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MJ's Lawyer

Wade Robson is a

Money-Grubbing Liar

5/16/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who repped Michael Jackson in the 2005 molestation case is scoffing at Wade Robson's interview on "Today," telling TMZ, "This is a pathetic and an obvious grab for publicity and an attempt to put pressure on the [Michael Jackson] Estate to pay him money."

Tom Mesereau tells us Robson is flat-out lying when he says this is not about money, saying, "Why call yourself a creditor if it's not about money."  TMZ broke the story ... Robson has filed a belated creditor's claim with the MJ Estate.

Mesereau says Robson was grilled by the prosecutor in the 2005 criminal case and was unwavering.  He says it's simply unbelievable that the truth didn't surface when Robson was on the stand.  Mesereau says Robson is an intelligent guy who has volunteered statements in and out of court, defending Michael. 

As for the money ... Mesereau tells us, "Everyone knows this Estate is well over a billion dollars and growing." 

For the record, it's not at a billion bucks yet, but the Estate has made hundreds of millions of dollars and it will probably hit the billion dollar mark.



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So when Mesereau said everybody knows the estate is worth over a billion dollars, he was lying, right? What else is he lying about?

527 days ago


Probably got paid by MJ to lie on the stand in the first trial. That being said, his parents should be arrested for pimping him out.

527 days ago


Tom Mesereau is. mob lawyer, so of course he's gonna defend a pedophile like Michael Jackson. Mesereau is as close to Satan as you're gonna see in real life and one of the reasons Wade had to move his family for their protection.

527 days ago


Arguably, the big lesson in all of this:

"Mentally-ill-people do not know that they're mentally-ill..."

"Capable of making OTHERS mentally-ill."

"Refusing the stigma associated with acknowledgement/acceptance/treatment?"

...An ill person with a LOT of money - can make a lot of others ill...

(ill dependants reason that the person w/money MUST be well, must have their own welfare upper-most)

My prayer for Michael's kids? - for all of the Jackson's? - is that they now seek/embrace wellness...

-Bring therapists into the mix with whatever the MJ Estate provides -

-and as appropriate gratitude/respect to MJ.

If the money's mis-used/wasted, then there's no point to any or all of this.

Create a board of psychiatrists/psychologists, UCLA/NPI-trained doctors to study - create a treatment plan.

Let THEM decide who's well/not well.

Who's sincere/not sincere.

One way to prove sincerity?

Show up ON-time for regularly-scheduled therapy appointments going on 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 years -

-Put up or shut up.

...They say the Jews only DO things when they're paid.

Belittling and reducing that Race/People.

Not true - many are GREAT psychiatrists - THEY pointed the way for me -

So it's truer-to-say that the Jews will do something only when SHOWN.

SHOW them, SHOW people-in-general you're sincere?

The World will open to you - Word.

Not good writing on this one - a bit of a ramble - but the RIGHT person will read this ...

The one this is MEANT for ...

527 days ago


Wade is not lying.. i 100% believe him. Its a shame that lawyers will lie for the right price. Sickening!!

527 days ago


pot meet he kettle.

527 days ago


I think Wacko molested him. He's just Wacko's type. But I think he should have come out about it then and not wait until he needs the money.

527 days ago


unlike a money grubbing lawyer who never ever lies right?
Pot this is the kettle

527 days ago


I agree with the lawyer on this!

527 days ago


I believe he is a money grubbing liar too!

527 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lotion? rubson..? it rubs the lotion on the skin, so that it gets the hose again? ... this dude's a creep. i'm SURE.

527 days ago


Tom Mesereau calling someone a greedy liar. That's rich!

527 days ago

get real    

History will not be kind to you Mr. Mesereau. Your best plan at this point would be to lay low.

527 days ago


Mesereau has perfectly described the situation and Wade Robson.

527 days ago


An MJ lawyer defedning MJ?!! SHOCKER!! Michael has had 5 accusers now, including Jimmy Safechuck. Now I know a lot of MJ fans are swarming MJ related articles and commenting like rabid wolves, but the majority of people believe Wade thankfully after having looked at many other articles.

527 days ago
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