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Wade Robson

I Don't Need MJ Estate

to Prove Molestation in Court

5/15/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_wade_robson_mj_getty_tmzWade Robson WILL have his day in court in his attempt to prove he was molested by Michael Jackson ... even if he's shut down by the Michael Jackson Estate.

TMZ has learned ... Robson has filed a civil lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court ... and it has nothing to do with his creditor's claim against the Estate. We broke the story ... Robson belatedly filed his creditor's claim, alleging MJ molested him between the ages of 7 and 14.

Robson may get shut down by the probate judge because he waited too long to file his claim.  But the civil lawsuit we found will NOT go away that easily.

The allegations in the civil lawsuit are sealed, but TMZ has obtained the face page of the complaint, which shows Robson is suing DOE 1, an individual, DOE 2, a California corporation, and DOE 3, a California corporation.  As for who these anonymous DOES are ... TMZ has done some digging, and it's clear.  Robson is targeting MJJ Productions -- Michael's record label (owned by Sony) which hired Wade when he was 11 -- and MJJ Ventures ... which produced Michael's music videos.
The two corporations may have been involved in bringing Wade to the U.S. from his home in Australia, and it's clear Wade will argue they had some responsibility for protecting him -- kind of like the relationship between priests who molest and the Catholic Church.

As for the individual DOES (Wade names 50 DOES) ... it's very clear from our research that Robson is targeting the two executors of the MJ Estate -- John Branca and John McClain.

Short story -- even if Wade loses in probate court, he can probably have his day in civil court and put Michael Jackson and allegations of molestation before a jury.



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mj fan forever    

It's Michael Jackson's Estate who does not need him to prove he is a disgusting liar!!! How arrogant!!! Even if he were to ever go before a jury, he and his lawyers must explain how come he praised Michael Jackson even DURING and AFTER his invented breakdown and they will NOT able to, as well as they will not able to explain their BOGUS theory already rejected by the experts. This MONSTER SEXUAL ABUSER is NOT going to get Michael Jackson's money because he is a disgusting liar also easy to prove!!!

495 days ago

mj fan forever    

NONE of his fellow money-hungry who tried before him could get Michael Jackson's money and failed since they are disgusting liars already PROVED IN COURT and the same is going to happen to this true MONSTER SEXUAL ABUSER!!!

495 days ago


Once a liar always a liar! Come one Wade where is the truth? Did you lie twice under oath? Or are you lying now? This is not about justice but picking up an unearned paycheck.

495 days ago


I agree with Wade! I had thought about this for someone close to me. It doesnt mean that you dont still have to work through all the emotional changes that have been there-its a way to bring attention to something that is apparently been going on and so taboo that makes you feel incomplete, small, and @ a loss! I find it funny when I gave all my info to TMZ-Harvey Levin in beinng a first hand testimonial of repressed and regressed memory with info and examples I never even got a response back-seems that the team there only wanted to be one sided and that makes great tv and makes great contraversial drama! If ida known back then that there coulda been some form a recourse to make the perp pay for his damage left behind to me and so many-I damn sure woulda!

495 days ago


Money money money money money - all about the money.

495 days ago


Michael Jackson is no different then jerry sandusky. When will people realize his heinous crimes against children...

495 days ago

jackson insider    

oh wade your such a bad liar i know you personly for 23 years and you arelying if u need so easy money work for it work your ass i also know mike he's my beloved uncle michael was never alone with you in a room never i was there all my life i was with mike anywhere he was now u gonna say i molested you right right to bad im younger than u right and im a girl mike never ever touch a soul to all of you haters u dont know mike u never did so get back to your own little crazy world losers wade im more than rady to kill your world in court bring it out ok let see who wins ok

495 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

All for the mighty dollar....**** you Wade Sell Out!!!

495 days ago


Hmm, if this happened way back when MJ was alive, why not come out back THEN?

Michael can't defend himself now. That's the only reason why this is suddenly coming out.

495 days ago


How on earth can Wade prove this ? Since MJ is not here and they were the only ones in the room, he would need MJ to admit what happened. Nobody else will be credible no matter who says what. The case closed in 2005 and so be it. Why spend money on a court case ? Instead he should pay a professional for getting out of his trauma if it's true what he is saying.

495 days ago


Why is he suing MJ production companies if he "covered it up" in the first trial and never accused MJ before of any wrong doing. How is it their fault?

495 days ago


You slanderers, maybe be you should consult the archives of the FBI released since on these cases before issuing arguments invented in your little brain a cooked-up story. The FBI has certainly recognized the obvious innocence of michael. But you, brainless, stupid, hateful and probably more pedophile than Michael, you have the front to insult a dead man which you're one of the murderers. Is AEG have also hired you as Robson? Il does not seem curious that when a trial takes place between the Jackson family and aeg, it suddenly appears a venal scoundrel (and close to aeg) accusing michael were BILLIONS of dollars are at stake ! I think the real potential pedophiles are those who think otherwise, who fear that a pure and platonic love can exist as. You killed a man, a good man by your stupidity.

495 days ago


This is crazy who sues a died guy I mean come on idk really care rather he was molested or not by MJ I think wade should have. Just let this trip down memory lane go u went on stand in said he didn't touch u now that he is died u wanna bring his memories to the media god he has no respect for the died or Jackson kids I mean really wade get over yourself again another fame whore

495 days ago


He should go on Dr. Phil's show.

495 days ago


Ok, I going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is telling the truth this time around. Fundamentally its going to come down to his credibility and he has none. He stated under oath on more than one occasion that abused never occurred and he never saw MJ abused anyone. Either he lied then or he’s lying now either way he lied. If he lied then he committed perjury during the molestation trial. His unfortunate problem is he is not a credible witness whether he’s telling the truth now or not. If he's claims repressed memories the research on False memory syndrome (FMS) is very strong see Kern County child-abuse cases.

495 days ago
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