would call him a murdering bitch as I made him the widest receiver of all.

492 days ago

Dave H    

The best thing about our legal system is also the worst thing about our legal system. Everyone has a right to a fair trial. He had his. He gets to appeal, but I don't have to like it. Let's face it - he got away with murder and everyone knows it. He's right where he should be, even if not for the reason he should be. Good riddance you chubby shell of a man. Please get this over with and go back to obscurity so I can focus on important things like how long it will take LiLo to implode within the next 100 days.

492 days ago


I like OJ Simpson

492 days ago


hahaha watching this wimp oj stud star squirm... is fun :) fk him!

492 days ago


You people should give the Juice a break, he was a good football player

492 days ago


Anyone who is still mad about OJ and that whole double murder mix up thing needs to get over it and forgive the Juice, that was so early 90's. In case you have not noticed people get killed every day, some even get murdered. I dont see what the big deal is anymore, OJ was a good football player

492 days ago

Buck Boy    

If he has all the money he needs....then why isn't it in the hands of the Goldman's?

492 days ago


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, hopefully that's true with OJ. Stay in Vegas jail where you belong kidnaping robbing piece of ****.

492 days ago


I am in shock, OJ is on the stand and he is not on every station. He is not on any station, I cant believe this

492 days ago


read a rumor, this animal had his goddaughter, kim kardashian's soft core porn poster tacked up in his cell. what a pig

492 days ago

Buck Boy    

Every word out of his mouth seems like a lie.

492 days ago
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