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MJ's Ex-Housekeeper

Key Witness in Wade's

Molestation Lawsuit

5/18/2013 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Neverland housekeeper who graphically described seeing Wade Robson naked in a shower with Michael Jackson ... will play a huge role in whether Robson wins a cent from MJ's Estate in his new civil lawsuit, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the case tell us Wade's lawyers are dissecting Blanca Francia's testimony during Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.

During the trial, Francia -- who worked at Neverland in the late '80s -- testified she witnessed Jackson showering naked with a 7 or 8-year-old Wade.

We obtained a transcript of the testimony in which Francia describes seeing Michael's underwear on the floor outside the shower, as well as Wade's child-sized neon green underwear.

She said she couldn't see what Michael was doing exactly because the shower door was fogged up, but said she heard him laughing.

Ultimately, Francia's testimony wasn't enough to sway the jury -- MJ was acquitted -- partly because Wade himself also testified, but insisted Michael never touched him.

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is planning to argue that MJ's companies -- MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures -- had a duty to protect him because they were involved in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael.

According to sources, Wade wants to use Blanca's testimony to show Michael abused him as a child. We're told Wade's lawyers are also trying to contact her to see if she will cooperate in the new case.


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Choose Laughter    

He's either a liar now or a liar then, who's going to believe a liar? You had your chance for justice and you followed the money, now you want to pick from the money tree again?

487 days ago


Blanca Francia

Blanca Francia was an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who worked as a maid for Jackson between 1986 and 1991. She first gained notoriety in December 1993, when she appeared on Diane Dimond’s tabloid television show, Hard Copy and claimed she had witnessed Jackson allegedly showering in the nude with a young boy during the time she worked for him. As it was later revealed, and as she also admitted during Jackson’s 2005 trial, she received $20,000 from Hard Copy [1]. Although she left her job at Jackson’s more than two years before the Hard Copy interview, and allegedly she quit in disgust, she was not disgusted enough to report to authorities what she allegedly witnessed. In actuality, she never mentioned the story to anyone before the Chandler scandal went public in 1993. As a matter of fact, in 1993, while being deposed, Blanca admitted that she had never seen Jackson showering in the nude with anyone. She complained that Hard Copy edited her interview in such a way that she seemed to say things she had never actually said.

Meanwhile, there were ex-employees of Jackson who went public to defend the entertainer from Francia's allegations. Jackson's former maid, Shanda Lujan, who worked with Blanca Francia at Neverland, said of Francia's claims: "I think it's ridiculous. He was great with kids. I think he'd make a very good father. He's just wonderful with them." [2] Another former maid, Francin Orosco said that Blanca Francia was very possessive of Jackson: "You could tell a lot that she had a little crush on him, very jealous of the other housekeepers. She didn't want no one close to Michael. There's a lot of jealousy there." [2]

The claim that Hard Copy edited her interview and the fact she admitted in a 1993-94 deposition that she never saw Jackson shower naked with anyone, did not prevent the prosecution from putting Blanca Francia on the stand at Jackson’s 2005 trial, where she went back to her Hard Copy story and now alleged again that she did witness Jackson shower naked with a young boy, Wade Robson. In 2005 her explanation for the contradiction with her 1993-94 depositions was that “Well, at that time I guess I was tired and nervous, I guess”[1].

On direct examination during Jackson’s 2005 trial, Blanca Francia claimed that once while Wade Robson was visiting with Jackson, she walked into Jackson’s bedroom suite and heard voices laughing and playing coming from the bathroom. She claimed when she went up to see what was going on, she saw two pairs of underwear in front of the shower belonging to Jackson and Wade Robson. She claimed she could identify Robson’s underwear because she used to do the laundry for the guests of Neverland. She claimed she witnessed two figures inside the shower through the fogged up window of the shower, the size and of Jackson and Robson, and she heard the voices of Jackson and Robson. [1]

On cross-examination Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau confronted Francia with the fact that in her 1993-94 depositions she admitted that she only saw one figure in the shower.

Q. Okay. You only saw one person in the shower, right?
A. I saw him in the shower and the little kid.
Q. But in your deposition you said you could only see one person, but you heard giggling, right?
A. Yeah, but I hear two people --
Q. You heard two people. You could only see one through the glass, right?
A. Mostly, yeah. Mostly. [1]


Q. Do you remember in the deposition saying you never saw anyone else in the shower but Mr. Jackson?
A. I don’t think I say that.
Q. Would it refresh your recollection if I show you the transcript?
A. Okay.
Q. Have you had a chance to look at that page of the deposition?
A. Yes.
Q. Does it refresh your memory about what you said about the shower?
A. Yeah.
Q. You saw one person, Mr. Jackson, right?
A. Yes.
Q. Or it looked like him through the glass, right?
A. Yes.
Q. And the only voice you really heard was Mr. Jackson, correct?
A. No.
Q. That wasn’t correct?
A. I hear two -- two. [1]

Although Francia still insisted she heard two voices, in her 1993-94 depositions at one point she admitted she actually heard only one.

Q. Do you remember you were asked in your deposition, “Did you hear anything else other than Michael laughing?” And you said, “No”?
A. Yeah.
Q. Was that the truth?
A. Yes.[1]

It also has to be noted that according to Francia’s testimony the water was running and the radio was on while she claimed to hear all those voices - or one voice, considering which of version of her testimony you want to believe.

