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Debbie Rowe

Wade Robson's a

Publicity-Seeking Opportunist

5/16/2013 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051613_debbie_rowe_audio_launch_v2Debbie Rowe doesn't believe for one minute that her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, molested Wade Robson, telling TMZ the latest accuser will not blemish the memory of MJ.

Rowe -- reacting to Robson's appearance on "Today" and the 2 legal claims he's filed in court, tells TMZ:

"I was angered that Wade Robson reversed his sworn testimony from court in 2005, and now claims to be a victim of sexual abuse."

Rowe goes on ... "His publicity-seeking attempt is opportunistic and just oozes falseness."

Robson claims Jackson molested him for 7 years -- between the ages of 7 and 14, although he squarely denied it when he took the stand as Jackson's star witness in the 2005 molestation trial.

Rowe tells us, "It will be quickly forgotten, and will do nothing, nothing to tarnish Michael's extraordinary legacy."


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Says the woman who sold her kids to a pedo.

470 days ago


Harvey, Are you off all people advocating Reese become a closet drinker? Quit being so judgmental.

470 days ago


Instead of playing this game, this woman should come forward with the truth she knows about Klein. She knows exactly what was going on in that office. She should come forward and help nail Klein too.

470 days ago


All the Jack assJacksons are Liars

470 days ago


Protect the money train Pedo at all costs. $$$ Michael was 1 sick dude.

470 days ago

mj fan forever    

For once this woman is saying the TRUTH!!!! Everybody knows that that disgusting LIAR PEDO-MONSTER is seeking money by spreading his disgusting LIES. He is NOT going to get Michael Jackson's money as would want to. As well as NO way that despicable without any moral guy could ever damage Michael Jackson's legacy and name, who is going to be forever loved and never forgotten by billions around the world, at the opposite of the riffraff like him who indeed is destined to end into the obscurity. Another who spoke the SOLE TRUTH about Michael Jackson!!!

470 days ago

Mel harrison    

All of these people are weird.

470 days ago


I've been to MJJ's ranch and I didn't see or hear anything of the sort... from MJJ. However, the people he associated with were a different story. Gay guy Mark Schaffel or whatever, he was there, and he brought MJJ's doctor (gay) and four other guys (gay). Naked by the poolside, humping horseback riding, lol, etc. Anyway, it was around the time that Crocodile Dundee in LA came out (I remember the projectionist wanted to see it and coaxed me into saying I wanted to see it, too, lol.) Oh, wait, I'm gay, too--oops. A gay writer, imagine that. Anyway, my point is, MJJ hired me, hired Mark, hired the doctor... and we're all... you get the picture.

470 days ago


Wad is just pissed that he didn't get the Cirque gig. The dude is down on his luck and desperate for cash no matter that his lawyer claims otherwise.

Desperate people do desperate things.

All I can do is LoL.......

470 days ago

Shawna Metakiwch    

Man are you people blinded by his white(MJ) or what? I wouldn't doubt that many were molested by Micheal. A child doesn't know how to deal with this disgusting thing. It messes you up. My child was molested when she was in kindergarden by a family member. She didn't tell me until she was 15. That family member was a decent, kind, generous, loving person with morals. Would have never thought that he could do something so vile. She didn't want to hurt that family member by telling. I love MJ music & he had a kind soul, but he was eff up in the head. Sad. If Wade wins, he should donate the $ to an org that helps children & prevention of pedophilia. I kinda wonder about Alfonso Riberia & Makauly Kalkan now. hmm

470 days ago


well..., she is absolutely right.

Nobody will believe him.

He CAN NOT prove his claims, but the court and all the lawyers like Thomas Mesereau will prove his lies and convict him as a perjurer and liar, and its a crime!

Wade, you should get prepared yourself for serving a few years in PRISON, your wife and your two sons will lost the perjury father and the BIG liar.

Oh..., in prison... you will recollect the memories how it was like in 1987-1994, but in reality.

470 days ago


Jordan Chandler's stepfather Dave Schwartz recorded a telephone
conversation that took place between him and Evan Chandler. On the tape,
Chandler said:
"I had good communication with Michael. We were friends. I like him
and I respect him and everything else for what he is. There was no
reason why he had to stop calling me. I sat in the room one day and
talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole
relationship. I've been rehearsed about what to say and not to say."
"[Jackson] broke up the family. [Jordan] has been seduced by this guy's power and money."
"I am prepared to move against Michael Jackson. It's already set.
There are other people involved that are waiting for my phone call that
are in certain positions. I've paid them to do it. Everything's going
according to a certain plan that isn't just mine. Once I make that phone
call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious,
nasty, cruel way that he can do it. And I've given him full authority to
do that."
"And if I go through with this, I win big-time. There's no way I
lose. I've checked that inside out. I will get everything I want, and
they will be destroyed forever. June will lose [custody of the son] and
Michael's career will be over."
"[Jordan's welfare is] irrelevant to me. It's going to be bigger than
all of us put together. The whole thing is going to crash down on
everybody and destroy everybody in sight. It will be a massacre if I
don't get what I want."
"This attorney I found, I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could
find. All he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he
can, as big as he can, and humiliate as many people as he can. He's
nasty, he's mean, he's very smart, and he's hungry for the publicity."

470 days ago


Saying Micahel Jackson isn't a child molester is like saying John Travolta isn't gay and has never had sex with another man. It's complete bull and fabrication.

People in denial and not wanting to except the truth. Celebs using PR teams and spinning the truth to make the public believe something else.

470 days ago


I actually adore MJ, & feel he was one of the greatest artist during his time. Do I feel MJ isguilty? Sure! Do I feel Mr. Robson had a duty to be forward/honest in 2005? Of course. Why didn't he? Well, I'm sure for many reasons, yet it doesn't excuse why he didn't.And for those saying he's broke & or desperate for money, I seriously doubt it & if that is the case; he only has to answer to God & when time comes he definitely will. There's no escaping that.

470 days ago


I ain't real big on talking about what people will, or will not do. But if Jackson molested Robson why didn't he step up and say something years ago? The issue of child molestation is no joke and should not be used as one. These cases are very difficult to begin with. It just pisses me off when somebody uses this very sensitive issue for monetary gain. Its crap like this that make legitimate cases that much harder to prove. If this man is lying he is the lowest form of s***. The allegation of child molestation must be taken seriously.

470 days ago
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