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Wade Robson

I Hope to Inspire OTHER Molestation Victims to Come Forward

5/17/2013 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Wade Robson says he feels LIBERATED after opening up about the alleged sex abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson on national TV ... and says he hopes he inspires other people to "speak their truth."

Robson had just landed at LAX yesterday after his big tell-all interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show -- and said he has no regrets about going public with his MJ accusations.

While Wade's story is under fire -- considering he so vehemently DEFENDED Michael during the 2005 molestation trial -- the dance choreographer says he hopes his decision to come forward will be viewed as inspirational.

"If my coming forward and speaking the truth can help, honestly, one [person] to gain courage to speak their truth and begin the healing process then that would really be more than I could ask."

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is going after the Michael Jackson Estate in court, claiming MJ sexually abused him as a child. Wade said he waited so long to take action because he didn't realize he was being abused until recently.


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He changes his story from repressed memory to not realizing her was sexually abused (after he went through a whole trial and testified). This is to deflect from professional psychological opinions and just a plain BS story "I did not know".

493 days ago


This boy's a clown. He's getting a paycheque from someone to make this (false) claim; just wonder who's paying him? "... he didn't realize he was being abused." Really? What a buffoon.

493 days ago


Shut up, Wade Robber!! We are already sick to death of you!

493 days ago


Wade Robson is a liar...Everyone knows MJ was a pedo, after all he paid off one kid and his family,,, But Wade Robson just wants's obvious,there are just too many flaws in his story

493 days ago

Lady Luck    

Hey, don't forget: this is NOT about money, as per Wade Robson. Although he has filed a creditor's claim, he expects folks to believe it's not about money. It cracks me up when they say it's not about money, while they have their hand out, asking for money. He must really think folks are stupid!

493 days ago


I've been an MJ fan for 10 years, but I do believe Wade Robson, i didn't wanted it to be true I'm disappointed :( I'm still a fan though

493 days ago


Well, what you've actually succeeded in doing is making people more skeptical of real abuse claims.

493 days ago


It seems that Wade is changing his story to fit what the public opinion of him is at the time. he is making the real victims of sexual abuse to stay quiet instead of speaking up.

493 days ago


Now he's trying to use the "inspire" card in hopes of getting a payday. The only thing he's inspiring is others to file bogus allegations for monetary gain.

493 days ago


ok i am saying this.. and i will call today if they are talking about it.. cause i can not take him saying this.. lies he is lying.. i can say that.. cause i myself had sex abuse for many years from the time i was born until i was 11 yrs old.. by more then one person.. that being said i knew it was wrong at a very early age.. i am talking like 5 yrs old i knew it was wrong and bad... so for him not to understand that is a lie.. plain and simple.. you know.. inside you know deep down.. no matter what anyone says.. and who tells a kid that its going to kill there career kids do not understand that.. so he is lying ...i think he believes it now.. but he did not have anything happen to him.. cause as a kid he would have no been able to get on that stand and take those questions ... no way he would have messed up.. he would have .. no way he could have done it.. not even actors can do that..

493 days ago


Right, he hopes to be an inspiration to all sex abuse victims. First don't say anything until your abuser dies, wait for a long time while singing the praises of said abuser, then file a creditor's claim against that dead man, cause you know, you must get paid to be an inspiration.
I'm figuring there are A LOT of abuse victims out there that are following this guy's story and every one of them must be shaking their head in disgust. A TRUE VICTIM wants justice, NOT MONEY. A TRUE VICTIM when finally able to speak publicly will do so to stop the "MONSTER" from abusing more children.
His line that he looked at his young son and realized he didn't want something like this to happen to him reeks of playing the victim card. If this man TRULY had those kinds of insticts they would've surfaced 8 years ago during the trial and he would've stuck up for any past victims (I'm saying if, I don't know one way or the other) and he would've had the desire to stop anymore. Sandusky's victims didn't speak out until they hit their twenties, and when they did, they did the right thing and had the deviant convicted and sentenced to prison. I've yet to see any of Sandusky's victims file for dollars. BTW, Wade Robson, not one of the victims of Jerry Sandusky changed their stories on multiple occassions and there situation was as horrific as you claim yours was. MEH!!!

493 days ago


Then why ask for money, Wade? If its about liberation, inspiring others, then why ask for money? Plenty of other celebs have come forward with their personal stories of child molestation, rape, etc.......and haven't asked for a dime from the person who did the crime. They did it to inspire others and liberate themselves. Don't feel as if he's being completely honest with his reasons for this revelation.

Also it seems as if he's trying to keep his hands clean by saying he never forgot, he just didn't recognize the abuse (even though throughout the trial, the accusers described theirs...he still didn't recognize similarities?) when he testified FOR MJ so he doesn't look like a liar then. And now he's again also not lying even though this completely contradicts his original denial and hes also asking for $$$. I don't think he can have it both ways, one of these times he hasn't been truthful, I just don't know which one.

493 days ago

Lady Luck    

Mr. Robson is just pissed off that he didn't get the MJ inspired Cirque du Soliel gig. He was all over the place speaking as if the gig was confirmed as being his. But alas the gig was given to Jamie King. Mr. Robson lost out on a HUGE, HUGE payday. He also lost a Britney Spears concert gig to Jamie King, but that's a whole other story.

493 days ago


He said he didn't realize he was being abuse into recently, that make. No sense at all, I'm sorry. I just don't believe him, if don't sound right then its not true

493 days ago


Or this guy is an S.O.B. or just plain unassertive!

493 days ago
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