During Blanca Francia’s testimony it was also revealed that she often took things from Jackson’s bedroom, such as a watch or a jacket, without Jackson’s permission. She and the prosecution attempted to downplay these thefts by claiming the watch Blanca took from Jackson's bedroom was not an expensive item, just some promotional material, and by claiming that she did not try to hide from Jackson that she took those items: “At one time I was wearing it, one of his jackets, and he say -- and he told me that it was his jacket. And I say, “Yeah, I was cold.” And he say, “Oh, that’s okay” [1], she said.

On another occasion, Francia was caught looking into the purse of another employee, Gayle Goforth. Francia said she did that to see how much Goforth was paid. Francia’s leaving her employment in May 1991 probably had more to do with incidents like these than with her being disgusted with anything that in the hindsight she claimed to have witnessed at Neverland.

During her testimony in 2005, Blanca Francia also admitted that in 1993, besides Hard Copy, she contemplated selling her story to the National Enquirer. One of the reporters who used to work for the Enquirer, Jim Mitteager had a habit of taping his conversations. When he died his tapes were inherited by private investigator and tabloid broker, Paul Barresi. The Mitteager tapes reportedly include a conversation in which it is claimed that in 1993, Enquirer reporter, Lydia Encinas befriended Blanca Francia and at the time allegedly helped transcribe Francia’s police interview. On the Mitteager tapes, Enquirer editor, David Perel tells Mitteager on March 23, 1994, that: “the reason why Lydia Encinas is involved is because she speaks Spanish and she’s got a good relationship with Blanca.” [4]

In April 2005, journalist, Michelle Caruso claimed to have questioned detective Russ Birchim, who interviewed Francia in 1993, about Encinas' involvement. “Lydia Encinas was not the translator. But I did meet with her in Los Angeles” [4], answered Birchim. "Caruso also noted, that when asked to explain why, in the course of a criminal investigation, he had met up with a National Enquirer reporter in the first place – Birchim refused to elaborate."

486 days ago


During first molestation claim in early 90's this maid gave a SWORN deposition in the 90s that she NEVER saw MJ molest a child. The years went on and more people filed lawsuits againt MJ and got a paycheck and surprise surprise this witch all of a sudden claimed otherwise.

This maid was paid by 'Hard Copy' in the late 90's to make up stories about Michael Jackson. This was CONFIRMED in the trial in 2005.

486 days ago


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If she witnessed molestation and didn't go to the authorities, she should be in prison right now. She didn't witness ****.

486 days ago


Francia wasn't found credible in 2005. I hope it is brought up that she stole memorabilia from Michael and sold her story to Hard Copy.

486 days ago


In 2010, part of Jackson’s FBI file was released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at the request of media, including British journalist Charles Thomson. “A lengthy report,” writes Thomson, “shows that when Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was raided in 2003, the FBI went over every computer seized from the property with a fine tooth comb looking for any incriminating files or internet activity. Jackson’s file contained individual summaries of the FBI’s findings for each of the 16 computers. Scrawled in capital letters across each of those 16 reports – ‘NOTHING’.”

486 days ago


This housekeeper is the same woman who stole things from neverland and sold false stories to the media.

486 days ago


In the course of history some lies can be covered up and hidden .A good team of Attorney's and Historians can prove to a hand picked jury Ben Franklin never lived in Philadelphia before some people will admit Michael Jackson was a pedophile

486 days ago


486 days ago


Fact us he had mental problems he did tern himself white i wouldn't put touching a kid past him but he is dead leave him alone

486 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Ihave always and will always love MJ and his work. That doesn't mean he didn't do some things that crossed over the line. He was "PeterPan" in his Neverland. He was controlled by other people all his life. He loved children. I think he forgot he was an adult sometimes. I think he crossed over the line sometimes. I don't think he molested child after child. But I think he touched some of them. He was not a saint. Wade could be having false memories or he could be telling the truth. Either way a kid has no business in the shower with a grown men if it's not his dad. Michael was allowed to bring these kids into Neverland. The whole thing is just too weird to wrap my head around even 30 years later.

486 days ago


I don't know if MJ did it or not, but I don't think this guy should get a penny. MJ is dead for gods sake. He had plenty of years to come clean with this and decided not to for whatever reasons. Too late

486 days ago


The Jacksons will do anything and blame everyone to save Michael Jacksons image. The only ones after his money has always been the Jacksons themselves. Michael Jackson didn't leave a penny to his family. His estate was left to people Jackson trusted and his family was not it.

His fans can't seem to seperate Jackson on stage entertainer to Jackson off stage the man. Two totally different people.

Jackson got away with it the first time he was accused of molestation is because he had the celebrity, money to pay it off and go away.

The 2nd time he was accused of molestation there was enough evidence to arrest him, book him, that hidious mug shot and take him to trial. Again, his clelebrity, clout and top notch lawyers got him aquitted. Jackson was NOT found NOT GUILTY.

That does not mean he didn't do it they just couldn't proove it.


An acquittal signifies that a prosecutor failed to prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt, NOT THAT A DEFENDANT IS INNOCENT. Thus, a person may be acquitted of a crime but found civilly liable in a civil case regarding that same crime, e.g. O.J. Simpson, because civil cases have a lower burden of proof than criminal cases.

486 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Michael Jackson is my Dad. Lisa Marie Presley is my Mom. My name is Elvis Jackson. My twin sister is Elvis-Elle Jackson. We were born All Saints Day 1995. We turn 18 this year. We were aborted and went straight to Heaven. Nobody wanted us, so God decided to answer the desires of millions and gave our parents to us. We really are alive in Heaven. Don't say "bogus," coz holy intentions count in Heaven.

486 days ago


Three witnesses saw Wade Robson molested and gave statements to police. You can read about in the official court docs here.

It's on pages 20, 22, and 33

486 days ago
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