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Kim Kardashian

My Baby Shower Invite

Is Better Than Yours

5/22/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just how over the top were Kim Kardashian's music-box baby shower invitations? Really, really, really over the top -- and TMZ has the first photo proof.

The invite to Kim K's June 2nd bash -- sent to a guest close to Kanye West -- arrived as a fully functional music box, complete with a spinning ballerina ... dancing to a lullaby version of Kanye's "Hey Mama."

Not only is the invite playing the baby daddy's tune, but the ballerina bears a striking resemblance to Kim herself -- just in case anyone forgets who this party is REALLY celebrating.

According to the invites, Kris Jenner, Shelli Azoff (wife of uber-manager Irving Azoff), Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are hosting the party. Recommended attire ... garden chic. We think that's rich people speak for casual.

Now here's the "Hey Mama" lullaby -- listen and pretend like you were invited.


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Big Momma    

one of the biggest reasons this family gets slammed so much is their insatiable desire for publicity - LOOK AT ME syndrome. don't really care what they want to do with their private lives (over the top invitations) but the fact that they leak the info, can't wait to put everything out there. when you crave attention, the bad comes with the good. I seriously wish this family would go away.

332 days ago


That ballerina does not bear a striking resemblance to Kim because that ballerina is skinny. Who's she trying to kid?

332 days ago


in reality you can bounce a quarter off a ballerinas ass and hear a "ping". With Kim's ass, the quarter will get absorbed, never to see the light of day again

332 days ago


PLEASE do a run-down of all the celebrities who actually GIFT Kim Kardashian anything at this shower. WE WANT TO KNOW WHO THE FOOLS ARE.

332 days ago


Why is she even having a baby shower if she supposedly only wants donations to a hospital instead of gifts? For the amount that over the top, ridiculous shower will cost, she herself could donate money.

332 days ago


This must have been designed by the same person who was responsible for the typo on her wedding menus. Is that a comma after "Given with love by"? Why would that be there???

332 days ago


Why is she even having a baby shower? Is she going to be accepting gifts now, after she said to send donations to that hospital?

332 days ago


Lol. The ballerina is supposed to be Kim, isn't it? I'm surprised there wasn't a hologram of Kanye rapping beside her!

332 days ago


It's over the top , pretentious, extravagant, vainglorious and I LOVE it ! I would love to get an invite like that. It's a baby girl invite to be sure.

332 days ago


Why? Seriously why is this person still relevant? Why can't she just go away? She is a self absorbed bitch that got famous for screwing ray j in a sex film and getting pregnant by Kanye.She really contributes nothing to society other than being a fame whore and peddling her cheap ass goods everywhere. She has no talent so why is she still around? I know a lot of people have said the same thing but seriously, why?

332 days ago


A new Kardashian Spawn is nothing to celebrate. It will be a day of mourning. You just know that kid will end up the same self-abosorbed, manipulative, lying, conniving, paying off Paps, duping the Public and anyone who they feel they can make a dollar off of..just like it's Mommy and Grandma.

332 days ago


Kim is going to sell all of the guests' presents and buy herself a pair of shoes.

332 days ago


"listen and pretend like you were invited"

Are you serious? If I had to get within a mile of any of those people, especially Kris and Kim, I would get hives and throw up. These people are so gross that they make my skin crawl.

332 days ago

Just Jay    

They are such off white trash that their etiquette is embarrassing. Family members do not host showers. It's like asking for gifts for your daughter/sister. She has no friends.

332 days ago

Just Jay    

She thinks she's Liz Taylor - she had talent.

332 days ago
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