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MJ's Lawyer

Wade Robson is a

Money-Grubbing Liar

5/16/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who repped Michael Jackson in the 2005 molestation case is scoffing at Wade Robson's interview on "Today," telling TMZ, "This is a pathetic and an obvious grab for publicity and an attempt to put pressure on the [Michael Jackson] Estate to pay him money."

Tom Mesereau tells us Robson is flat-out lying when he says this is not about money, saying, "Why call yourself a creditor if it's not about money."  TMZ broke the story ... Robson has filed a belated creditor's claim with the MJ Estate.

Mesereau says Robson was grilled by the prosecutor in the 2005 criminal case and was unwavering.  He says it's simply unbelievable that the truth didn't surface when Robson was on the stand.  Mesereau says Robson is an intelligent guy who has volunteered statements in and out of court, defending Michael. 

As for the money ... Mesereau tells us, "Everyone knows this Estate is well over a billion dollars and growing." 

For the record, it's not at a billion bucks yet, but the Estate has made hundreds of millions of dollars and it will probably hit the billion dollar mark.



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Nothing to add to that.

527 days ago


OMG.... I actually agree with a lawyer!!!

527 days ago


Only wade,Michael and God know the truth.. But let's be honest The Jackson family is not all there.

527 days ago


I think this attorney needs a new hair conditioner.

527 days ago

Nolan Ross    

Correct, somebody (Wade) needs to get a job and have an honest living.

527 days ago


MJ attorneys and family are in denial about Michael being a pedophile. He was and they just don't want to admit it. Michael had power over the boys and money too.

527 days ago


Most likely true. I'm sure he is money grubbing after all he didn't have the fortitude to come forward when micheal was alive no was he....but I would be surprised if he wasn't one of the many young boys molested by michael. Point is he's looking for a payday....he should look to his mom and dad for that..they rented him to micheal I'll bet for some compensation...and by the way how is it that a money grubbing lawyer can call someone a liar....are not lawyers paid to lie for a living????

527 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i wonder if he can state specific times, dates and locations where this sexual engagement took place. maybe even in a bestselling book? hey, i'm the last person to deny a victim of sexual abuse closure or comfort of justice, but this guy here is just a little too slippery for my senses. just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiill bit tooo slippery...

527 days ago



527 days ago


It's all a game of he said/he said right now. I'll wait for the court case and see all the evidence that is brought out. I find it strange that Robson is choosing to go on the talk show circuit to talk about this alleged abuse instead of staying quiet until he has his day. I find is suspicious that he's out there looking for a conviction in the courts of public opinion. Anyone looking to play the victim card and drum up support isn't right in the head. If he's looking for justice and some closure he'd be going about this the right way, win his case, then go and speak publicly about it.

527 days ago


"Probably hit the billion dollar mark" TMZ?

527 days ago


Tom Mesereau calling someone a money grubbing liar !! haha

527 days ago


Of course Tom is going to continue to defend MJ, what defense doesn't. all ou have to do is look at Johnny Cochran and the OJ simpson case. Everybody knows that Oj killed those people, including Johnny. Its just bad business to speak on it even though they may believe differently.

527 days ago


Wade doesn't look like he lying. He looks like he was on the brink of crying. looks like he was getting emotional to me but he kept his composure. This is a mess.

527 days ago

mj fan forever    

THANK YOU very much Thomas Mesereau, he always speaks the TRUTH and as always is absolutely right!!! A great lawyer and man and a true friend of Michael, he stated how exactly things are, that disgusting liar is a money-grubbing also, who is not going to have a cent of Michael Jackson's money!!!!

527 days ago
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