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Slams Pregnancy Rumors

... But Doesn't Deny Them

5/18/2013 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce posted (and quickly deleted from Instagram) a harsh response to the rumors she's carrying baby #2 ... bashing the media as "low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

It's an odd response to a pregnancy rumor -- it's not like reports are saying she's hooked on drugs or splitting from hubby Jay-Z. A simple "Yes it's true" or "No it isn't" would solve the problem ... but she opted for neither.

So we gotta ask ...


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PLEASEEEE.......Like she doesn't LOVE being in the spotlight. She'd flip if no one talked about her.

531 days ago


She is an uneducated self centered child whose career is about to go down the drain soon. Rihana has hit after hit song, but we are supposed to think that Beyonce is the pop Queen...ah NO. Kelly Roland is far more talented then Beyonce is. It's like J and Bey think that they are the prom King and Queen, but they forgot we all are NOT at the same prom as they are!

531 days ago


To be perfectly frank, Beyonce "ISN'T SLAMMING HER FAN BASE"!!! She's "SLAMMING BOTTOM FEEDING" gossip mongers who start rumors hoping she'll constantly respond to them. Whether she's "PREGNANT OR NOT" really isn't the "PUBLIC'S BUSINESS"!!! She had every right to ban "PHOTOGS" from her tour because in order to "MAKE MONEY" everything is always "BLOWN WAY OUT OF PROPORTION" to sell their pictures!!! There's a whole slew of "BOTTOM FEEDERS" making "TONS OF MONEY" from "UNSOLICITED PHOTOS" and "FALSE RUMORS" that doesn't reflect positively upon the "PUBLIC PERSONA" many celebrities intentionally cultivate. Of course, none of us are "PERFECT" and the media has a tendency to "PUSH PEOPLE'S BUTTONS" WHEN THEY WOULD RATHER NOT BE SO BOTHERED!!! Even "MEDIA MOGULS" wouldn't care to be "HARASSED 24/7"!!!

531 days ago


I really have a feeling that she is going to retire after she rides this last hurrah for as much as she can get out if it. Sit on that fat arse and thighs of hers. Eat all the chicken she wants and let her husband bring in any additional money.

She doesn't have to work anymore since she will have tons of money coming in for the rest of her life. And if her hubby decided to leave her, KACHING, a whole lot more money for HER.

So like I said I think she's on her way out and she's going to go out settling scores starting with us low-lifes.

She really doesn't give a crap about the fans or the media. Too self-absorbed for that. But she will let everyone know what she wants to say. The low-lifes are just the beginning.

531 days ago


The thing I cant stand is that people buy her ridiculos priced concert tickets, incase yall dont know she take yall money and look down on her supporters , money done created a monster,now she taking about bow down bitches and low life, then again she know this will blow over and the stupid fans again will be at her feet buying those tickets, grown people should know better instead supporting some one who is not a greatful person, she will never have to work a real 9 to 5, she gets up and do what she loves some people dont have a plate of food or a roof over their head but Beyonce finds it easy to complain,next time stay the hell off instagram if you dont have somthing constructive to say, and becareful what u wish for coz u just might get it yall stop talking about beyonce its her wish and dont forgetnot to buy any more tickets ,your wish has been granted, now hope this brings you back to earth.

531 days ago


Earth to Beyonce and Jay-z. You are NOT a King and Queen. Get over yourselves because the Public turning on you is a hard fall. Especially when both of them do nothing to give back to the Public. Half a million dollars and all they can do is throw money at Foundations for tax exemption. The Media needs to stop painting them like some Royal couple. They only care about themselves and live in a deluded sense of Entitlement that their psychotic fans feed into.

531 days ago



531 days ago


Talk about low life. Listen to the way she speaks.

531 days ago


That's funny. It's all those "low life people" who buy her crap!

531 days ago


She rocks!! She's allowed to have a moment... We all do!!

531 days ago


I think Beyonce should no longer be permitted at our TMZ low life meetings! JayZ needs to stay home as well.

531 days ago


Another thing you can bet on is that it won't be long before Jay-Z and his GOONS give Harvey a call and TELL him he better start putting out only flattering articles about his queen and give him some $$$ too, just like the last time when she carried a pillow.

531 days ago


So these low life people are her fans?

531 days ago


when you do polls you need to add a third one, like this one needs a WHO GIVES A $h!T. Or on who would you rather, add my dogs 8Utth0le.

531 days ago


Her dancing in the pepsi commercial looks like she's having a heart attack.

531 days ago
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