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Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

AIDS Is Crippling

Eazy-E's Legacy

5/17/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eazy-E doesn’t get the hip-hop cred he's due because he died of AIDS -- so say members of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

“Some people seem like they are afraid to commemorate him due to how he died,” Bizzy Bone tells TMZ. “But Bone never once has -- nor will stop -- commemorating him.”

Eazy -- a founding member of N.W.A who discovered and mentored Bone Thugs -- died in 1995 at age 31. He left behind 7 kids with 6 different women.

But the guys from BT&H don't believe Eazy is getting the posthumous respect he deserves because of various stigmas attached to people who contract AIDS.

This sounds like a throwback to the dark ages ... the 1980s -- when people scoffed at the poor souls who died of AIDS because it was considered a "gay disease" ... and the guys from Bone Thugs are implying that Eazy is being unfairly painted with that brush.

In fact, Krayzie Bone tells us he thinks some people in the hip-hop community believe an AIDS death is an inferior, or less-manly way to die than say ... a shooting death -- like Biggie Smalls and Tupac.

"They died being known as gangsta heroes," Krayzie says ... "Eazy died from a disease ... so many look at that differently."

Flesh-n-Bone tells TMZ … the group plans to honor Eazy by performing “Foe Tha Love of $” with Eazy's hologram at the “Rock the Bells” festival in September and October.

“The success Eazy left to the rap game is enormous and can't be topped by anyone," Layzie Bone told TMZ. "We are going to make sure we have the stage full of Eazy love."


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Or maybe it was because of whatever he was doing that made Ice Cube and Dr. Dre basically, call him out as a traitor, a sellout, a bitch, and a punk. And listen, I liked Easy E, he had bitches galore, you may have alot of bitches, but he had much more.

526 days ago


Cleveland rocks

526 days ago



526 days ago


His legacy was ruined cause he just didn't have enough great chart topping material the fact he died of aids means nothing

526 days ago


All the people hatin on Eazy here don't know nothing about the dude. He grew up dirt poor and from $10k he was able to build an enterprise worth $70 million at his death. He was the first to own his own independent label when other artists were getting screwed. He paved the way for owners like Puffy and Jay Z. He was not a bragger like them and would donate his time and money to charities like Make a Wish. That is why he was invited to the White House for a dinner event with George Bush Sr. He gave hope to the inner youth to make it out the hood but, when he got big, he still never forget his roots still living in Compton and associating with his homies from Kelly Park and Nutty Blocc. He had all the Real Gz down with him so for the Suge punking him thing that is bull****. Eazy still lived in Compton and walked around with all love. He didn't move away like Dre and Cube even though he was worth so much money at the time. If he screwed Dre and Cube so bad then why do they still memorialize him i.e. like Dre just did for the I need a Doctor video? I see Suge around all the time now and he is just another drug addict who lost it all.

His mom Katherine Wright, although she did not like the music, was proud of her son and still when I see her is very sad about his death almost 20 years ago. Same with his uncle Willie Johnson they still miss him.

RIPE 11523

526 days ago


He isn't recognized because he didn't write his on lyrics!

526 days ago


Gee, I wonder if perhaps they didn't respect him because he had 7 kids with 6 women. Bet he didn't marry even one of them, and I would be interested in how much support they got. What is WRONG with these guys? Never heard of protection? Obviously HE didn't use it with all those kids and Aids to boot.

526 days ago

Nun ja biz    

Ok so he had AIDS and died. What legacy do they want? He was a drug dealing thug. Look at him. I'm sorry he passed so young. Perhaps his former band mates can use that as a legacy to educate younger people going down the same path?

526 days ago

Buck Boy    

I would like to point out the AIDS Phobia in this article. That the primary concern is that their fear
is he might be associate with a "gay disease". It is so disrespectful and demeaning as if the gays who died of AIDS or somehow less important and insignificant.
The reason this is so appalling is that I was a member of ACT UP who was in LA yelling and screaming for medication (that would have helped Mr. E). At t he same time, the rumor that Hollywood Lawyer/Spokesmodel was having multiple sex with every Hooker/Massage Therapist in town and NEVER gave a minute or a dime to help fight this disease.
Just another example of the Homophobia that exist in the Rap & Jewish community.

526 days ago


Whatever.... Freddie Mercury died of AIDS and yet is still being lable as one of the greatest. Eazy sold out his own group for a bigger pay cut when Ice Cube and Dre were the ones making the music. smh and BT&H has a problem with that? Sorry to burst your bubbles but he was a sell out.

526 days ago


7 kids with 6 different women. 31 years old. Died of AIDS. Not someone deserving hero status.

526 days ago


I wonder of all the babies and moms were tested,. In the rap world they do need to talk about using protection and not sleeping with whores. Change it up.

526 days ago


Eazy was doing alot of rawdawgin'

526 days ago


I think it is a damn shame that this young, talented man that died too young from a horrible disease was and still is treated this way. And who the hell cares IF he was gay? He DIED! And if he was really your friend, it shouldn't matter gay or not. How he contracted it is irrelevant! The fact that he died IS!

526 days ago


This article just proves how ignorant our society is. So, because Easy E died of AIDS he can't get any respect? That's stupid..

I'm just speculating here but if a person suffers from Cancer, AIDS, MS, it would make their music or in general..their accomplishments less than because of their disease?

People this is total ignorance at it's finest! Lack of education. I'd suggest you stop buying the records of the people who are putting out this ignorant propaganda to the masses.

Education would be of great benefit to the Rappers of the World.

Easy E was amazing in his own right..I don't believe anyone ever stopped listening to his music because he was suffering from AIDS!

Harvey? Educate your viewers please..A link to the AIDS Foundation is needed. Teach the people in your website..Instead of putting idiotic words.

What would be better is a big who cares if Easy E died of AIDS? He was God's child!!

How do these other rappers have proof positive he contracted AIDS? That would be of great importance to know..However it still doesn't lessen his accomplishments on this earth!

Peace Out! RIP Easy E...

526 days ago
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