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Slams Pregnancy Rumors

... But Doesn't Deny Them

5/18/2013 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce posted (and quickly deleted from Instagram) a harsh response to the rumors she's carrying baby #2 ... bashing the media as "low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

It's an odd response to a pregnancy rumor -- it's not like reports are saying she's hooked on drugs or splitting from hubby Jay-Z. A simple "Yes it's true" or "No it isn't" would solve the problem ... but she opted for neither.

So we gotta ask ...


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I agree with media being low life people and always being up every celebrity's ass.

467 days ago


However with that said, it's ironic and hypocritical coming from someone who so publicly announced her first pregnancy at MTV awards.

467 days ago


She wasnt pregnant the first time, her surrogate will carry this one also.

467 days ago


Bey's 'Stans' should take note - she called you low life.

467 days ago


U people are so hateful and igorant its sad and comical at the same tim! When did she ever refer to her fans as low lives???? No one knows who specifically she was talking about, and we probably never will! Actually, we don't even know if that actually came from her directly!!! Hate her music, hate the fact that she seems uneducated (which i agree with, even tho im a fan) b please use common sense!!!

467 days ago

Drew Kolar    

Pretty sure she was referring to the alleged "sources close to the couple" as the low life people... Not necessarily the media (although to be fair, celebrity gossip websites aren't exactly classy)...

467 days ago


You can't have it both ways. Beyonce is a huge media ho. I don't know why she thinks she's entitled to privacy after bombarding everyone over the head with her mediocre self. Really. If she would actually go away and stop her PR people she might be forgotten. No one really cares it was much more peaceful without her. Ughhh Go have your baby and STFU

467 days ago

Mom of Five    

Who gives a rats ass?

I'm so sick of these "celebrities". It's all "look at me, look at me" when they are promoting a new movie or CD and trying to get our money but any other time we are bothering them or as Big Bey says "we are low life's".

467 days ago


Poor, Poor Beyaki. She obviously wants all of you "low lifes" to stop talking about her. I agree. Stop talking about HER. and start talking TO Pepsico, who just signed her to a multi-million dollar endorsement deal. Pepsico is OBSESSIVE about its consumer relations. They even have a special 24/7 phone line for consumer to call with complaints about company policy etc. 1-866-729-4888 in the United States. So, GIVE THEM A CALL and tell them that you will NOT PURCHASE THEIR PRODUCT as long as they employ a spokesperson who calls THEIR CUSTOMERS LOW LIFES, Let's see how Bey likes THAT conversation.

467 days ago


You go girl . There's nothing like family love. The more the marrier your family will be. I myself am one of seven daughters, and we don't have your kind of wealth. wink...wink!

467 days ago


wow! now I really hate her, what a bitch! get out of the lime light if you hate us low lifes so much you fake freak! Wig wearing hooch! You are a STAR and people just want to know about you, get over it, and THESE so called Low LIFES pay your bills, and maid service.. if you dont want your fans to know **** get off the stage!! and go away!

467 days ago


LOL hit dogs will holler. Look at you guys assuming that you all are the low lives she is talking about. Low lives do NOT pay her bills as they are the ones constantly putting her down. Those that trash her are NOT the ones buying her concert tickets, or albums. So no, you "low lives" did not make her. Those that support her did. And LMAO at the people who think Pepsi is going to fire BEYONCE over this. No, I'm actually crying at that statement. It's moments like this to where I actually side with celebrities. You all try so hard and want them to fail so bad and it's honestly pathetic.

467 days ago


Yes, a little harsh for the ol' pregnancy rumors that every female celeb seems to get. So maybe that post was about something else, not the possible pregnancy?????

467 days ago


1st off, i must say i am NO be-yawn-ce fan. there are more then enough of those (why i don't know) out there and for some reason they get excited about her every move so if you find yourself being one of these people happy for her and talking about her "pregnancy" she pretty much just called you a low life with nothing better to do (and for once i'd have to agree)

467 days ago


The message she left is a pic message. It didn't come directly from her mouth. My sister in law posted the exact same thing on her FB page about a month or two ago.

467 days ago
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