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Kim Kardashian

I'm Taking the Baby ...


5/17/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is NOT upset that Kanye West has decided to go on tour just a few months after the birth of their child ... because TMZ has learned, she plans to go with him, baby and all.

There are reports Kim felt like Kanye was abandoning her by scheduling a tour for his new album in October -- just three months after she's expected to give birth -- but sources close to the touring company tell us, that's not true ... because Kim and the baby are coming along for the ride.

And she's not messing around either -- we're told the touring company has already been given orders to arrange for cribs and soundproof hotel rooms at every stop.

Kanye hasn't announced whether his tour will go international -- but we all know the guy has an affinity for Paris, so we're guessing he'll most likely be heading overseas.

So with the baby coming as well as a new album ... we gotta ask ...


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He's not about to let this happen.Has anyone ever seen this guy show genuine love for her.She knows he has and will continue to bed whomever he wishes.She's proven her non respect for marriage.Not one day happens in her or her families life that isn't meant to do anything but put more money in her bank account.

489 days ago


"we all know the guy has an affinity for Paris,"

Sure does. And he will continue to have it so long as his lover, Riccardo Tisci, lives there. Ricco made Kanyetta really angry by hooking up with Frank Ocean at the Met Gala, then posting pics of the two of them together. The last pic of Ocean was said to be taken in Tisci's bedroom, with Tisci taking pains to include an image in the pic that would ensure that Kanyetta KNEW he had Ocean in his bedroom.

This whole thing is a bigger scam than Beyaki's fake pregnancy. Gay Kanye wanted a baby because Gay Jay Z has one. So Kris drafted a contract, but things got messy when Ricco wanted Kanye to stay with him in Paris while Kim was "pregnant" here in the states (still the second most skeptical looking pregnancy I've seen. No real weight anywhere except stomach and fake ass -- see Jessica Simpson for REAL pregnancy comparison). Since Kanye is gay, he doesn't have a clue how to ACT like a father to be. Most REAL men spend time with and are concerned about their pregnant wives/girlfriends. The lifelong sissy even let Kim open her OWN DOOR in Paris two weeks ago, something that a REAL MAN would NEVER do when his woman was 7 mos. pregnant.

WE ALL KNOW KANYE IS GAY!!! When the baby is born, he will cart it around for publicity photos for awhile until he gets tired of it (the way all gay "fathers" do), then he will go back to the boyfriend du jour.

489 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Why are you with that black man who never smiles?

Why were you with that white man who had the IQ of Forrest Gump?

Kim?? You have the entire world to choose from - so why do you choose these losers?

489 days ago


Glad that she is thinking about the baby! Good grief.

489 days ago


How INSECURE is she that she needs to drag a baby all over the country/world, making it sleep in a different crib every night, never getting used to a routine just to keep an eye on Kanye who is clearly no interested in playing Daddy? Give it up Kim. Give. It. Up.

489 days ago


"Soundproof hotel rooms"? Babies never stayed in hotel rooms before? The band and crew are going to be in every city of the tour for 2-3 days tops, what are the hotels going to do, renovate a whole floor? For a baby? They even gonna be married?
This fatty is crazy. She just won't sit home.

489 days ago


Big question is how long will Kanye put up with KK before he sends her back home, baby & all. She's starting to be so clingy. Kanye better get ready to have major $hit fits. Clingy Kim, baby crying, photogs & KK entourage equals MAJOR Kanye $hit fit.

489 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

Please add another option to the more exciting question: Watching paint dry. Seriuosly, that sounds far more exciting than anything to do with Kanye or the horrible kardashians.

489 days ago


Crappy attempt by TMZ to make KK & KW look like warm, loving parents-to-be. Lardy, large ass would never leave her mommy. She can't pee without her!

489 days ago



489 days ago


More made up bull****. We all know she will dump that kid with a few nannies and she will be busy getting tummy tucks, lipo, boob and buttlifts. She is much too vain and selfish to be a good Mom.

489 days ago


That's no life for a baby, omg! And poor thing will be deaf by age 7 if dragged on tour. Why hasn't Kanye dumped her yet, he's obviously sick & tired of the big fat nasty shallow k-kow. lol.

489 days ago


Um, neither.

489 days ago


And be sure to put him right up on stage so he'll be deaf by the age of 5.

489 days ago


So where is Kanye's boyfriend going to sleep?

489 days ago
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