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Joe Jackson

Wade Robson's Getting


5/23/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
is getting paid big money to destroy Michael Jackson's reputation with child abuse allegations ... so says MJ's dad Joe Jackson.

Joe was at the airport in L.A. Wednesday when we asked about Wade's claims against the MJ estate -- that the singer sexually abused him as a child for years -- but Joe doesn't buy Wade's story for a second ... and he's not placing the blame entirely on Wade's shoulders either.

Joe's got his own conspiracy theory about who's REALLY behind Wade's allegations ... and whoever it is has a massive wallet.


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Joe is right, Wade is a liar! And Wade is getting paid to lie. AEG and Wade is all in it together, simply because they are angry that the Jackson family is suing them.All this is happening, simply because the Jackson family is black. Race has a huge part in this. They did MJ wrong, because he was black. If MJ had of been Elvis, or the Beatles, none of this would of happened. They infected MJ with Lupus, purposely burned him during the Pepsi commercial, and then later infected him with Vitiligo, because they couldn't stand that MJ was the most popular, sucessful, unique talent in the world, and was black. This is what this is all about.

523 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

Michael Jackson lawsuit shocker: Concert promoter AEG demanded $300K from estate for doctor’s fee it never paid after King of Pop’s death


Haha, if that was a shocker, the rest of the trial must be a sleep fest!!!!

Wow, some clerical mistake was the highlight of the trial???

What else have they got, another person calling MJ a freak???

Oh, then there must be more than a few hundred millions of people don't care about the welfare of Michael Jackson.

Well, I tell you what, those are the same people who would rather stay home and watch "Walking Dead" than to go see MJ's circus of a show!!!!

LOL LOL LOL !!! Laugh my dumb ass off!!!!

Oh, do you hear, another ambulance is coming, let's get ready.............

523 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

Even if it was proven that MJ molested Wade or anyone else, his hardcore fans would still excuse and defend him. I have seen it already. How sick is that?

523 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

What you loyal fans are forgetting is, Wade is ONE OF YOU! A big fan from an early age, an imitator. Now if it was proven that MJ molested him, you'd feel pretty bad, right? Maybe even a little betrayed? Well then, imagine how Wade feels! He is not your enemy.

523 days ago

Read My Lips    

They did MJ wrong, because he was black. If MJ hd of been Elvis, or the Beatles, none of this would of happened. They infected MJ with Lupus, purposely burned him during the Pepsi commercial, and then later infected him with vitiligo, becausethey couldn't stand that MJ was th most popular, sucessful, unique talent in the world, and was black. his is what this is all about.


Well, well, well, this is just as valid as the claim of "King of All Music"!

Read my lips:

MJ is not all that, for people to go thro' all that trouble! If you were to say MJ's family did it to him, then you might be on to something. However, if you want to sound credible, you have to learn proper English. Ghetto talk won't get you anywhere!!!

523 days ago


Will Mama Jackson be able to see a quarter even if she wins over AEG??? Not likely. She may have a better chance to win the Power Ball. AEG will certainly appeal and drag the case out for years to come. Mama Jackson will have to live for another 20 years to see the end of the tunnel.
But being a JW, she may not be allowed to buy any lottery. If she is, she may have to donate a good chuck to her church. what a stupid thing she is doing, suing somebody for a stupid church?

523 days ago


What really annoys me is people who jump to conclusions about someone and open the doors for people to lay false allegations for money. All three allegations has been about money.


Which three???

Let me count, okay not the phone sex with the boy in England. Not Gavin Aviso!

We don't know about the case with Wade. The case with the Chandlers was hushed up by MJ and was dropped. The Francia case was never made public because MJ offered to pay for silence and the white hair witch lawyer didn't object when it came out in court and didn't sue the family for breaking the silence, therefore it is not about money.

So which three other cases were all about money. I'd like to hear it. I surely understand that it does mean it never happened, even though they were all about money, which MJ used to groom the boys and their family by buying them wonderful gifts to start with.............Okay, let's hear them!!!!

