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TNA Wrestler


Over Unscripted Crotch Thrust on Lady Announcer

5/15/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

wrestler Austin Aries was hit with a "severe fine" by the organization this week after he went off the script during a recent live event and shoved his man bits into a female announcer's face, TMZ has learned.

The unscripted crotch-thrusting went down earlier this month on "Impact Wresting" ... when Aries became upset at announcer Christy Hemme for calling him the wrong name during his ring intro.

Hemme was clearly upset during the junk attack ... and afterward, she even tweeted about the incident ... calling it "unacceptable."

But sources tell us ... Aries -- real name Daniel Solwold, Jr. -- reached out to Hemme and privately apologized, acknowledging he crossed the line.

TNA also came down hard on Aries and slapped the wrestler with a fine -- it's unclear how much cash Aries will have to fork over.

As for Hemme, we're told she has spoken with TNA officials and told them she was "satisfied" with Aries' apology.

Wrestling ... it just got REAL, SON!!

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No Avatar


i really dont see what the big deal is.by reading the stories and this one would think he put his hand down her pants then slapped her with his exposed crotch.

494 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Maybe a 'crotch off' thrust contest would be appropriate? She thrusts her crotch at Aries' face to get even and we get to vote as to who has the better thrust?

494 days ago


Probably not the 1st time this week, she's had junk in her face.

494 days ago

Six Million Dollar Man    

These guy are all a bunc of punks anywas and by the way, he didn't do anything, I thought he was going to push her head ino his crotch or really touch her, he didn't even touch her and she looks like she can kick his ass anyways what ever happened to Wrestlers that actually worked out and looked the part like The Roc o Hulk Hogan or Freddie Blassie, Judo Gene Lebell. These guys are wimpy looking.

494 days ago


how is actors acting news ???

494 days ago


Why do people still say wrestling is fake as if its an insult? Do I need to tell them their favorite shows, such as Modern Family or The Office, aren't ACTUAL do***entaries? No one in wwe or TNA pretends that it's "real", the fans understand it as well- same pretentious people dissing wrestling that watch Kartrashian shows. Without irony, to boot .

494 days ago


That stuff happens all the time in wrestling. I had no idea Christy was over there announcing of all things. I didn't see him shove anything into her face although he did cross the line if it was unscripted. An apology should really have been enough, IMHO. Or perhaps a small fine. But the guys do much worse and get away with it that TNA should at least be consistent n their punishments.

494 days ago

BB not bb    

That is cool he apologized and the show took her complaint seriously, but it didn't seem that bad. She was feeling up his chest before he did that, so maybe he thought he could get her back for doing that. He didn't really thrust in her face, he just got close to it and stayed there. Everything was bound up tight in spandex anyway.

494 days ago

Sandez Rey    

What this story completely misses is that this was a live show and Hemme had just made a huge mistake on the mike- announcing the wrong tag team even though Aries and Rudes entrance music as playing. Had she not screwed up their introduction Aries wouldn't have been 'in her face'.

494 days ago


With all the steroids wrestlers take she should rest assured that there was little junk to thrust in her face. Was probably just a sock.

493 days ago
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