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Wade Robson

Life's a Beach

5/17/2013 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson surfaced in Hawaii with his wife and son on Friday ... sportin' an Aloha shirt and some flip flops following his "Michael Jackson molested me as a kid" media blitz. 

We broke the story ... Wade recently sold his Santa Monica condo and skipped town to live with his wife and kid in her hometown on the island. 

Wade shouldn't get too comfortable though ... he's gonna have to fly back to L.A. at some point to follow up on his claim against the Michael Jackson Estate.

In the meantime, it's 80 degrees in Hawaii right now ... with a slight chance of awesome.



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Amber S    

So sad that he's only out for money by spewing allegations against someone who obviously cannot defend himself. He's obviously doing this for the money.

524 days ago


Body language expert says he thinks he's lying (the today show interview). It will be interesting to see what his new house will look like in Hawaii because he sold his condo for almost a million ...Hawaii is mega expensive...I was watching House Hunters and a TINY one bedroom condo across the road and a bit from the beach was $500,000. IF he turns up in a big house we'll know he was paid by he wouldn't be that stupid..would he?..hmm

524 days ago


MJ is Dead. the kids are safe, all is well in the universe

Dr Murray will be a Free man soon. MJ will still be Dead. haha

524 days ago


This guy is in it for the money .... I don't believe him at all .... He said he lied the first time about being molested but how do we know he is not Lieing right now this guy is full of B.S

524 days ago


You should be a shame of yourself. Why Oh Why didn't you come out with this sooner. Mr. Michael Jackson is gone. I hope one of the Jackson family members come back and sues your butt. How dare you!!! I don't feel sorry for you at all.

524 days ago


You just want to gain some sort of public attention. Not!!!

524 days ago


- Robson filed suit against the Estate of May 1.
- Robson filed suit in civil court May 10.
- Robson files both under seal, yet keeps his own name public.
- Robson claims he had 2 nervous breakdowns last year and went through weeks, not months, of counseling.
- Amazing how calm Robson is during his interviews.
- Robson's attorney said Wade had repressed memory. Robson denies that.
- On the 'Today Show', Robson said he "never for one moment forgot what MJ did to him". Looks like Robson contradicted himself huh?
- In 2005 when Robson was 23 he testifed that he wasn't sexually abused while under the pressure of lawyers, a judge, his mother & on the witness stand while in court, yet it took the birth of his son for him to have 2 nervous breakdowns to cause his "awakening". B.S. !!!!
- Robson is not inspirational and never will be.

524 days ago

Fantastic Four    

McCauley Culkin has a book coming out July 1 where he talks about being raped by Jackson.

524 days ago

So dumb    

WTF @ tmz claiming he's "moving to Hawaii". He's lived in Hawaii for years, but sometimes works in LA.

524 days ago


MJ raped / molested himself with all that plastic surgery til his nose almost fell off and he went bald. LOL

524 days ago


Why are you following this idiot around..he's been irrelevant for some time now and your giving him just what he wants!

524 days ago


Michael is doing the moonwalk on all the hot coals in hell. burn pedo burn..

524 days ago

Mr Toad    

To borrow an expression from a long gone Massachusettes Senator this is becoming
a profile in courage. Mr Robson's demeaner
in confronting his demons and all the unglued
shrills is what grace is all about. Thank You

524 days ago


I know there are a TON of MJ fans who will flock to defend his legacy but I just happen to think that MJ was one screwed up individual. He clearly had abuse issues of his own from his own physically and verbally abusive father (maybe even sexual abuse, from someone), and was a long-time drug addict. This isn't someone who should be blindly defended. There is reason to think it's at least very POSSIBLE that MJ did these things to children. He wasn't right in the head any way you slice it. As for this young man, I can honestly believe that he had been threatened or paid off during the trial... had he made these statements during the trial - the man would dead. There are CRAZY MJ fans out there who would have literally hounded him for the rest of his life, making death threats, etc. I don't blame him one bit for having to wait this long - and after his abuser died (allegedly) - to come forward with "the truth". It happens. Some people just don't feel comfortable coming forward when their abusers are alive. It does happen. Anyway, point is, maybe it's worth seeing MJ for the nut case he was and allowing yourself to have an open mind to what could easily be true here.

524 days ago


yuck this lying gross guy makes me sick . tmz please stop giving him attention.

524 days ago
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