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'Modern Family' Star

My Mother Is DEAD to Me

5/17/2013 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0517-tmz-ariel-winter"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is throwing DISS after DISS at her birth mom ... making it clear, she wants NOTHING to do with her biological life-giver ever again.

As you know, 15-year-old Ariel has been at war with Chrystal Workman for the past year -- and even got a judge to strip her mother of custody in 2012 after claiming she was subjected to emotional abuse.

Now, Ariel is pouring salt in the wound -- by making public statements in which she makes it clear, her mother is dead to her ... and her older sister Shanelle has filled the emotional void.

When asked about her family yesterday, Winter told, "My sister is the most amazing woman I've ever met in my life. If I could be half the woman she is ... she's kind of who I want to be like."

Did you catch the thinly veiled dig at her mom? If not, check out what she Instagrammed on Mother's Day:

"Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mister, Shanelle Gray. I know everyone is going to ask what a mister is, so I'll explain. It means mom/sister to me."

She continued, "She's my best friend ... She's also the most incredible mother. I am so blessed and lucky to have her."

Translation -- Ariel's over Chrystal ... and from what we're told, she has good reason. How's THAT for a modern family?



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BB not bb    

This girl is growing dead inside it seems. What did her mother do so bad? She tried to make the girl watch her weight? She was rude and ill mannered? She is still half of what her daughters are.

She should really show some respect for her mother. She may think her sister is so great, but her sister is a smaller version of the mother in a way. You take after your parents whether you like them or not.

I don't watch this TV show but maybe it is making her think that she can improve on what a real family is. You only ever get one real family in life. You shouldn't just throw it away without a care.

525 days ago


Well, one day her mom will be gone. Then she'll find out if she regrets her whining. Right now, she sounds like another child star, thinking she's a bigger deal than she is, and soon to be on the path toward being a has been. Have fun, girl, thinking you're all that. You're not, and a mother as a best friend is the last thing you need at 15.

525 days ago


Boom goes the dynamite

525 days ago


What a spoilt little bitch! She should listen to what her Mother has to say

525 days ago

BB not bb    

You really shouldn't call anyone mom but your real mom. You only ever really have one. That is a special status. You may not want to identify with her, but that is half of what made you who you are in a way. You can't take that away from the mother, no matter how you feel about her.

I think Ariel can't face having a woman who she is ashamed of in charge of her. She wants to judge her mother and make improvements. She really isn't in a position to do that. If her mom is doing something wrong, address that issue, but don't just write her off.

I think people on the set of her show didn't want her mom around because she was too overbearing. Maybe they turned Ariel's head away from her. People used to criticize Brooke Shield's mother for always being around and controlling her daughter's career. When you look at Brooke Shield's today, she is someone who seems like she avoided the trouble a lot of other stars found themselves in.

I think the bond of affection between mother and daughter has been broken. They should work on that maybe. Parents need to be strict, but not so overbearing that the kids can't take it. It is too bad that the father walked out instead of staying around to help supervise these kids and support their mother.

525 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't see any signs of abuse in this girl. She claims emotional abuse, but she seems emotionally healthy. People who were abused show scars. You can tell that they didn't have a normal life. I think she is really just sick of her mom and thinks she is going to show her up by leaving.

A lot of kids claim abuse nowadays where there is none. Now the parents are being abused instead. This must be causing the mother a lot of emotional pain. There is only so much a mother can do though. She can't really change the person she is.

Your sister can't be your mother. I think that is bizarre. Both these girls seem like they are trying to compete with their mother. Maybe they should just accept what the mother has to give and stop trying to act like they know better.

525 days ago


How sad...we all have only one MOM...good or bad.. That is an ill advised comment from a not yet fully baked kid. She needs to shut up and grow up.

525 days ago

BB not bb    

You see a lot of kids with this attitude like they know better than everyone else. It is creepy and scary. I've seen emotionally abusive parents and I know how they are. This mom hasn't shown any of those tendencies. I think she was trying hard to be a good mom and manage her kid's career at the same time.

Someone who was emotionally abused usually ends up being emotionally disturbed. They are not like, ha ha ha, look at me, now I am calling the shots. They are usually withdrawn and timid and miserable.

Yeah parents can be cruel but that does not mean that they are being abusive. It could mean that they are just trying really hard because they really care.

If some people knew what abuse was really like, they wouldn't be able to face it. That is why some kids can't even realize what happened until years later. The wrong people get called abusers and the wrong people get ignored when they need help.

I think she is a legalized runaway. If you really have abusive parents, it pretty much destroys you, not just makes you mad and wish you had better.

525 days ago

Meme Jones    

More words of wisdom from bb. Tosser!!!. Wally Balls you should br drawn and quartered!

525 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Anyone want to make bets? I guarantee after The show is done she'll be broke crawling and crying back for her mother my child will never do this sh!t with me parents are getting soft if your mom told you to do something 15 20 years ago you did that but now these kids think they run the show lets just say my kids a$$ will be black and blue she/he ever tries this tough love is the best love you'll all realize that later in life

525 days ago


Grow up kid

524 days ago


What an ugly little mouth, full of ugly little teeth. One day she will look just like that mother she hates so much.

524 days ago


God forgive this her

524 days ago


Just because someone calls themselves a parent doesn't make it so..

524 days ago


I'm against any parent that exploits their child for money. Whatever the reasons, child services felt the allegations were serious enough to remove Ariel from her mother's care immediately. They wouldn't do that if this was just a spat between a teenage daughter and her mother. If Ariel is thriving with her sister and has an unhealthy relationship with her mother then she should just stay with her sister. I don't like and trust her mother. She's been caught in so many lies and doing too many things as is. Notice how that 18 year old boy was never charged with a crime? Notice how she was caught straight up lying about releasing nude photos of Shanelle that weren't even that offensive? Mommy got caught lying multiple times. Yeah, I don't like or trust this so called "mom" she's a show mom who forced her daughter to live the life she never could because it would require her fat @$$ getting off the couch.

524 days ago
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