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Wade Robson

I Hope to Inspire OTHER Molestation Victims to Come Forward

5/17/2013 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Wade Robson says he feels LIBERATED after opening up about the alleged sex abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson on national TV ... and says he hopes he inspires other people to "speak their truth."

Robson had just landed at LAX yesterday after his big tell-all interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show -- and said he has no regrets about going public with his MJ accusations.

While Wade's story is under fire -- considering he so vehemently DEFENDED Michael during the 2005 molestation trial -- the dance choreographer says he hopes his decision to come forward will be viewed as inspirational.

"If my coming forward and speaking the truth can help, honestly, one [person] to gain courage to speak their truth and begin the healing process then that would really be more than I could ask."

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is going after the Michael Jackson Estate in court, claiming MJ sexually abused him as a child. Wade said he waited so long to take action because he didn't realize he was being abused until recently.


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It's completely obvious wade was molested. I wish him the best in his recovery.

487 days ago


This dude is lying and you people are morons if you believe him. I don't care what anyone says you NEVER forget. You may try to not think about it and put it out of your mind, but trust me you never forget.

487 days ago


oh... you want a dead man to prove what?
you or any socalled victims had the evidence in 2003 and 2005 during THE trial!

How many times Michael would have to be accused of something and how many times he would have to prove his innocence? If... its still not enough for some morons...

487 days ago


Michael Jackson, Delayed Allegations and Witch Hunts
by Joe Vogel on May 17, 2013 ·


487 days ago


He vehemently defended Michael Jackson during the 2005 molestation trial because he was telling the TRUTH.
For those that say Robson committed perjury – He didn’t, because he told the truth. MJ would never have had Robson as a witness in his defence if he had anything to hide.
Defence Attorney Messereau would have never called him if there was any doubt, and there wasn’t .
Robson feels ‘liberated’ for now, because his BANK BALANCE has been liberated, no money worries now, courtesy of AEG.
This human just got liquidated by AEG for his lies. A real victim does not posture himself in front of the media like he has, his demeanor is pathetic for a so called ‘victim’.
How long has it taken him to ‘remember’ as so called ‘repression’ didn’t work?
Yet another Witch hunt, to crucify a Man who can no longer defend himself… For what??
You guessed correct, -> MONEY.

487 days ago


I believe this guy. How could anyone question if this is possible when MJ was clearly living a weird lifestyle to say the least. His family is obviously looney. He hated himself so much that he bleached his skin to become another race as well as jacked his nose up to the point of no return. He wore wigs, created a non existent dimpled chin that you must be born with to have, dressed weird and thought he was peter pan. He was married a couple of time but was obviously not attracted to anyone of the female gender. Plus he dangled "his" baby over a balcony several floors up. So, how anyone could think this is far fetched is crazy to me.

487 days ago


I believe Wade, but him asking for money ruins his credibility.

487 days ago


But only if they can make a buck off it.

487 days ago


I believe him and Mike, the guy on your Live broadcast is an idiot about this. Or is he just so bought and paid for by the Kardashians that he has not sympathy for anyone else. Child molestation is traumatic Mike. Look it up.

487 days ago


I believe him and Mike, the guy on your Live broadcast is an idiot about this. Or is he just so bought and paid for by the Kardashians that he has not sympathy for anyone else. Child molestation is traumatic Mike. Look it up.

487 days ago


Yes, MJ molested me to when I was a child. Oppppsss, since I am 69 years old , I think he molested me in my dream. For that can i get picea of his astate too?????

487 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Jordy Chandler needs to come out and right a wrong. His father started all this mess.

487 days ago


This man is dispicable.

1. How can the man not know what abuse is?
a) He was questioned by Police in 1993 and would have been asked specific quesitons related to child molestation.

b) He was on the witness stand in 2005, where he was questioned in detail and asked very specific questions.

And he still did not know at the age of 22 that it was child abuse? If it wasn't child abuse then why would they be asking him for those details?

2. If it was true. then there should be no one in this world who supports him now. IF it was true, then he did no other children any favors in his silence, nor Michael Jacksons own children.

3. If it was true, why wait 1 day after the AEG trial begins and open statements been done to file anything? Why not a month ago? 3 months ago? 6 months ago when he learnt about it? AEG stated it would get ugly and the next day, it starts getting Ugly.

I do not believe for a moment that this man was ever touched by Michael Jackson in any sexual way.

He has ridden on Michael Jacksons name for a very long time, After Michael Jackson died he spoke highly of Michael Jackson to promote himself. Publicity.

When that wore off and no one asked him anymore, he was standing on his own feet without Michael Jackson to help him further and so he has now jumped on to the sexual abuse side. He has said he is never going away about this.

He will, once the media grows bored of it he will find another way, before hand he was speaking of all the good times with Michael Jackson, but now he has a fresh new way to gain money, Media love juicy salacious stuff and now his hit the gravy train again.

This man has no morals PERIOD!

Either he is lying now for the sake of money
Lied in the 2005 on the stand under oath
and if it was true,
keeping silent for 20 years, which as a 22 year old putting future earnings before innocent children.

TMZ, Why are you only reporting on him when the AEG Vs Katherine law case is being reported?

Everytime you bring up Wade Robson, there has been something revealed about AEG in the court case, when there is nothing, you're silent about him?

This is just a big Distration.

Public opinion is important for big businesses like AEG it does not matter if they win or lose in this case, people will have their own opinions and AEG is concerned for their future profits, what artist would want to use them for their tours if the truth comes out that they were negligent? how many people will continue to buy tickets from them?

This is abnoxious. He has inspired no one, his insulting those who were REALLY molested!

487 days ago


WHY aren't you TMZ reporting on the Jackson civil case? you report EVERYTHING else about them.

Are you aligned with AEG or something? Not a single word since it started!

487 days ago


**** WADE!!!

487 days ago
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