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... Again

5/20/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517-sinbad-scared-getty'90s comedian Sinbad claims he's broke as a joke ... again -- filing for bankruptcy for the second time since 2009.

Sinbad (real name David Adkins) filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month, claiming he owes $10,991,715 in debt ... and only has $131,000 in assets.

The 56-year-old comedian -- famous for his roles in '90s movies like "Houseguest" and "Jingle All the Way" -- says he owes $374,979 to American Express, $32,199 to Bank of America, and $2.3 million to the CA Franchise Tax Board.

He also claims he owes $8.3 million to the IRS for taxes from 1998-2006, and admits he owes both state and federal taxes from 2009-2012.

According to the bankruptcy docs, Sinbad earns only $16,000 per month and can't afford to pay his bills.

But the bright side, he's still got some possessions -- a 2007 BMW 750i, a 2006 VW Beetle, a 2010 Ford F150, a 2010 Lincoln Navigator, $5,000 in home office equipment ... and 200 copies of "Sinbad's Guide to Life" currently for sale on Amazon for $6.25 each.

Sinbad filed for bankruptcy once before in 2009, but the case was dismissed because he didn't file the right documents. Calls to Sinbad weren't returned.


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Tmz is for gays and broke people to feel better about themselves.... its really no ones business.

468 days ago


You can't go bankrupt on back taxes and who the hell needs more then 1 car? He only brings in 16,000 a MONTH? Try raising a family on 40,000 a YEAR!

468 days ago


So what this story says is he already knew he was broke and owed tons of taxes but yet still went and bought new cars and ****!! I say lock his dumbass up and sell every possession to help pay his bills. And $160...00 a month is more than plenty to live off of. He just thinks he's entitled to a celebrity lifestyle and he's not!!

468 days ago


I love Sinbad, please somebody bring his reality show with his family to the Style Network and put them on either right before or right after Tia and Tamera! It is SO REFRESHING to have reality television that is wholesome for a change! Sinbad and his family are the real-life Cosby's -- I love them all!!! Wish you all the best, Sinbad & family

468 days ago


Sinbad is a joke himself, when I was a kid I saw him at Disneyland and went and tried to say hi he wouldn't even look at fans directions or acknowledge them, what an ******* cause he had time to talk to woman going up to him. I'm don't wish bad on anyone but Karma is a bitch.

468 days ago


sure hope he can still pay his child support. met an ex-stripper in arizona that had his daughter....he paid her off every so often to keep quiet....that baby was the spitting image of him, poor thing

468 days ago


I don't feel sorry for people who fail to pay taxes even if there advisor tells them there all good. its simple math.

468 days ago


I find it hard to believe he could be broke when he's got all those Good Burger royalty checks rolling in.

468 days ago

You're an idiot    

He ONLY earns $16,000/mo. There are millions of people who love to earn $16,000/mo. I'm sick of celebrities and they're overspending and not paying their bills and taxes. If you can't survive on $16 grand a month then you're a totally farktard and you deserve this embarrassment.

468 days ago


Who wants to buy a copy of "Sinbad's Guide To Life?"

468 days ago


If i was making $16,000 a month i would think i'am Oprah and all my bills would be paid LOL. You can't live above your means sin bad, you should know this, your not 21.

468 days ago


Calls were un returned? Maybe they cut his phone off for non payment. LOL I am a comedian now as funny as he was.

468 days ago


I get soooo pissed when I hear about stories like this!!!! This is a perfect example on why there needs to be bankruptcy reform. Sinbad and people like Toni Braxton, who have both filed TWICE!!! need to be put in jail. He makes $16k a month which is almost 7 times the median of an average American family yet he claims he can't pay his bills????? Here's an idea,get a second job or a third job like most Americans. Move out of California and STOP using your credit cards!!!!! But in the end guess who pays his bills??? We DO, regular taxpayers who now have to flip his bills!!!!!!!! PUT HIM IN JAIL!!!!!! At least there he won't be using his credit cards and you can sell his cars because he won't need them!!

468 days ago


He filed for bankruptcy in 2009, but his case was dismissed because he didn't file the correct do***ents? That's pretty bad when you can't even file for bankruptcy correctly. So he isn't broke again, he's broke still? Try, try again, Sinbad!

468 days ago


Sinbad, I luv ya but your azz should know better than this BS!!! HTF can you charge $375K worth of crap?! Now since I gotta pay my taxes, your azz gotta man up and pay yours. You ain't clipping coupons so find some $ someplace and pay your bills!!

468 days ago
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