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Debbie Rowe

Wade Robson's a

Publicity-Seeking Opportunist

5/16/2013 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051613_debbie_rowe_audio_launch_v2Debbie Rowe doesn't believe for one minute that her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, molested Wade Robson, telling TMZ the latest accuser will not blemish the memory of MJ.

Rowe -- reacting to Robson's appearance on "Today" and the 2 legal claims he's filed in court, tells TMZ:

"I was angered that Wade Robson reversed his sworn testimony from court in 2005, and now claims to be a victim of sexual abuse."

Rowe goes on ... "His publicity-seeking attempt is opportunistic and just oozes falseness."

Robson claims Jackson molested him for 7 years -- between the ages of 7 and 14, although he squarely denied it when he took the stand as Jackson's star witness in the 2005 molestation trial.

Rowe tells us, "It will be quickly forgotten, and will do nothing, nothing to tarnish Michael's extraordinary legacy."


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she does know she is debbie rowe.....she does doesnt she...someone should really tell her

340 days ago


Yeah, 'cause she's not crazier than a bag of cats. <sarcasm off&rt;

340 days ago


Wow. As much as DR hates the media/paparazzi, she would of been the last person I would expect to talk to them. I guess now that she's once again become a part of her daughter's life, she's decided to come to MJ's defense. Momma is scoring points with PJ & the Jackson family.

340 days ago


Wad claims the abuse started when he was 7 and that he spent tons of time at the Neverland Ranch. Problem with this? He was in a dance troop and toured and did as many as 14 shows a week until he was 9...and then left Australia. So I guess MJ had a Neverland Ranch in the land down under?

340 days ago


People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Debbie Rowe! You sold your children.

339 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Robson sounds pretty legitimate in his interviews... and Debbie Rowe has a $17M incentive not to believe that she sold her two children to a pedophile.

339 days ago


And your woo ugly

339 days ago


she has been a very private person, not matter what people said about her she never said anything to defend herself, never gave comment. i think she spoke out because paris asked her to and she doesnt want kids hurt by these aligations.

339 days ago


This woman has no idea what went on behind closed doors. She has no right to outright accuse Robson of lying about being sexually abused. It is very difficult for sexual abuse survivors to come forward--look at how long Sandusky got away with it (over 30 years!). This woman, this cow who sold her children to MJ and let him write her out of their lives, should be ashamed of herself.

339 days ago

the truwth    

Surely the only reason Debbie Rowe was a private person was because she had to get permission from Michael Jackson to speak to the media?

Wasn't it claimed in legal papers that when Debbie appeared on TV talking about horses Michael immediately cut off her money and she threatened a partenity or custody suit if Michael didn't reinstate the payments?

Marc Shaffel said Debbie had to have Michael's permission to be interviewed by him for the rebuttal video.

339 days ago


Go Debbie!!!

This guy is only looking for $$$$$$$$$$

Michael, Rest In Peace! We LOVE You!!!!!

339 days ago

the truwth    

The more I read about Michael Jackson and those he chose to have around him the more sordid it looks.

In the AEG case evidence has come forth she was around Michael Jackson during the period he was said to have been addicted to Demerol.

She acts as mother to a man who sleeps with young children, who said he craved for a child so much he walked around with a doll.

A man who was 'shocked' to learn F Marc Schaffel made gay porn videos, featuring young men but kept him on the payroll and got Schaffel to produce the rebuttal video.

Schaffel who later in a court case against Michael Jackson was described thus... "To say that Schaffel is an unsavory character is an understatement. He is a professional swindler and pornographer with a long history of dishonest, immoral and manipulative behavior."

Yet Debbie Rowe chose to continue to be a close friend and travelling companion of Schaffel.

Debbie is a fine one to talk about 'opportunists' she's regularly seen with one and at the first opportunity when the money stopped she filed an action against Michael Jackson.

339 days ago


Ok, Wade never forgot one moment of what was happening to him, but he just realized over a year ago that he was sexually abused! (At the age of 29)
Let me get this straight - he did not realize or understand this was sexual abuse when he was questioned about it at the 2005 trial in May when he was 22 years old. He even swore under oath that nothing sexual or untoward had ever happened and remained unwavering, confident and strong in his testimony even during a tough cross-examination.
He also remembered that Michael called him almost every day in 1993, and the role-playing they did over the phone in order to conceal the fact that something untoward was happening. This is said to have happened DURING the time the alleged molestation went on (Wade was 11).
Now remember, Wade did and interview just at that time in 1993 denying that he ever had been abused. Did he not realize at this time that the allegation he was questioned about WAS exactly the sexual abuse that he claims to be a victim of? Did he not say to himself: "Oh ... I now understand that what I am being currently subjected to is sexual abuse!?"
And what happened after that? Did he later on completely forget about that insight just to regain it again at the age of 29?
Are we to believe that he did not recall and reflect on his memories of what happened to him as a child when he was asked about this over and over again through the years in various interviews? That he remembered the "scenario" but came to the conclusion - "It was not sexual abuse?"
Does he want us to believe that he did remember what had happened all along and thought - "oh, but it was not abuse" and now suddenly (a year ago) realizes that it was???
That if something unsavory and ugly had really happened -and he remembered it - that it would not shine through somehow (even subconsciously) when he talked about Michael??

Please ... enough of this!!

339 days ago


And also - Would Michael and TM bring him in as their first (and strongest) defence witness if Wade had been subject to molestation for 7 years??!

(Or maybe Michael just suffered from repressed memory? ,-)

339 days ago



339 days ago
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