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MJ's Ex-Housekeeper

Key Witness in Wade's

Molestation Lawsuit

5/18/2013 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Neverland housekeeper who graphically described seeing Wade Robson naked in a shower with Michael Jackson ... will play a huge role in whether Robson wins a cent from MJ's Estate in his new civil lawsuit, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the case tell us Wade's lawyers are dissecting Blanca Francia's testimony during Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.

During the trial, Francia -- who worked at Neverland in the late '80s -- testified she witnessed Jackson showering naked with a 7 or 8-year-old Wade.

We obtained a transcript of the testimony in which Francia describes seeing Michael's underwear on the floor outside the shower, as well as Wade's child-sized neon green underwear.

She said she couldn't see what Michael was doing exactly because the shower door was fogged up, but said she heard him laughing.

Ultimately, Francia's testimony wasn't enough to sway the jury -- MJ was acquitted -- partly because Wade himself also testified, but insisted Michael never touched him.

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is planning to argue that MJ's companies -- MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures -- had a duty to protect him because they were involved in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael.

According to sources, Wade wants to use Blanca's testimony to show Michael abused him as a child. We're told Wade's lawyers are also trying to contact her to see if she will cooperate in the new case.


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Oops, they just deleted your post regarding the body language when MJ saw a boy he liked.

He was a walking dead before he passed, but his body language showed that he was still in heat when he saw a boy he liked as he told the nurse half of his body was cold, half of his body was hot. I guess the upper body was cold, but the lower body was hot and bother, with a bonner!

460 days ago


WHat a looser..he mustv lost his mind, a nut case. He sues everyone except his own parents. And when did showering with a kid become child abuse, molestation??His parents left him in MJ care, sleepovers whatever...did they expect a special nanny to shower the child?? What a bunch of crap, makes me so sick I wanna puke..

460 days ago

What I Think    

Again I submit my question to MJ's fans. Did the 2005 family really threaten to accuse MJ of child molestation if a payoff wasn't made? When did this extortion attempt occur? Where? How much money was demanded?

460 days ago


Pathetic, all of this is bull****. TMZ usually make is worse than it needs to be. All about the money.

460 days ago


What a disgusting low person that man really is. Regarding whether this uninteresting useless story is true or not to defend a man during his life time and to act as a loyal creature to him and then go against him when he can no longer defend his self is AWFUL! What are you gonna get from Michael Jackson now? I mean if the man is alive I might understand the point of this story but he's DEAD?! But I still understand the point of the story, which is that you do need a couple of dollars and a career so you decided to use your son as an excuse to opening up the story after all these years. People like you are disgusting wade I bet nobody wants to come across a personality like that. MJ definitely had his weird things going on but ya'll didn't live with him how you gon judge him it's not like we're all perfect in this planet we all do ****. we all live among people who do ****. But oh MJ is an exception?! I just think its unfair since he's not here to defend himself.

460 days ago


Antoher vulture to peck on the dead ??? they make me sick !!! all for money .. they are dirty evil selfish satan lovers ... sick as hell !

460 days ago


I can't stand this guy. Vomit inducing ****ing douchebag liar

460 days ago

Sam Davidson    

Blanca Francia, the maid who accepted checks for $200k & $20k for interviews to Diane Dimond (Hard Copy) saying that she saw MJ molest Wade Robson & Macaulay Culkin. Remember that this lady was FIRED for stealing. There is your motive. Follow the trail$.

460 days ago

What I Think    

What I want, Franky, is the When...Where...And how much question answered as to MJ. Or perhaps you fans are ready to admit that the 2005 family never extorted him in the first place.

459 days ago


So now we know what he had to say and what he wants.

Now stop this and start reporting from the Jackson versus AEG trial in LA!

459 days ago


He is a lier. Bad man. I hate him.

459 days ago

Cry Baby    

I myself did not say the family extorted MJ was extorted by the family in 2005. Who said it?


The rabids said it. Are you a rabid "yourself"? If you are, you must have said it. Or are you just a moron? If you are the latter, then you should do your research and come to the light, but not before you can cultivate a few brain cells in your skull!

459 days ago

anna zema    

I believe him !! Jackson was far from being a saint !!

459 days ago

Cry Baby    

He is a lier. Bad man. I hate him.


Uneducated rabid can't even spell a simple word!


459 days ago

What I Think    

One accuser settles out of court and is called a liar and an extortionist by the rabids. Another accuser airs his complaint in criminal court and is called a liar and an extortionist by the rabids. Another accuser claims repressed memory and is called a liar and an extortionist by the rabids. It looks to me like the accusers just can't catch a break.

459 days ago
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