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Chief Keef

NERDIEST 911 Call Ever

'They Were Rolling Marijuana'

5/21/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This. Is. HILARIOUS ... the squarest hotel security guy ever called 911 on Chief Keef yesterday to report that the rapper and some of his black friends were "rolling marijuana" inside their hotel room, and TMZ has the audio.

The call was made from a concerned security guard at the Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter Hotel in Georgia who happened to stumble upon a bunch of nice hotel guests who happened to be partaking in some dope smoking.

During the call, the security guy alerts the 911 operator to "a bunch of gentlemen rolling marijuana and smoking ... all in the room ... the room's filled with smoke."

The security guard seems astonished ... because, "I announced myself as 'security' and they let me in the room AS IF IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER!"

The guy also warns 911 to send cops to the scene ASAP because he feared "those guys may just bolt." 

He clearly doesn't understand stoners ... they're not really known for "bolting" anywhere.

Eventually, cops arrived to the room and arrested 17-year-old Chief Keef for the weed ... all thanks to the heroic actions of one really square hotel security guard.

One last thing ... did he really need to call 911? Or couldn't he just have asked the guy to stop smoking? Hmmmmm.


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The female in the room was said to be chief keefs protege queen la queefa.

528 days ago


Guess what TMZ - I may not be "allergic" to pot smoke, but I have a horrible reaction to it - vomiting, migraine-like headache - it's not something I want to smell coming from the hotel room next to mine. So yeah - I'd be calling the police, also.

528 days ago


Screw you TMZ. The poor guy is just doing his job. It could have been a No Smoking room or another guest could have complained eventually. Give the guy a break. If he did nothing trying to be cool, he could have gotten fired if the right person complained to the right person. Get off his wang.

528 days ago


Does TMZ know if there is a non-smoking policy or local by law? What's the law for a present minor? He could be liable for allowing smoking to continue with a minor present. Is it his job to report it? If not, his first step should've been asking them to stop. You can't blame someone doing their job, it isn't fair. I'm not against smoking on private property but in a public place, it should not be allowed. Some people are adversely affected by smoke and some people have jobs that could be in jeopardy if exposed to enough second-hand smoke, I.e. airline pilots, athletes and police officers. As a former athlete subjected to random drug testing I always had to leave when others around me were smoking. It doesn't take much to show up in a test. People who require it for medical purposes should use it in pill form outside their home. There is no reason to smoke in public. I have a spinal cord injury and I've had 16 surgeries in my spinal cord and brain, including having 4 inches of my spinal cord removed and 3 brain infections, all in the past 2.5-3 yrs. I take an oral medication derived from the pain relieving portion of marijuana without the high. It works very well for nerve pain relief. Smoking it can cause further health issues not just related to the lungs but heart problems, esophageal and mouth complications and things like blood clots. As far as recreational use goes, keep it at home.

528 days ago


I wouldnt want to be the security guard if Keef found out who he was. That guys a stone cold killer

528 days ago


At the end of the day, it is illegal and he is a minor. At the same time, one has to wonder what factor race plays in the outcome of this situation? I am not saying the security guard is racist because I do not know if he is or is not; however, this does seem to be an example of microaggression because he did not identify them as black until it was for identifying purposes.

Microaggressions are "brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color" and or minorities. This includes women. Thus, microagression "usually involves demeaning implications and other subtle insults against minorities, and may be perpetrated against them."

As a result, this may be (keyword may be) one of the biggest reasons why the security guard called the police (aside from the security guard feeling his presence was not cared for, hotel rules, etc).

Microaggression may be another reason why TMZ felt the need to identify the race of the friends and write , "and some of his black friends."

Identifying the friends as black helps paint the portrait of a room full of African descent/African American people to the readers and also suggests that this is one of the reasons the security guard called the cops.

Did the reader really need to know that his friends are black?

Would the outcome have been different if the people in the room were not minorities?

Is TMZ simply reporting?

If this were Charlie Sheen and the room had white European descent/ European Americans would TMZ feel the need to say Charlie Sheen and some of his white friends? I do not know.

What I do know is that TMZ, other media outlets, and in everyday conversations (where it is more prevalent)-- people would not typically state Charlie Sheen "and some of his white friends" --but would for a minority-- and this is microaggression.

To further make clear, microaggression is what happened during hurricane Katrina.
When people who were not minorities were breaking into stores looking for food, the media would reported it as struggling to survive or 'finding' food. When it was a minority it was 'looting/stealing.' Here is an article from about the aforementioned statement from Huffington Post:

In any event, if a person breaks a law then a person breaks the law unless race is significant to the crime.

Why open the door to security if you know you have illegal substances in the room?

Did they at least try to hide it (although it does not appear to be so based on the security guard feeling his presence was not cared for)?

Checking for leaks (this seems suspect)?

Why did the security guard feel that they would 'bolt' and is it any of the security guards business if they so chose to leave the hotel room that they are paying for?

Did the security guard ask them to stop?

Why did the security guard feel the need to say to the officers he would bring the officers through the back (seems like the security guard was rather ambitious)?

Why did the security guard 'refuse' to give his name and or "did not hear the question for his name" when the 911 operator asked for his name (its important to analyze not only what a persons says but also what a person does not say)?

528 days ago


Damn his ugly...

528 days ago


He know to take his *ss to a $30.00 a night Motel with that Ratchet sh!t...

528 days ago


I would be hidin if I was this guy, these are the same kids that killed Lil JoJo over some youtube videos

528 days ago


This is the south. Georgia. Smoking weed is not just laughed about down here especially with minors. It ain't Ca folks. Know your states when you are getting high. Hey that could be a new game.

528 days ago


man are you ****ing serious?! That's ATL for you.... always paranoid and on the lookout for something going down. that is straight up ridiculous. what's even more ridiculous is that you go to jail for dumb **** like this. what an *******. i hope karma comes around for that one.

528 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

I don't want to smell smoke when i'm in my Hotel room and hear of bunch of dumb Mf's getting loud. (thats a given)

528 days ago


That's y u put towels under the door...

528 days ago


I do not have a clue why this is considered to be a nerd. whh r u talking about tmz? i just listened to the tape and the guy sounded perfectly normal. Was he supposed to use slang to be cool while reporting it? Or not report it at all. Would that have been hip. He did his job aholes! He is security. He is not being a nerd he is being a normal human being. The dirt bags in the room r the deviants. Wtf

528 days ago


Isnt he like 16/17? His mom prolly hired his bodyguard. Lol anyways...

528 days ago
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