523 days ago

What I Think    

I am so tired of TMZ deleting posts. I say let freedom of expression reign supreme.

523 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Know that Elvis-Elle Jackson is my twin sister, I am Elvis Jackson. Our "natural parents" aborted us, and we went straight to Heaven. Our "new parents" are Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. God answered the prayers of millions, who wanted Mom and Dad to have kids. So, God made them our new parents. If you say God can't do this, bring ice. There's no ice water where nonbelievers choose to go. We are sorry Grandma Jackson is suing and Grandpa Jackson is a wimp. We apologize to Dr Murray and we will make it up to him someday.

522 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

There are obviously some extreme MJ fans moderating this site, deleting anti-MJ comments. Why not just rename this site to "Jackson Temple" since he is an object of worship here? At least then it would make sense.

522 days ago


The only people that won't believe Wade are people that have never been through what he's been through. If you've been abused you'll know he's telling the truth. Mj was obviously very good at manipulating young minds by using "u love you" to convince them he would never hurt them. Everyone that is attacking Wade needs to do some research on the subject because continuing to deny it happened only hurts children of sexual abuse. As long as you stand up for the molester because they are rich and/or famous all you are doing is showing children if they tell the truth at any point, they will be attacked. It's the same as blaming a rape victim for being raped. It wouldn't have mattered if Mj was still alive, Wade has finally accepted the truth and is finally able to tell his story. Like I said unless your a victim of child abuse you don't know what you are talking about and your opinions are just pointless comments that help no one.

521 days ago



520 days ago


I have a hard time believing that a person accused of child molestation would put one of his "victims" on the stand to defend him. I have a hard time believing that this same "victim" would continuously stay in contact with his abuser even after the trial. I have a hard time believing that even after his abuser's death, this same "victim" would participate in manty tributes to his memory. Wade said in interview with Matt Lauer that it wasn't a case of "repressed memory." That he never for one minute of what hus "abuser" did to him. Then he goes on to say that his defense of Jackson is "typical" of victims of sexual abuse. The reason he says this is because he KNOWS his words on the witness stand in 2005 will come back to haunt him, and he needs to cope a plea. IF in fact MJ did the unthinkable, he had every opportunity to make it right as an unthreatened 22 year old man. He was telling the truth on that stand. The **** he's pull now is lying. Look at his body language from the Today Show interview. He speaks eloquently, and he is defiant a bit. He smirks when he hears what Jermaine Jackson has to say about HIS "truth", and he talks about the things MJ supposedly did to him without an ounce of discomfort or disgust on his body language or his face. Something isn't right there. I've witnessed child molestation with my own eyes. Talking about what I witnessed is uncomfortable for me, and I've never been a victim! If Blanca Francia is the only "witness" Wade Robson has, then his "case" is lost before it began. She will be OBLITERATED on the stand as she was so many years ago when she had to admit her many lies under oath. Please tell me why all these adults who've claimed to see unsavory happenings between MJ and young boys, but not one ever reporting beating his ass and going to the police with it? They all lawyer up and file civil lawsuits, looking for a huge payday. My husband, who is not the biological father of my son, keeps him at an arms length, though he loves him as his own. Why? Because he knows that just the accusation of molestation can ruin your life. If my son was a girl, he told me, he'd NEVER babysit her. No, I don't believe MJ ever harmed any child, but I do believe he supported a lot of their parents, and when he realized he was being taken advantage of, he tried to cut them lose, they had a fit. Case in point...Evan Chandler. You can call me a rabid fan all you want, but guess what? What justice do you get by suing the estate of a dead man? At 22 years old, you were old enough to know right from wrong, hell at 14 you're old enough.

519 days ago


Wade is definitely lying and as much I don't like Joe Jackson, he is right. Someone is behind his lies, and paying him to do so.

519 days ago


Dumb flying donkey

Did you even read what you copy before you paste???

More than half of it was repetitive junk!!!

You don't even know that, I bet, because, not even you care to read it! You just want to show up and party!!!

517 days ago
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