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Topless Paparazzo


You Can't Arrest Me for Bare Boobs!

5/15/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A paparazzo whose schtick is to work topless is suing the NYPD -- claiming cops had NO RIGHT to arrest her for going boobs-out in public ... because half-naked is LEGAL in NYC.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by 46-year-old Holly Van Voast -- who regularly prowls the streets of NYC -- sans top -- in search of celebs to photograph and interview.

In the suit, H.V.V. claims ... since 2011, she's been arrested or detained AT LEAST 10 TIMES for being topless in public.

In fact, Holly claims she's even been dragged off to psych wards and lectured by cops in an effort to deter her from flashing her cans where she damn well pleases.

Problem is, Holly claims her topless hobby is legally protected in NYC, and cites a 1992 ruling by the New York appeals court which states it is NOT illegal for women to expose their breasts in a public park.

In her suit, Holly also points to a memo issued by the NYPD in February which states NO ENFORCEMENT ACTION is to be taken against any person -- male or female -- for waist-up exposure.

But there's more ... in the suit, Holly explains the topless gimmick is partially to gain exposure for her friends in the "punk drag" community ... and she even names some of her favorite "punk" drag queens -- Charmin Ultra, Misty Meaner, Mary Jo Cameltoe, Heidi Glum and Cherry Poppins.

Holly is suing for false imprisonment, among other things ... and wants unspecified damages.

We called the cops for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Her rights to flash her breasts end with my rights not to have to be visually offended. Cover up lady. I don't want to have to look at you.

490 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so i'm just wondering.. if a dude, not like a transgender, gets boob implants, just for the hell of it, would he be allowed to go topless in public? or would he be prosecuted the way a woman is? men have established this 'right' only upon the fact that they are the shot callers in politics and power. it was also some decades ago, not 'well seen' when men and males walked all around town ****s off, bare chested. for example the 50's and 60's, you would not have found men galanting around downtown new york or LA the way you do today with their shirts off. these are new social models. they are not 'eternal self awareness rights endowed upon males alone. they have enforced these for themselves communally, while leaving women abandoned in the dust, rightless, because males have all power in their hands alone, so they use this to only reinforce rights only for themselves.

490 days ago


It's always a chick you don't want to see naked.

490 days ago


She's right. Women are allowed to be topless anywhere a guy anywhere in NYC a guy is allowed to be topless. It's just that most women do not want to expose their breasts for the world to see whereas guys usually don't give a hoot. But she's completely in the right here

490 days ago


i would have bet the house that was not a woman......damn its fugly

490 days ago


It may be allowed but I beg you please cover up...some things cant be unseen.....honey you look like you fell out of the ugly tree.....and boy was it a tall one and you sure didn't miss many of the branches!

490 days ago


She should be arrtested for that flabby body and pasty complexion

490 days ago


How do I unsee that.... She should be arrested for something.... Visual polution, Optical littering... SOMETHING.

490 days ago


fat guys have bigger boobs than her and look just about as sexy.... F#cking gross!!!

490 days ago


Is that a man, baby?

490 days ago


What's with the hair? The boobs are obviously natural and how sad are they but is that hair real? And celebrities want to talk to this...ah woman because she's topless. Calling BS on that one.

490 days ago

BB not bb    

This lady should hand out a copy of the statute that says she is allowed to go topless and carry it on her for when the cops show up. Then she can just hand it or read it to them, and if they arrest her, she can sue them for false arrest. She should try to film her encounter with them also, or have someone there do it for her.

Why should women's breasts be considered any more sexual or less attractive than a man's. That is a double standard. Women have more reason to have breasts out than anyone. They could potentially feed babies with them. Men's are there just for the show really.

NYC is getting very stuffy and uppity. It is very uncool any more. It is all regulated and monitored. If you don't stay in uniform, you get harassed.

I don't know what transvestites have to do with her gig, but maybe she feels like she needs an excuse for it. Every time someone stands out as an individual, they want to claim a group behind them.

Maybe her gay friends want to go topless too with their fake breasts now? Who knows?

490 days ago


Someone tell me this is not so-legal to b topless in NYC but no big gups. LMBO

490 days ago


That's a WOMAN???? OMG I thought it was a man in really bad drag with saggy man boobs. EWWW. They should not have arrested her for being nude, just for being disgusting.

490 days ago


So freaking kids out in NYC doesn't matter? smh wow And I thought this was a guy with moobs. yuck I just threw up in my mouth.

490 days ago
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