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Aretha to Kim K

Babies Belong at Home


5/17/2013 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051713_aretha_franklin_launchKim Kardashian should think twice about taking her newborn baby on tour with Kanye West ... so says Aretha Franklin

Aretha was out in NYC today when we told her about Kim's plans to join Kanye on his upcoming tour in October ... newborn baby and all ... and Aretha had some stern words of warning for the pregnant reality star.

Worth noting ... Aretha looked great and sounded fantastic (she even sung a few notes for us), which is notable since she just canceled two shows scheduled for next week due to unspecified "health issues."

Take care, TCB.


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The fat whore will do whatever she thinks will get her the most press. She couldn't care less about the kid.

491 days ago


Shocked how nice she is in this video. She is usually not this nice.

491 days ago


Aretha.. RESPECT.. or as she sings it. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Aretha gets it.

491 days ago


She's totally correct. So what that Kim has requested cribs and sound proof rooms and what not? The baby needs stability. Does it mean NOTHING to her for her child to have a sense of HOME and familiarity with his/her surroundings? A routine? Anything? That chick is TOTALLY clueless. Does she REALLY think that Kanye wants to have his infant and girlfriend just hanging out before and after shows? Living in hotels and tour buses? No... she is just doing this so she can keep tabs on him and use the baby as a reminder to not stray... smh. Stupid woman... Go Aretha for sayin' it how you mean it! Same goes for Bey - she needs to keep the babies OFF the road. It's no place for a child of any age, especially babies.

491 days ago


Now that's a respectable woman...Kim k get some class and take notes..dumb attention whore

491 days ago


Baby belongs at home. travel is risky. No travel until the baby is a few years old.

491 days ago


Spoken like a Boss...and she is.That's an ICON right there.

491 days ago


Seriously, did you really expect KK to be a good mother?

491 days ago


I think Aretha needs to worry about Aretha's own health and whatever is keeping her from meeting her own concert obligations. Kanye is clearly planning to meet his. There are newborns who don't come home to as luxurious a home as his tour bus probably is. I'm sure a nanny will be traveling with them as well to assist, and possibly even a nurse or pediatrician. As long as the environment is smoke-free and not otherwise unhealthy for the baby, it's best to keep the baby with both its mother and father. Since school attendance is not an issue, which it will be later, I see no harm. Further, I imagine their own private bus will not include the band members, who probably have a separate bus. I like Aretha, but she needs to mind her own business and focus on herself.

491 days ago


I loooove Aretha so much. She's responsible for my most precious best childhood music memories, continuing into adulthood!!

491 days ago


If she cared about her child, she would NOT GO ON TOUR!!! It's all about the parents...

491 days ago


Ok... So you've got, in front of you, a true legend. She's in good spirits and answers your questions graciously. And what do you do? You ask her about two of the most disgusting people walking this earth, of course! How stupid is that?!

491 days ago


Say what you want about the two of them, but it's horrible when one woman tells another how to be a good mother. Kim needs to do what's best for her and her baby and if that's keeping them together as a family then that's HER decision. It's not like Kim is taking the baby on her tour while she performs, it's her husbands tour. People need to keep their parental advice to themselves sometimes, it's annoying.

491 days ago


i love aretha, she has that voice and no body messes with her. she wore a fur coat back when people were throwing paint on coats people were wearing, screaming at the people. they never bothered her and she wore what she wanted. she and her voice are one of a kind, cant be topped.

491 days ago


As much as I hate KK, I have to say this: my aunt was married to military man. She followed him all around the globe, trotting my cousins with her. They lived in Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and in many different states in the USA. All to remain together as a family. Today my cousins are the most well-rounded, successful, intelligent human beings I know. Kids need to be were their parents are. The problem with Kimye is not the tour bus. It's that they are both idiots and that poor baby does not stand a chance.

491 days ago
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