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Soulja Boy

Secret Network of Cameras

Finger Rapper's Bentley In Crime

5/23/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Big brother is ALWAYS watching you ... and taking pictures ... just ask Soulja Boy, whose red Bentley was impounded by the LAPD thanks to incriminating photos taken by a secret network of police cameras stationed around L.A., TMZ has learned.

Our story begins on January 9, when a motorcyclist T-boned a red Bentley in Hollywood  ... leaving the biker seriously injured ... but the driver of the Bentley -- who caused the crash by making a reckless turn -- fled the scene. 

We're told a witness -- the victim's friend -- was so pissed off, he went back to the scene of the crime a few days later and nosed around, asking people if they knew who was driving the red Bentley.  He struck gold at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles ... when a valet told the guy he knew the car well ... it belonged to Soulja Boy, who frequented the area.

The witness went to police with the info ... and that's when things got Orwellian.

Turns out, the cops have access to a super-database of photographs taken by thousands of hidden cameras stationed on police cars, buildings and private vehicles all over L.A..  There are private companies that make money off the City by getting citizens and businesses to mount cameras for the database.

One law enforcement source tells us the cameras are constantly taking photos of cars all over the city -- and the average car is shot AT LEAST 1,000 TIMES PER DAY!!!

So ... the cops got the license plate number of Soulja Boy's Bentley, ran it through the database and BINGO ... a bunch of photos popped up showing the Bentley with damage that corresponded to the accident.

Soulja's Bentley is currently damage-free.   Law enforcement sources tell us the operating theory is that the rapper had the car repaired on the sly to cover up incriminating evidence. 

So cops got a search warrant and a judge agreed there was probable cause to believe the Bentley was involved in the accident, so cops went and impounded the car.

You're probably as shocked as we are about the cameras ... cops tell us they solve hundreds of crimes with these secret photographs.  So even if you're a law abiding citizen, you probably still pick your nose, so heads up.

Cops would still like more evidence, so if you happened to be eating a delicious chicken and waffle combo on January 9, and witnessed the accident, give LAPD West Traffic a call.



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The amateur sleuth.

521 days ago


I'd hate to be the valet at Roscoes right about now!

521 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Nice try DBag. Its about time that these idiots realize that the laws really dio apply to you as well. Kudo's to the Cops.

521 days ago


When the computer chip in your car is smarter then you, there is a problem.
Like there are thousands of red Bentleys driving around

521 days ago


Soulja Boy
Secret Network of Cameras
Finger Rapper's Bentley In Crime.....................LOCK HIM UP !

521 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

I'm all for surveillance if only gov could be trusted and wasn't evil. It's nice to have video data like that to solve crimes.

521 days ago



521 days ago


Like how many bright red Bentley's are in L.A.? Soulja Boy must be the dumbest guy alive thinking he could get away with this. Hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, not reporting an accident and a major lawsuit coming his way. If the cops need more evidence, then find the auto shop that repaired the Bentley, check for red paint on the motorcycle and the biker's clothes. There are camera's attached to the signals at every intersection.

521 days ago


"You are being watched..." ~person of interest

521 days ago


The book 1984 is like a bible for modern governments. If they logged all our phone calls they'd have scooped up those pesky swatters too.

521 days ago


In an old episode of Star Trek, Captain Picard says that one reason crime is so low in their century, is that it is impossible to get away with anything.

521 days ago


I read that they also have microphones secretly installed in public transport as well, recording all yours and my conversations. What a lovely future we live in.

521 days ago


I'm all for busting the bad guys, but really, I don't like the man looking over my shoulder.

521 days ago


Show the pics of the accident

521 days ago


Ok then well who the hell shot Biggie????

521 days ago
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