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Topless Paparazzo


You Can't Arrest Me for Bare Boobs!

5/15/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A paparazzo whose schtick is to work topless is suing the NYPD -- claiming cops had NO RIGHT to arrest her for going boobs-out in public ... because half-naked is LEGAL in NYC.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by 46-year-old Holly Van Voast -- who regularly prowls the streets of NYC -- sans top -- in search of celebs to photograph and interview.

In the suit, H.V.V. claims ... since 2011, she's been arrested or detained AT LEAST 10 TIMES for being topless in public.

In fact, Holly claims she's even been dragged off to psych wards and lectured by cops in an effort to deter her from flashing her cans where she damn well pleases.

Problem is, Holly claims her topless hobby is legally protected in NYC, and cites a 1992 ruling by the New York appeals court which states it is NOT illegal for women to expose their breasts in a public park.

In her suit, Holly also points to a memo issued by the NYPD in February which states NO ENFORCEMENT ACTION is to be taken against any person -- male or female -- for waist-up exposure.

But there's more ... in the suit, Holly explains the topless gimmick is partially to gain exposure for her friends in the "punk drag" community ... and she even names some of her favorite "punk" drag queens -- Charmin Ultra, Misty Meaner, Mary Jo Cameltoe, Heidi Glum and Cherry Poppins.

Holly is suing for false imprisonment, among other things ... and wants unspecified damages.

We called the cops for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Omg I swear this is a dude with man boobs posing like dude in water boy who was pinching his nipples at the end of water or looks like teenage bud bunds from married with children

504 days ago


I remember reading about this law a long time ago.. and it's a great big fail on NYPD's part. Yes, the "topless" law is unusual and anyone who doesn't know otherwise would assume it would be illegal to parade around topless in public, so I can understand police reacting that way, BUT being a police officer in a city with an unusual law, they more than anybody should be aware of it. So HUGE FAIL on the cops.

504 days ago


If fat men can show their tits, why cant a woman?

504 days ago


Looks to me like an unmasked FBI undercover agent

504 days ago


But, but...her face! That is one fugly woman. This is the only way she can get attention

504 days ago


Sue them holly. once its forgivable but its to the point of out right harassment thru abuse of power.

504 days ago


Is that Tanning Moms sister?

504 days ago


Someone get this woman a shirt and a paper bag to cover her face and nasty body STAT!

504 days ago


I thought it was a guy with a wig...maybe they arrest cause shes ugly and noone wants to see that.

504 days ago

BB not bb    

Yeah this has been a law for a while but you never see anyone do it. You never even see women in shirts that show their breasts without a bra. Women are scared to death to flaunt the social more of bra wearing.

I give her credit for standing up for her rights. She just needs a better lawyer to get these cops off her back. I wonder if there are any feminist lawyers who would help her. Is Gloria Alred available?

People are horrified at the thought of seeing a female breast. Yet there are statues of breasts all over. Go in the MMA, there are plenty of topless women made of marble in there.

It is not about looking good, it is about feeling good. If this makes her feel good, then leave her alone. People should not be turned on so easily. They should have more focus. If they are not aroused, then they should just mind their own business.

I had to look at a skinny man with a beard in a tie dyed women's one piece bathing suit tap dancing on the wall. This was disgusting to me, so I looked the other way and not at his giant bulge in the bottom of the suit.

No one told him to knock it off. I actually saw a man holding a green light saber over his head leading a pack of children right in front of him where they all started dancing along with him.

I think NYC is going to hell. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah.

504 days ago


It's been legal in Austin Texas for decades. Very few women really exercise the option though, except at Barton Springs. If I were young and firm, I'd go shirtless a LOT; it's too HOT for clothes here at least half the year.

504 days ago

Morticia Cowghoul    

uhhhhh....are you sure that is not Richard Specks little brother? if that is a chick she is very very unfortunate looking.

504 days ago


If you're going to be topless, at least get yourself in some sort of decent shape. All I see on this chick is flab and sag. Flab and sag on someone this thin is just a crime. You know, it doesn't cost anything to run a couple of miles in the morning or evening. Maybe throw in a bit of weight training. Get some tone down in to those dead-looking muscles. Until then, put a shirt on. Sheesh.

504 days ago

clit ripper    

Somehow I get the feeling she isn't a true blond!

504 days ago


Does she use her third thumb when she hitch-hikes ?

504 days ago
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