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MIchael Jackson/Wade Robson

You Be the Judge

5/18/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517-wade-robson-michael-jacksonWade Robson now insists Michael Jackson molested him, although lots of people think he's lying through his teeth.  So we gotta ask ...



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mj fan forever    

PEDO Wade Robson instists ONLY because of money, but aside from this Michael Jackson IS innocent. He undergone a FAIR trial and was found NOT guilty on ALL accounts after the jury deliberated for over 30 hours with evidences in hand.

532 days ago


This poll is a fraud .
How come the majority who voted thinks Wade Robson is a big fat liar, that his motive is money , that repressed memory is bs , that if MJ had lived he d be totally vindicated, that their memory of him is of a great talent, not a child molester,
He is none of those things, yet you want us to believe the majority voted he is a pedophile. ??
Please explain.

532 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

It's nice to see so many people in this poll admitting that MJ was a pedophile. It's about damn time people accept the truth.

ANY other adult human being that invited other people's kids over their house to spend the night in their bedroom with them behind locked doors would be in prison and not a single damn person would care. Jackson made Thriller though so he got a free pedo pass. You people saying he's not a pedo... go ahead and invite people's kids over your house for a sleepover with you and see what happens. The noseless freak was sick and karma caught up with him in the form of the HERO Dr. Conrad Murray.

532 days ago


did Harvy make up these stupid questions?will MJ ever die??

532 days ago

Martin Pagels    

what a TMZ bull****

532 days ago


I believe Wade. But I think he should have said it the first time. Since he protected MJ when it mattered, the issue is pretty much done now.

532 days ago


This is just another money hungry wanna be trying to make money off Michael Jackson. We will see this type of crap for years to come.

532 days ago


Drug addict pedophile now dead

531 days ago

Melanie Zarth    

All of you voting that thinks Wade's story is BS, should also have voted Michael NOT a pedophile. Wade's story and motives are NO DIFFERENT than the other accusers (who were also adults, mind you). The children involved did not make the accusations. They were prompted by ADULTS!! Michael was innocent and eventually people will start believing the truth.

531 days ago


Drug addict pedophile now dead

531 days ago


More demons in the poll? Funny the usage since they are real an barely anybody believe it...

531 days ago


I believe that Micheal molested a kid before, but not this kid. This kid's only "Repressed memory" was when he woke up and realized "Wait, maybe I can cash in on this"

531 days ago


Mj was a junkie pedo, no doubt he molested every kid he could get his dirty paws on including Wade. No one said no to the rich & powerful MJ, the kids he abused had no chance. When he died my first thought was GOOD he can't molest any more children!

531 days ago


what the hell, this boy wants money, and too get back in the lime light. What the hell, should have said something back in the day, he might would have a chance. lol.......

531 days ago


That one question about whether MJ was a child molester or a great talent is stupid. You can't pick one or the other. MJ was both.

531 days ago
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