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Taylor Hicks

'American Idol' Judges

Come w/ An Expiration Date

5/18/2013 5:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just how replaceable ARE "American Idol" judges?  According to "Idol" champ Taylor Hicks ... SUPER DUPER REPLACEABLE.

Taylor was out in L.A. on Friday when our photog asked the season five winner the only interesting thing left to ask about "Idol" ... is it time to replace ALL the judges?

Randy Jackson -- the last remaining original judge -- made his exit after the season finale, and it's been reported that newbie judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban are all on the chopping block.

But Taylor is unfazed by the "A.I" shake up and believes the "revolving door" of judges COULD be a way to save the slowly dying show.

And in case you forgot who Taylor is, here you go:


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Just cancel that stupid show already....its a total joke.

489 days ago


Taylor Hicks seems like a cool guy

489 days ago


Taylor Hicks was fun on Idol. Guy has a lot of personality and is a decent singer. Someone give him a record deal. I think he would be fantastic! Soul Patrol!!!!!

489 days ago


Saw Taylor on the red carpet at Idol. He looked freakin fantastic. Hes right, Judges are replacable, they need more interesting contestants like he was. Gave them their biggest year and tour. His Vegas show is awesome, a real musician.

489 days ago


A.I is staged anyway

489 days ago


Love Taylor! One of my favorite Idols!

489 days ago


At first when Taylor Hicks won A.I. I thought It was a joke. I can't believe he even won. He is a NO TALENT NOTHING. He looks like he's 67 years old. This show SERIOUSLY should be going off the air really soon. No wonder millions of people stopped watching. I also am done w/this show. YUK..........

489 days ago


Taylor Hicks is in a very happy place in his career. He has had a steady job in Las Vegas for a long time now. He is booked a long time ahead at Paris Las Vegas. His financial net worth is 2 million dollars, compare to Idol winner Fantasia at 1 million.

489 days ago


they should call simon and pay him huge.he can run both shows.

489 days ago


Can't put in on the judges - show needs a complete and utter over-haul.

Format change - which I wrote about a year back.

Never registered the idea with the Guild - never copy-wrote the dang thang.

Cuz I knew and know producers just can't do it.

Too risky to do.

- what I wrote about and suggested -

-forget my Ivy League training and background -

-they can't.

They're screwed if they do and fail -

While judge-replacement, at least the advertisers will come back.

I did advertising after grad school - know that game as well.

They just need to be SOLD - have a hand in the shaping of the new idea -

Consulted every step of the way.

Hey, if FORD comes back they'll all come back.

So my own game plan would be start w/FORD.

See if they'll at least hear it out.

You can't blame the Producers.

Any more than you can blame Brian Cashman in the NYY front office -

For bringing the same-old, same-old back every year...

A.I. and Cashman both know?

They're IN THE HUNT with what they have ...

The-other-way, wow, I'd be scared too....

Whoever makes the decision loses his or her career the moment it goes South.

489 days ago


Hated what Steven Tyler did to A.I. producers last yr.

Took 15-18 million.

Claimed, after cashing the check?

"They (producers) wanted me to take-the-pizz out of the poor kids..." (S.T.'s words not mine)

I think S.T. misinterpreted.

What they WANTED for their 15-18 million?

Was something new, enervating, creative, genius, etc. - HELP OUR CAUSE for the money.

Instead, S.T. hurts it - embarrasses the producers.

So Nicky Minaj comes in.

DARES to GIVE that to them...

To US.

Has the GUTS to TRY something DIFFERENT.

And it's Beat-Down-City.

I say put her in CHARGE of the Revamp.

Since they've already said "no" to me.

489 days ago


last of it before 4 p.m. Mass:

A.I., in my opinion, got Franky Valli wrong.

The "Four Seasons" schtick wrong, all wrong.

Don 't you let the guys, give the guys, the top five?

Something to WORK?!

Let them exaggerate, have FUN, exPLODE?

Wouldn't Tom Jones have been the call?!

Then you bring Tom in later - and to do

He's in town, anyway - why wouldn't you use him?

He's hilarious, maybe give HIM some room to be funny - maybe he comes out and rags on them.

A la Ali to Sly Stallone - at the 76 or 77 Academy Awards?!

You don't WANT sentiment - the 18 to 49ers don't want or need or believe in SENTIMENT.

Neither do I!

Barbra Streisand at the Oscars - woulda WORKED - if they "cut it" with something she and Eminem dreamt up!

Choices, people!!!

489 days ago


Loved Taylor Hicks. Different from the "singers" popping up today. This should be about the contestants but this is TV. Besides being supremely musically knowledgable--Miriah--the judges need to be INTERESTING--or on drugs, not naming names Steven or Paula--HUMOROUS--and a great name dropper, the dog Randy--and HONEST--the great ass Simon, not to be confused with the great ASSES, Jolo and Nikki. These sweet words falling out of their mouths talking heads are boring and do NOT benefit the contest. Contestants need honest and even harsh judgements about their song choice and their "look". To be on Idol the singers should KNOW their voice and KNOW when they fell short but the judges will tell them anyway and they better be able to take it and LEARN. Simon Cowell was not only honest but correct in his assessments 99% of the time. His shortcomings were larger sized contestant prejudice, a dislike of country music, and his sadistic approach to giving bad news. He LOVED doing it and frankly I loved watching him do it. I'm missing that Simon. The judges this year except Randy who had nothing to prove, fell short. Disagreement among judges ABOUT the contestants is great, part of the job, and FUN. Disagreements between contestants because of childishly rubbing each other the wrong way gets old fast. Got old for me this year by the fourth audition show. And those shows are fabulous. Don't think less of me--or do if you must--but I love it when a little miss thing (or mister thing) has been told by her adoring parents her entire life that she really is ALL that. Then this rather awkward older teen tells us that SINGING is her life. If she can't sing, her life is over. Then she opens that mouth and the most GAWD AWFUL sound comes out. Now that's entertainment right there. And her screaming profanity laced tirade on the way OUT when the judges stop laughing long enough to tell her she has a better chance being a cowhand than a singer...well that's classic. AI blew it this year. And I have a feeling that they only have four or five shows next year to get it right.

489 days ago


Remember back in the good old days when it was the contestants that made the talent show and not freak job judges? Hello. The show has always sucked because they only allow two styles of singing--- R&B and country. This is musical fascism. Besides, there are no singer songwriters left anymore and millennial remake careers based on oldie cover songs don't last..

489 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Taylor Hicks has played on Broadway as some other former A.I.'s have, he's been headlining in Las Vegas for almost a year plus recording. Simon was very jealous of Taylor which is why they gave him crap to record. Once he was free from A.I. his records are great!

489 days ago
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